humility, vanity, & insanity: 6 or six?

Humility: the simple happiness of noticing that various forms are all merely a formality

Insanity: panicking over which form is inherently the best (which idolatry is most holy)

Vanity: dismissing all forms (self-righteously) because someone somewhere might eventually worship any particular form in another instance of frustrated, paranoid, fundamentalist agonizing. Example: “math is too confusing. If the correct answer clearly is six, then how can that be the same as half a dozen? Since any question can only have one correct answer, therefore the presumption that I started with must be true and cannot be what is confusing me. Math is what is confusing me. Rather than relax and admit that my confusion and frustration might be the result of a prior false presumption, you are insulting and disgusting and annoying and you suck. Plus, you should help me go save the world from confusion because I find it embarrassing and humbling. Hell no, I am NOT frustrated! I am VERY happy, jerk. Don’t make come over there and prove it to you!”humility, vanity, & insanity


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