hydration: available hydrogen with an unbonded electron

The big issue is energy, not matter. One of the most basic forms of energy is hydrogen. It is generally speaking THE most reactive form of energy around.


“Hydration” refers to the availability of hydroxyl ions (from H2O) to transfer hydrogen atoms (or in particular the electron of the unbonded hydrogen atom). Hydration is very distinct from irrigation. Irrigation means water is present. Hydration means water is available for conducting electricity (or, more specifically, the unbonded H + HO: the hydroxyl ion plus the hydrogen ion and it’s one key electron).

The great epidemic of our time is dehydration in the interior of cells. For instance, why is there so much trouble with liver for people who drink a lot of alcohol? Because alcohol will dehydrate the liver, rendering it useless (killing it). Dehydration kills.

From a biochemical perspective, one of the most fundamental processes in life is the transfer of hydrogen (or at least the single electron, like in the case of a copper ion that is so highly conductive). I also say things like “pH is fundamental.” Why? pH is a measure of electrical charge (energy). pH stands for potential HYDROGEN.

Hydrogen is very important. Hydration -as distinct from the presence of water (“irrigation/moisture”)- is also very important, especially in the interior of cells.

Does “The Primal Diet” improve the hydration of the interior of cells? It probably does. However, it is not specifically “engineered” for that purpose.

I have heard many people question or criticize the primal diet. I have never heard anyone criticize the idea that eating fat raw is “a good way to get fat in to a body.” Of course, there has been all of the anti-fat paranoia promoted by the FDA etc. While fat is of course a very important form of energy, is it as important as hydrogen (and hydration)?

I think the answer is obvious. Hydrogen, as well as hydration and the related subject of pH or Potential Hydrogen (unbonded or bio-available hydrogen) is far more important than fat. In the end animals can build fat out of other things. Also, when fat is converted to energy, it still all comes down to the individual electrons that the fat is broken down to access.

The most important forms of energy are not carbs and fats, but hydrogen and electrons (which are provided by carbs and fat). Obviously, there is a certain amount of opinion and creative interpretation in what I am saying and how I am saying it. There are certain actions that are obvious to take from this perspective (but are otherwise “invisible”). Note that I do not just mean mindlessly irrigating the interior of the body. There are certain results available (that are otherwise unavailable).

An “advanced” question is how does energy concentrate or stabilize in to the form of hydrogen (or even of an electron). That is a very powerful question, but frankly I do not understand it. The engineers who claim to understand that (and who generally exposed me to all the other ideas above) are people that I find very intriguing though.


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One Response to “hydration: available hydrogen with an unbonded electron”

  1. freestonepeaches Says:

    that is a very good question. I just finished a really good book on that question called the reflexive universe

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