unraveling mainstream propaganda about “cancer”

A fellow and I were chatting about what causes cancer. The pictures are of acid burns, but they look “strangely” similar to skin cancer, don’t they?
JR: Epigenetics is huge. A queen bee has the same DNA as her sisters, but because of eating royal jelly, it is LIKE a totally distinct gender.(So, let’s not focus too much on DNA. The same DNA in an adolescent and a child produce very different-looking organisms because of which DNA codes are operating at which time.)

So you don’t buy the genetic testing?
No, not if it is a model of 19th century demon worship of “anemia, cancer, arthritis,” etc

I had an interesting experience.

I got genetically tested. turns out that I have a mutation that makes me 300% more likely to get skin cancer. I went and got checked and it turned out that I had a melanoma. I was 43. I know that is only one data point. but it made me think


Cancer is an effect. Are you clear that it is an effect, not a cause?

its a cause of death
JR: “I have melanoma” is that 19th century model of demon worship. There is no melanoma creating effects. Melanoma is a labeling of an effect.
Scurvy can “cause death” according to an ignorant MDs coroner report. However, there is no substance “scurvy.” It is a label for a physiological effect (or group of effects).
J:So cancer is not a disease process but a symptom, is that what you are saying?
JR: Right, I “had” MS until I did not. I woke up one morning and could walk again. I could run again within a few days. I did something radically different the day before I recovered the ability to walk. It cost me about $5.MS is a label for an effect. It is not a substance or a demon possessing anyone.

thats fantastic
JR: Cancer is the inevitable result of a certain metabolic irregularity. (as I understand it)
Do you know what the letters pH stand for?
J: yes
JR: what is the H?

I have heard that PH cancer idea before, but I also heard that cancer itself acidifies the body
JR: So is cancer an effect or a cause?

I am guessing its non-monotonic
JR: I do not know that term in this context.

I just meant that it likely is influenced by and influences the rest of the system-

so not one direction only

JR: No, cancer is not a living thing (like fungus). Cancer is like a label placed on a jar. The label on the jar does not alter the contents of the jar.Ok, so, pH is “potential hydrogen.” If a substance with a pH of let’s say 2 is poured on the skin or surface of a animal or plant, will it have an effect?


of course
JR: Do you know why? Do you know what happens biochemically when a bunch of stuff with a potential HYDROGEN rating of 2 contacts something with a pH of, say, about 7.0?

Not sure about bio but acid and base would make a salt in a flask
JR: OK, yes. I am talking about cause and effect here as it relates to skin cancer.
aka possession by the demon of “melanoma”
So a strong acid with a pH of 2 will rip apart the molecules on the surface of an animal’s skin or a plant’s surface. The electron bonds (of the molecules forming the cells of the skin) will be broken by the electromagnetic charge of the acid. It is the exact same effect as a lightning strike or other strong electric shock. The charge of the acid with a pH of 2 RIPS the electrons from the tissue with a pH of 7.

An acid burn and a burn from lightning are functionally the same electromagnetically. (or maybe the lightning functions like a very high pH- I do not know that detail).

J: what food has a pH of 2 – i am presuming this is a food thing.


No, HCl has a pH of 2. That is Hydrogen and Chlorine AKA stomach acid. (Hydrochloric acid)
J: ok so its the 7 thats the problem?
JR: Most soda has a pH of 3 and is extremely unfavorable electromagnetically, especially in large volumes.

I never really drank soda. never developed a taste for it
 JR: No, pH of 7 is neutral. I thought you might me more familiar with pH.
J: well you said 7 in contact with 2.
JR: and food is not the issue. The issue is the balance of electrons to protons. That can be measured as pH or as voltage.

so what causes the ph then if not food
JR: Yes, normal healthy skin would have a pH of about 7.4 (slightly alkaline). pH is just a name for a system for measuring the balance of electrons to protons… which is the same as the voltage. pH measures the balance of electrons to protons in liquids.That same electromagnetic balance in liquids can also be measured in voltage, like the strength of some amount of battery acid can be measured either in pH or in voltage. It is kind of like saying Fahrenheit or Celsius when measuring temperature.


sure –

so what causes the change in PH… in the body

JR: any change in the balance of electrons to protons: from food, from EMFs, from a nuclear detonation bombarding tissue with neutrons, etc…. Stay with me and this will be simple.

waiting for it
JR: pH matters. That is my point. (my first point).
To label a low pH with the demonic diagnostic label “cancer” is not useful. However, if you measure the voltage (which is the same as the pH) of a cancerous tissue, it is way too acidic for normal metabolic functioning.
The mitochondria cannot perform aerobic metabolism of carbohydrates, so all energetic conversions plunge in efficiency to anaerobic metabolism. Mitochondria cannot operate when there is an “egregious” abnormality in the balance of protons to electrons.
Oxygen cannot be used (when pH is too low) to metabolize carbohydrates even if there is a lot of oxygen present. So, when a huge region of tissue has a very low pH, that “screws everything up” and a bunch of dead cells accumulate because (1) the body cannot even keep those cells alive when the pH is too low and (2) the body needs to constantly replenish new cells and cannot make ANY new cells when the pH is too low.
J: so don’t drink soda, avoid nuclear bombs and EMFs. got it.
JR: So, we “say” that there is a tumor *because* someone “has cancer.” That is totally superstitious.
No, you keep jumping to some food-related point. 100 people exposed to the same EMF wifi signals or the same nuclear detonation will have widely different effects.
Why? pH!
 (among other things, but that one is SO simple)

and what causes PH?

which inputs?

JR: pH is “caused” by the balance of electrons to protons (as in the voltage or the acidity- that is all the same thing). pH is a scale for measuring the potential reactivity of hydrogen atoms. pH is nothing but the relative balance of protons to electrons. Again, it means the electromagnetic charge or the voltage or potential reactivity of the substance. Potential Hydrogen (pH) is just potential reactivity, like volatility. There are neutral substances with little reactivity, then varying strengths of acids (positive voltage or excess protons) and of bases (negative voltage or excess of electrons).
J: right, but if I am following you, your argument is that these diseases are ones of imbalance of PH

I’m glad you are asking about how to influence the pH. You are still a bit ahead.

Basically, pH extremes can destroy tissue. To label that “cancer” is trivial. To say “stage 3 cancer” is also horribly imprecise relative to saying “that tissue has a pH of exactly 6.5413.”

J: So then what cause the imbalance of PH
JR: You are still missing something very easy. pH is a measure of the balance of electrons to protons, as in voltage, as in the strength of acidity or alkalinity. Lots of things effect the balance of electrons to protons.
Would you mind if I start with “why did nature work so well for so long and then in recent decades cancer rates spiked?”

thanks for the explanation
JR: the biggest drains on voltage / electrons /pH are mercury fillings that overlap in to the body’s electrical system (the roots of the teeth). But there are a few issues:
So what is the natural pH of most living organisms? It is still the pH of the ancient oceans, which is slightly alkaline (7.35 – 7.4 pH).
For many billion years, life on this planet existed only in the ocean, first in single-cell creatures and then on from there. Life existed in the ocean. Then when land-based plants started to evolve, they “took the ocean with them.” They reproduced the ocean by developing root systems to collect water and minerals, copying the ancient ocean.
When land-based animals evolved, they needed to take the ocean with them too. They ate plants and “stole” the “ocean” from the plants. Later, carnivores evolved that “stole” the ocean juices from the herbivores. By ocean juices, I mean all of the primary bodily fluids: blood, cerebro-spinal fluid, intracellular fuid, extracellular fluid, everything!
So, where can you put your body that quickly returns your pH to “optimal?” The ocean. Next best thing: the ground. Touch the earth with no insulation (no rubber soles) and you will get electrons from the earth to restore your proper charge (pH).
You can use the straps that high-tech employees use or you can ground through a wire in a 3-prong wall outlet’s electrical ground. That part could not be much simpler.
However, the next issue is major drains on voltage. That is where dental fillings link up to cancer types. Each tooth is part of an electrical circuit or meridian in the body. When that circuit is “shorted” by a filling that has metal too close to the nerve endings, the drain can be significant, especially over months and years.
Further, it gets more complicated. You need to have functioning cell walls to be able to insulate cells. The whole body should not be the same pH. You need functioning insulation.
When I could not walk, that was apparently because of a lack of an organic insulating material called myelin. Doctors can call that the demon of Multiple Sclerosis, but that is because they do not understand basic physics as it relates to cellular function and physiology.
So, the biggest issue in modern diets is the lack of healthy fats. The paranoia about saturated fat has led to one of the most rapid declines in human health in history. Healthy fats are essential for proper cellular insulation. That is why primitive eskimos, who eats huge amounts of fat and have zero incidence of cancer, are so intriguing to anthropologists (and so threatening to the quacks of modern medicine raving in paranoia hysteria about how cancer is incurable.) They do not even know what cancer is, so why should we expect them to be able to prevent it or resolve it?
Also, there are also various kinds of radiation that can contribute to low pH (and thus produce the effect called cancer). The most famous is nuclear fallout but in modern times there are also extremely unusual electromagnetic fields (unusual from an evolutionary perspective) like cell phones and wifi systems. The best circumstance for pH is to be both away from detrimental EMFs and constantly or nearly constantly grounded to the earth (especially near an ocean where the air is rich in ions/ available electrons). Also, any dental fillings that are draining electrons can be removed.This may seem remarkable, but if removing dental fillings consistently and predictably ends the effect of cancer in the appropriate tissues of a human or animal, that is proof. One case is intriguing. Dozens of cases are startling. Thousands of cases in dozens of trials and experiments establishes the model as “good enough to be consistently useful.”

Grounding (and EMFs) make a difference on plants, on pets, on livestock, and on all humans. Further, most of this is extremely inexpensive (except it may be a few thousand dollars for someone in the US to have all their fillings replaced with porcelain). That is just because of the politics of health care in the US which wildly increase health care costs.
Anyway, if pH is returned to the evolutionary ideal range, the effect of cancer is no longer produced. Cells begin to rebuild at a normal rate. If someone is already near death, of course, then these methods may only extend their life a few months or years.For young people, a modern “epidemic” like ADHD can be promptly resolved if the pH of the brain tissues is brought back to the ideal evolutionary range. With these methods and others that use simple physics, the effect of malaria can be ended in a few hours. Something like AIDS takes a few weeks to disappear- of course depending on the extent of the prior energetic and metabolic irregularity.
That is enough to give you a hint of the power of applying physics and electromagnetics to health rather than pretending that biochemistry is the only field of science relevant to health. If a lightning bolt will kill a mouse 100% of the time, then that is not biochemistry. That is electromagnetic charge. Electricity rules biochemistry, even producing instant death.Modern medicine somehow neglects almost the entire realm of electromagnetics. Modern medicine is “addicted” to a 19th century model of demon worship, with the demons being worshiped including “cancer” and “arthritis” and “autism” and so on. When there is no comprehension of physiology, people will use primitive terms like cancer and then panic over those terms.

Under the spell of the witchcraft of modern medicine, people flock to oncologists who do not even know what cancer is or how to prevent it or discontinue it. However, because of marketing and propaganda and the power of marketing and emotion (panic), many people lack the cognitive capacity to recognize the simplicity of this issue and they will continue to invest faith in their religion of demon worship, saying things like “I have melanoma.” They are hypnotized. They do not even know what causes the effect that they call melanoma, but then they worship their sacred label as if it is something real and tangible and powerful (something besides a label for an effect). They are idolaters who discard God for the demon that the MDs have programmed them to worship.

So, it does not matter what “stage” of cancer that some imbecile labels you with. They still have no idea what to really do to END the effect ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF THE TIME.

Diagnostic labels are largely worthless trivia. What is important is to know how far the pH is from ideal. Also, it is pretty easy to precisely measure the voltage of tissue (or the resistance, pH, etc). It is pretty easy to alter the pH /voltage, like by touching both ends of a battery to the tongue.

Modern medicine is failing not because 21st century technology is inaccurate. The issue is that conceptual models include a lot of garbage. We use electromagnetics for diagnostics, like MRIs and CAT scans and EKG. However, other than after heart attacks, there is virtually no use of electricity as an intervention by the demon-worshiping priesthood of western medical paranoias and delusions.

However, I do not think that the medical industry wants to acknowledge the importance of electricity. We know that applying shocks to the brain has drastic effects. There is no doubt about it. Also, it is clear that seizures and alzheimer’s are related to neuro-electromagnetics.

They are not THAT stupid, are they? Maybe most of them, but ALL of them?

I think some of them know exactly how quickly a few simple innovations would destroy the current medical industry. The pharmaceutical industry would be devastated. The cancer treatment industry would disappear.

The paranoia of the sheeple would dramatically drop and independent thinking would flourish. That’s not good from the perspective of ruling the masses efficiently. Worshiping demons is what the MDs indoctrinate the masses to do and that is because the systems works rather well for them that way. 😉

Oh, and you might want to research conservative measures for exploring ways to raise pH, like baths with added baking soda. I’ll say more about that later.


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