A Buddhist jokes about the sincerely naive delusions of arrogant fools

Buddha amidst temptations (like Jesus)

Someone wrote:

Buddhism teaches you that there’s not really a self. You feel that you have this illusion that there’s a self that you can protect, that you can yield, and secure, but ultimately through breathing, practicing meditation and spiritual discipline, you realize that the self is just an illusion, is simply a fictitious entity and then you begin to lose this attachment to the illusion of the self. And in that moment you realize you are actually one with everybody. You’re one with the people who have died a thousand years ago. You’re one with the people in the future, the future generation and therefore, you begin to have this genuine caring and compassion as a moral responsibility and to take care of the environment and to make sure that you do the right thing in terms of not polluting your environment so the future generation can have a better world to live, a world that is free from war, free from social injustice, free from dictators and oppressors.

  • Daniel Fritschler I ❤ this all the way up until the last few Utopian sentences. There is nothing “Buddhist like” in saying the world isn’t perfect as it is. Violence and injustice will always happen otherwise justice and peace couldn’t be either. Love the message but accept everything with an open heart including the not so lovely parts of your SELF. Which by that I mean the illusionary others.

    buddha relaxes while sitting under a tree


    Brilliant, Daniel. You played in the foolish model of “illusionary others” and used her undistinguished conceptual context more powerfully than she did. (FYI, I saw your comment on my facebook stream, but I cannot reply. You can post this on it for me.)

    So, Buddhism (in its most authoritative form) teaches that the persona is just a function, just a passing phenomenon, just a construction of paranoid delusions (which are fundamentally insubstantial). Therefore, by relaxing, there can be a dissolving of the distressed, attached persona of “this is how I really am because I should be, as distinct from how I must not be because I should not be.” In another language besides English, those are the contrasting principles or models of Atma (experience centered on an isolated persona) and Anatma (experience free of a paranoid, deluded persona).


    Also, the statement “it teaches you that there’s not a self” is internally contradictory (illogical). Who does it teach that there is not a self? It teaches a self (“you”) that there is not a self (“you”)?

    The reverse psychology of many people is to attract and confuse those who are naive. To tell someone that “you do not exist… and neither do I” is a JOKE. The joke is to point people to the direct experience of their presence or their existence or their awareness. There is no controversy that words exist or observers to observe the words, is there?

    Bullshit ideologies like “A Course in Miracles” are useful jokes. “Nothings exists. You do not exist. These words do not exist. There is no such word as existence and no one to assess whether the word existence exists or not.”

    The first step to releasing sincere naivete is to recognize the existence of sincere naivete. Guilt (like the first author above demonstrates) is a form of sincere naivete. Guilty, hysterical paranoia (like “we must save the world from everything that we must save the world from”) is also a form of sincere naivete.

    Notice it. See it functioning, like in your imaginary self and in other imaginary others. Then release it. Forgive it. Repent of it. Bless it as a wonderful demon that you created on purpose and then thank it for it’s devotion to you, then innocently smile and tell it to fucking fuck off.

    Life is eternal and omnipotent and everpresent. Everything that happens is happening through the power of what we can label “life.” Life rules.

    In that sense, every form of life is just a form of life. So, all forms of life, like a thousand years ago or a a thousand miles away… are interconnected.

    My elbow is a form of life. However, it depends on “me.” There is no isolated elbow without someone to say “that is mine” or “that is an elbow.”

    I am not separate from the earth. I depend on it. My DNA is from it. My evolution is from it. I am an extension of it. I am it.

    All of that does not mean that there is no such thing as my elbow or as the earth. All identity is equally identity. All identifying in language is identifying in language.

    The mindful use of language (“right speaking”) is not a mystery, except to arrogant, naive fools. Also, there are a lot of arrogant, naive fools. It is a developmental stage. Buddhism is a label or an identifying in language of one system or tradition that assists imaginary people in recognizing their own sincere stupidity, then relaxing, then developing a god damn sense of humor, and then fucking waking the fucking fuck up (…pardon my fucking French).


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