how to raise pH: touch the ground!

Continuing from the ideas of the prior article on the effect labeled “cancer”… when people do not fully understand the utter simplicity of my perspective, they ask “how do you raise pH?” The simple answer is to add electrons (alkalinity).

However, I did not reveal the #1 source of electrons for every organism on this planet: the planet itself. By electromagnetically insulating themselves from the earth, many modern humans are electromagnetically “ungrounded.” They cut themselves off from a nearly infinite source of electrons by wearing rubber-soled shoes and other modern “advances.”

I am not a worshiper of paranoia (though I used to be). You do not need to panic because your stomach acid is acidic, or because fatty acids are acidic, or because amino acids are acidic.

Biochemistry is not the issue. Electromagnetics is the issue.

You cannot fix electromagnetics except through electromagnetics. You can fix biochemistry through electromagnetics (sometimes- like raising pH will increase the capacity of cells to use oxygen as shown in the AHA link in the prior article).

Can you use baking soda or ammonia to stop producing the effect of cancer? Sure! Every animal on this planet produces baking soda to counter the acidity of their own stomach acid.

However, biochemistry can “take care of itself” for the one focused on promoting health. There are not “only 3 issues” or “only 6 issues.” If you are committed to promoting health, that is a lifestyle, not a program. You will learn new things over time. I recommend that people be skeptical of excessive complexity- or of gross over-simplifications.

If you are not grounded (or if you feel “drained” etc), then go touch the earth. I mean right now.

I use wires to ground myself, like at the wrist. High-tech employees wear straps in their shoes to avoid damaging the microchips with their “static electricity.” However, that is also favorable for the health of the employees. (See the image below.)

There are many other related issues, like EMF exposure from cell phone towers or nuclear power plant accidents. Yes, EMF exposure alters “your” electromagnetic field. EMFs can lead to “cancer” by making people acidic (by depleting their electrons). However, people who have an abundance of electrons throughout their body do not produce the effect called cancer.

Also, pH should not be identical throughout any entire organism. When pH in an organ or tissue gets too low, cancer results there. That can be due to the depletion of electrons from dental fillings. Replacing mercury fillings with porcelain is like fixing a short circuit, which may have been depleting electrons from an energy meridian. Once the supply of electrons to that circuit is restored, the body can provide the electrons required to produce new cells and remove dead cells.


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