on worshiping the demon of “an allergy to eggs”

  • Robyn wrote:  Eggs are very detoxifying. Unfortunately a lot of times it’s the only way to get to the “other side.” In the beginning eggs were the only thing I could eat but they made me so sick. I had to get out all of the toxins from my stomach and intestines before I could start digesting anything else. I literally ate only eggs and a little honey/butter for 2 months and vomited after most of them. Per the recommendation of nutritional consultant Aajonus Vanderplantiz, I would suck out a little of the white then vomit and then my stomach could handle the yolk and keep it down. Always eat cheese 5-10 min. before. But, for me that was the only option. It sounds like you have other options which is great!
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Robyn, that commentary of yours reminds me of the idea of “allergies.” My understanding of allergies is that ANY protein that makes it through the stomach without being broken down in to amino acids SHOULD be attacked by the immune system. That may be an “over-simplified” idea though.

    Your point raises the question of whether providing nutrition can trigger a beneficial detox- even rather harsh- and then because of the sudden activation of the immune system due to the nourishment, some people may panic and say there is an allergy to that food source.

    To me, the entire realm of what is called allergies is a realm of paranoia (and paranid delusion). Further, the way that most people relate to diagnostic labels is what I call demon worship. The basic idea is that demons possess an organism (my anemia is causing me to have low iron levels, my arthritis is causing my joints to be inflammed, my baldness is causing hair loss, my cancer is causing tumors).

    For more, see https://www.facebook.com/groups/484191885033833/

    A related link: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/drinking-raw-eggs/#axzz2tED9fxVS


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