promoting health or fighting demons (like cancer, the FDA, etc)

fighting demons

MS wrote:


Alternative medicine is just as much guilty of simplification as conventional medicine. Both have an issue with understanding that “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work really well. So you can have a chemo or radiation for cancer, or on the other end b-17 or cannabis oil or green smoothies… our desire for a one-step simple solution to a complex problem is understandable, but doesn’t work well in real life.

The same with PD [the primal diet]. The fundamentals are simple yet as you go deeper you discover some things work for you and some don’t and you adjust your diet accordingly.



Angel Fighting Demon


JR replies:


I am satisfied with my understanding of “cancer” as an effect of low pH (AKA improper voltage /more protons than electrons). I am not aware of any controversy in that regard. Please feel free to show me any well-constructed scientific research on the subject that is not absolutely clear.

If people do not fully understand the simplicity of cancer, then they may only be able to repair damage efficiently (like through diet to remove the accumulated waste of the tumor) without at all addressing the basic cause: the electromagnetic short-circuiting of something like a mercury tooth filling which leads to the continual draining of the voltage from that physical circuit. Changing of diet does not alter the short circuit, does it?

Because of the near complete ignorance of electromagnetics and the worship of what may ultimately be a largely inaccurate model of biochemical cause and effect, many conventional and alternative models are still rooted in the familiar and popular 19th century falsehoods called “mainstream biochemistry.” When the simple elegance of physics is properly respected, highly efficient models are already rather well-developed for us to apply.

However, we must stop exhausting ourselves with attacking the FDA or AMA if we wish to develop insight and spread it. Their continuing power may even RELY on us attacking them instead of promoting science.

Back to the topic of my recent exchange with A.R., imagine if millions of people said “I do not care what the FDA recommends. I am interested in actual science!” Why pay thousands of dollar as a co-pay for an insurance-covered treatment that is highly dangerous? Perhaps because people do not know there are $5 cures- or have not loosened their worship of the FDA (blind faith or blind attacks) enough to “bother” to go on to the internet and then assess the simplicity of the most remarkable claims and evidence and theories.

Back to the original topic of this thread, let’s consider grounding (which always raises pH of someone experiencing cancer, who always is acidic). Is grounding sufficient to remedy all of the symptoms labeled cancer? No!

Grounding does not remove short circuits created by mercury dental fillings (avoidable with porcelain fillings)! Grounding also does not provide hydration (which, along with pH, are the two most prevalent “epidemics” … of 19th century ignorance)!

However, proper grounding ALWAYS promotes health and reverses the causes of cancer. It will slow down some “cancering” (slower malignancy of tumors) and reverse some (remission of tumors) and simply create stability in some cases (benign tumors). Will grounding PLUS a primal diet ALWAYS be sufficient? NO!!! Will removing a filling while eating a bad diet lead to the same speed of recovery as removing the filling plus eating a great diet? NOOOO!!!!

If an alternative medical approach is anything but holistic, then it could still be struggling against symptoms. That is just medicine (or at least only “remedial medicine”). That is not promoting health.


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