Unwilling or just unable?

Be careful of calling other people unwilling to perceive what you perceive. “Unwilling” is how it appears to a casual observer from the outside. We may have been trained to condemn an inability to perceive something as an unwillingness. Why condemn it?

What if they had no choice in the matter? It is actually just a biochemical flood of stress hormones. In a panic of terror, the logical or cognitive portions of the brain are not active (they are bypassed).

People with a deficiency of electrons display “psychiatric irritability” as in crankiness or worse. Diets with lots of healthy fat and low carbs are NOT enough for optimal neuro-chemistry. People need a slight excess of electrons (alkalinity) as well as a wide variety of minerals and other compounds, such as… H2O and O2.

Otherwise, without sufficient electrons and so forth, their nervous system will be in a near constant state of “fight or flight.” So, people are not so much unwilling to reflect and learn as unable. I mean like disabled.

It is like sleeping dogs and alert dogs. A sleeping dog is not unwilling to be alert. It is just asleep.

It is easy enough to wake up a dog that is sleeping. However, a human who is in a state of latent panic (also called paranoia) is not able to “just calm down and reflect logically.” You cannot talk a 2 year-old in to having the maturity of a 20 year-old, or talk a 20 year-old in to having the maturity of a 50 year-old.

Some people are ripe and open to promoting emotional stability and maximum quality of life. Some are not. It is useful to be able to determine which is which.

Some people can see you as you are. Other people can only experience their own projection reflected back at them.


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