Choose: promoting health or criticizing “opponents”

Let’s put some things in to context. Maybe that will contribute to clarity….

As for how well a “primal diet” hydrates [the interior of] someone’s cells, I think that could vary a lot depending on the exact quality of the food source. Eating some raw meat of a moderately unhealthy creature [that is dehydrated] might not be nearly as good as wild meat [that is well-hydrated], such as certain fish or fish eggs.

Further, “diet” [as in ingestion through the mouth as compared to absorption through the skin] appears to me to be the best method [or a decent one at least] to distribute optimally hydrating water (no surprise, right?). If I get more hydration (or other benefit) from an ounce of a liquid than I would get from a gallon of some other “water,” then that makes a pretty big difference.

Next, there is the issue of electromagnetic grounding. Two people on the same diet with one of them connected electromagnetically to the earth can have VASTLY different health effects, kind of like if someone eats a primal diet but also lives near a major nuclear radiation source.

The idea that solid diet is the major factor in health is rather an extreme view. It CAN be and it may be easy to change, but a primal diet may or may not produce something like regeneration of a lost limb.

People who simply obsess over the fact that the primal diet is better than other diets are not focusing on health. They are focusing on criticizing other diets. When there is a major source of nuclear radiation nearby (or if one lives in a very violent area), then the issue of diet is a far second to MOVING somewhere safer.

The diet is great in terms of general nutrition. It is just that people may obsess over nutrition when nutrition is just not worth infinite amounts of arguing about. It is not that big of a deal.

Avoid most of the “convenience foods of civilization.” But also avoid dangerous vaccines and medications and so on- including war zones. Further, if electromagnetic grounding and water that is remarkably hydrating are things that dramatically improve health (whether using a primal diet or not), then people can either be open to promoting health or focused on condemning villains and criticizing ideas as unfamiliar or threatening to their ego etc….


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