my proposals and promises for a new facebook group

I wish to participate in one or more groups of people committed to promoting health and that could include (or even be limited to) people who are open to [a healthy diet] or at least familiar with some of the ideas and at least skeptical- maybe not even really especially open- just curious. That is fine with me too.

To me, the *community* is unique and valuable. The practices and results and ideas are important… to SOME extent.

In a spontaneously evolving group, people can discuss anything, such as [how to communicate well, promoting emotional stability, 19th century scientific revolutions that are still ahead of the current mainstream consensus,] etc. There is an implicit respect for people and ideas. There can be a spirit of fun and exploration rather than the tension of perfectionist champions who love to argue and show how superior they are to others.

Someone [who is so committed that they are] disruptive in certain groups would be welcome to the “simple” group and they may have a few responses- they will either be bored, repulsed, or FLOORED by the models and ideas that they find. They may become lurkers, wondering “what the hell is [that person talking about- I want to KNOW] and why do those people keep talking about matter as if it is just a subcategory of various forms of energy? They are questioning the very foundations of 19th century biochemistry!”

The group will be ALIVE. The conversations will be REMARKABLE.

It would be the group that we have always wanted to invite our mainstream-minded family members to participate in. It would be intelligent, respectful conversations that challenge common presumptions directly and frequently. Sincere but ignorant MDs like Terry Wahls could come here when they are ill and looking for what actually works.

Fringe scientists with mainstream backgrounds like Dan Nelson and Rupert Sheldrake and Gerald Pollock (to name a few) would be welcomed. Someone like Mark Sisson could even be ATTRACTED to engage with the group as people whose perspectives and expertise he VALUES.

The [average] group does not have the maturity for that. [Many] are focused on a destructive process, as in destroying old paradigms. They are not interested in supporting a new and evolving paradigm. They are champions of an idol and warriors against their latest enemy. Eventually, some of them may be so exhausted by all of that nonsense that they come to the next stage.




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