Self-righteous shaming of… self-righteous shaming

In reviewing my facebook feed this morning, I see so many versions of the religion of guilt- who should feel guilty, why, what certain people should do because they are so guilty, and so on.

What is the world coming to? It must be “the new age” … of self-righteous guilt! 

So, to add to the Great Facebook List of what is wrong with the world, I add this: there are too many lists of complaints complaining about people listing what is wrong with the world. The world is self-righteous and not just that, but TOO self-righteous. It should be less self-righteous and have a better sense of humor and be more mature and humble and less hypocritical and ironic and perfectionist. No one should feel fear because if there is one thing that is wrong with the world it is that people are paranoid about displaying fear, which is an adaption for the perception of possible danger and that perception can promote alertness and caution and safety and intelligence, which are very frightening to me so you better stop before I lay a guilt trip on you to shame you in to feeling guilty about how you forced me to intimidate and bully you because of how self-righteous you should not have been. My new age self-righteous superiority is better than your new age self-righteous superiority.

In conclusion, what could be more ironic than Metallica condemning some anonymous targets for being “holier than thou?” The extreme of hypocrisy is the antagonistic, shaming condemning of someone as being self-righteous.

I guess these musicians either did not really understand what self-righteousness is… or they were just posturing and clowning around. Given the interviews that I have seen with them, I think the lyrics were sincere (naive).

Well, at least the music is an authentic expression of rage. That is an important developmental stage. Anyway, what comes after adolescent rage?


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