Einstein ridicules his opposition (like all mediocre minds)

einstein quote- violent opposition from mediocre minds

Maybe Einstein was a brilliant fool. What if it can be a sign of extreme stupidity to generate violent opposition from others (unless intentional)? What if complaining that my own results disappoint me (then blaming others for my results, such as violent opposition from others) is arrogant stupidity?

“Oo- those two dogs did not obey my commands and then growled at me. The dogs must have mediocre minds! Further, that proves that I am a great spirit who should be congratulated for my contempt!”

“Oo- I encountered violent opposition from the sheriff department when I tried to enforce my dictatorship of ‘just’ economic redistribution, so now I will impose an IQ test restriction on sheriff department employees not to make sure that they have high IQs, but to make sure that they do not have too high of an IQ.”

One-eyed kings have a history of blinding the masses. Keep the minds of the people mediocre and thus the status quo may be promoted. Teach the sheeple to disregard science in order to worship the demonic diagnostic labels used by medical doctors who suffer from paranoid delusions and savior complexes of terrified “superiority.”

Great military leaders have always carefully prepared to slaughter the opposition and then slowly weakened the opposition and then driven the opposition in to a violent panic. As various individuals or small groups of the opposition panic and become violent, the sheriff deputies are waiting with their loaded weapons and helicopters and SWAT team units and artillery strikes to end the rebellions that they start with propaganda campaigns and agent provocateurs.

Examples: Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee, Waco, Bill Cooper

Learn from all of those brilliant fools (as well as from Einstein). Respect your priorities and the practices that promote the results that you value most.


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