Grounding: issues of safety, health, and convenience

  • S.P. wrote:J R, I would appreciate your opinion on this: I wanted to buy a grounding pad and a bed cover that grounds into the outlet but decided not to after watching this. He says grounding in this manner is unsafe if you are in a city due to dirty electricity–lots of electrical inteference surges, etc. I have issues with a lot of static electricity on clothes, in hair and am looking for solutions. I only use natural fibers but at night I can see really strong electric sparks when i’m in bed from the clothes rubbing against the cover—again it’s all natural 100% cotton and 100% wool. Thanks in advance!

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Hi, I watched that video several months ago (when I was first researching the issue). I did not find it very persuasive.Yes, there can be local electrical surges, like from a power plant malfunction. However, those would effect someone standing on the ground barefoot. That is just part of modern life, like nuclear weapons and cell phone towers and mass media.

    I use wires to ground almost constantly when inside, but I also put my bare feet on the earth. As for radio signals and so on, maybe it is safer to ground away from civilization and all the towers and so on. I have not seen any data on the subject. It was not a priority issue to me.

    On a similar subject, is it “bad” to wear metal jewelry in cities (or watches)? For some people, I think it is best to avoid them generally. On the other hand, I know of several “new age” jewelry products that are “charged” with “subtle energy” and seem to be VERY beneficial to human energy fields (as well as radiation shields for cell phones).

    What I know without a doubt is that the balance of electrons (alkalinity) makes a huge difference in living tissue (all animals, and all plants). In my wife’s case, she was able to completely get off of blood pressure medication simply by using grounding. (I assume you know the details about when blood cells are charged or not.)

    In my case, when I contact a large surface area of grounded copper wire, I can feel the quick increase in circulation, the relaxing of tissues, the easing of stress, the increase in energy, and most obvious are the occasional spontaneous spinal adjustments just from a deep breath. I can feel when the adjustment is about to happen and I spontaneously take a deeper breath and CLICK.

    Also, keep in mind that when you touch a doorknob and get a shock, that is also grounding. When you get in to a running shower (or bath) with metal plumbing that is grounded to the earth, then you are also grounded.

    Does connecting a potted plant to a ground wire (24 hours a day) dramatically increase the long-term health of the plant? You can test it yourself (or research it). If it is even better to do these things away from dense cities, fantastic.

    I most often use a surge protector when grounding. I actually turn off the surge protector (and/or use a lightswitch to break the circuit of electricity), and then connect to the grounded hole of the outlet.

    Also, if you did not see me refer to this already, the best form of grounding that I know is submersion in the ocean (or otherwise in alkaline liquid, because entire the surface area of the skin is able to balance electromagnetically with the charge of the water- very fast results). That is part of why adding baking soda to bath water is so popular. Note that if the bathtub itself is not grounded (by metal plumbing), then the only electrons available would be from the ionic elements of the baking soda itself, not through the metal piping.


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