The paleolithic evolution of mammals

Here is a conversation from a facebook group. My first comment is in RED below to make it easy to find. I copied the rest for simplicity, plus so you could see some of the background if you wish. The fellow Stephen (just below) made a comment that I liked, but then another that I found rather silly (and yet he did not seem playful about it at all). I put the particular part of his comment that I found ridiculous in green below for you to easily find it.

  • Stephen Heuer Once the subconscious mind has become habituated around a particular
    ideology, it takes a conscious effort to record new beliefs into it for it
    to warm up to and finally feel confident about its new approach. The
    requires you still in a comfortable position and let your mind go still.
    The fewer thoughts the better. When your mind has become more quiet, use
    your conscious mind to ask the question what thought am I thinking that
    makes me feel like I must do this primal diet the way AV [Aajonus Vanderplanitz] taught? The answer
    may be something like, “It’s natural and I believe in only the natural approach”. Then you think of the thoughts that challenge or counter this.
    Such as, are we living natural lives at all? What is natural about, mercury poisoning from fillings and vaccines, chem trails, Microwave radiation,
    relying upon money to pay for food, not being breast fed, having taken antibiotics or drugs of any kind in the past. Very quickly you reason with yourself that if your not living in a garden of Eden or the ideal natural
    life, then the whole idea that you must remain only natural in your
    approach to health is challenged. Then you say to yourself “What would it
    feel like if for the next 60 seconds I believed that it was wonderful to
    use supplements to help me improve my health?” Then just feel what it would
    be like to contemplate this. As soon as positive feelings begin to happen
    with the new thought then the subconscious has begun to record a new belief
    is possible. You have then begun to train your subconscious so it becomes
    your servant rather than your master. You can do this with everything you
    feel limited by or have negative emotions around.
  • Boo Troops i dunno Stephen,. im on the verge of going moderate and going for vietnamese noodle soup. the asians all look healthy?
  • Stephen Heuer A much easier diet to follow is the one outlined in the book found here;…/seeking-your-ancestral-diet-by….
    This one is excellent and works for a large percentage of people, based
    upon what Dr. Hal Huggins teaches. Hal Huggins developed this book based
    upon 40 years of blood tests on tens of thousands of people. I’m more
    relaxed about the raw meat topic now. After 8 devoted years of forcing
    myself to eat raw meats and drink raw green juices, I’ve learned that this
    diet does not do for me what Aajonus believed it would. So now I eat a
    mixture of both cooked meats, rarely cooked meats and raw meats all based
    upon what I’m craving and it does vary. You know your own body will tell
    you what is best and if it does not taste good to you then you should not
    do it. The entire digestive process is activated when food tastes good.
    Another reason why I do not believe in 100% is that this would mean that we
    were just like the animals. The reason we are not like animals is that if
    we were designed to live on earth the way animals are, then we would have
    fur coats and hooves and be able to live [in] extremes of climate. Our body’s
    are obviously descendants from Extraterrestrial races. We are all
    transplants here on earth. Therefore we are not indigenous to Earth and we
    therefore require shelter, clothes and all the special requirements needed
    to live on earth.

    This is a cookbook designed to help you balance your own body chemistry and have…See More
  • Raw Rose Are you hanging with durianrider?
  • Boo Troops K, Stephen im going to look into this blood chemistry dr.. Without the meat sauces im lost. Taste is essential for me as well. Better than vietnamese soup is suki-yaki
  • Angela R Robey Aajonus never recommended “supplements” of any kind. Why are we giving non primal diet advice here? Too many of us have experienced personally in our own bodies, the fact that supplements are toxic…there are also specific instructions for detoxing from alcohol in “We Want To Live”.
  • Stephanie Lambert Kava root to help with anxiety, which will happen. Valerian root and hops in veggie glycerine for as long as possible strain and use for sleep. Also the combo of magnesium and melatonin for sleep. Must combine, works best. Again I want to raise caution, and remind you an alcoholic detox can be very dangerous. You know my experience.
  • Angela R Robey it’s not dangerous if you follow AV’s advice…I thought this group was about “The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz?
  • Stephanie Lambert My apologies Angela, I am just sharing my experience, and strength, must not be acceptable here.
  • Louisiana Jane whos durianriding?
  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin You mean Durian Rider? He’s thel eader of, a fruitarian website. They’re raw vegans, only fruit and vegetables…
  • Louisiana Jane OH OK. I REMEMBER NOW. i asked av about him and said that durian would be dead soon. hmmm’
  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin He did a video on his blood test results, but skimmed over many importnat ones, I pasued and noted they were showing liver and kidney failure.
  • Stephen Heuer If the question of “Are you hanging with Durian Rider?” was directed at me
    the answer is no.
  • Mike Byrne

    Aajonus responds by popular demand to humorous attacks by DurianRider.
  • Raw Rose Supplement that works best on me? Highmeat
  • Jah Maya High meat and aged eggs are the best
  • Eric Osselborn there are very supplements out there that are not completely toxic. they are for the most part highly chemical in nature and very hard on the body. there are a few whole food or raw supplements that seem to be ok but they are in the minority for sure.
  • Kieba Blacklidge Dailey my sis is doing Awesome…..yes having some detox symptoms but all and all doing great and feeling clear / clean and so much better already! thank you
  • Hope Johnson If they’re interested in trying essential oil for alcohol detox, I can make a blend for that.
  • Raw Rose Hope are there essential oil fragrances that will make an alcohol drinker want to drink less alcohol?
  • Hope Johnson I was talking about a blend for detox. Lemon essential oil is a good one for curbing addiction. Also, nurturing self care and non-judgment as to relapses, etc. In this way, the cravings subside naturally and there is no necessity for mental struggle – which ironically is the underlying cause of addiction in the first place.
  • Boo Troops Where can i get som2 lemon ess
  • Kieba Blacklidge Dailey would love to get some of this oil for my sis Hope
  • Stephanie Lambert Are anyone one of you commenting recovering addicts or have witness or aided in the detox process?
  • Kieba Blacklidge Dailey Steph……I know you have gone through some “shit”
    can you share any of your experiences?
  • Boo Troops Yes . Recovering…and i bounce back nicely ala primal. 97 percent. or 150%, depending on how you look at it.
  • Stephanie Lambert Kieba I’ll message you not sure my methods are accepted here.
  • Louisiana Jane I did primal diet for years. Then i had a bad relapse that lasted too long. It was street drugs. And they dont have primal in jail. So i had to keep my wits about me to avoid being rescued by law enforcement.. I have to credit primal for keeping me psychic. And the Lord. Of course.
  • Maike Braka please tell me more about the primal diet and psychic ability.
  • Boo Troops Well most addicts or alco arent doing primal. Or for very long. Or donut eating law enforcement. , . So the vibration of some primal person alone on a packed trolley is the highest. Ty. Pineal gland heals when u eat good royal jelly and lobster and steak. Etc. Primal person can make bikes fall over by their energy. So if they are even remotely feeling and grounded in the sea for hrs. Minimal emf. Theyd be the livliest. They already know thing4. Because&they r tapped into the energy ,,,, Raw eggs for harm reduction. )
  • Angela R Robey the diet restores what was natural all along, if you eliminate other toxins too of course
  • Boo Troops plenty of bacteria. plenty. anyway anyhow.preferably AVs “E.S.And.Live.
  • Raw Rose Ruminant or gopher?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Stephen Heuer, you made a rather unusual comment. When you say that humans cannot live in extreme climates, I wonder what you are talking about. Considering the arctic Eskimo tribes and nomadic desert tribes and everything in between, I challenge you to name a single species on this planet that lives in a wider range of climate extremes than humans.…/547/547390/naken1_1221808079.jpg

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Also, humans do not require clothing. Lots of human populations still do not use much if any. However, clothing is quite popular amongst civilized folks over the age of 2 (3?).…/Kar…/s1600/Ethiopia+1+411.JPG

  • Raw Rose They need some kind of “cover up” in The Arctic.
  • Raw Rose And yeah seems like many three year olds often refuse clothes but about four perhaps all accept clothes.
  • Raw Rose With high fat raw available primal diet done properly I can take any temp however clothed with comfort.
  • Raw Rose Stephen Heuer, did you mix the green juice & raw meat in the same dish & eat both together? Was the meat lean? Celery juice is used in place of nitrite when curing meat with something simpler with a non-scary name. Raw green juice & raw meat should be taken hours apart or you won’t digest. Me and most of my meat eating pets need lots of raw grass fed fats before we feel good with a little raw meat. Cooked meat can be a lot of things including extremely delicious & addictive. Count your blessings that you can eat it. Many cannot because it gives them bad reactions fast & worse later. Do you think people of some blood types are descendent of aliens & other blood type people are EarthLings? Why would alien humans need their meat cooked? I love thinking about theories.
  • Stephen Heuer Suggest you call and do a consultation if you want to know my theories and experience in more detail.
  • Raw Rose How much $$$$$$$$$$ do you charge?
  • Stephen Heuer $150 per hour.
  • Boo Troops i am suffering from frostbite. i wasnt doing much raw meat. on my thighs. apparently it reoccurs. healing primal. its not the worst thing in the world. i can share my experiences on primal. both a cautionary tale and experiments and experience. i dealt with stephen. bought almost 7 or 800 dollars worth of stuff. to me it was useless. but i also had a relapse and was desperate and willing. i bought this stuff called Easy Calm too. and i have to say >Stephen didnt put a pistol to my head. typical desperate patient. he never forced me or anything. or charge me a consult. mjust the products. av was pissed at me and wanted to know who it was. i never gave stephen up, i guess cause he was nice
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Given what appears to me to be a clear lack of logical skills, Stephen Heuer, what testimonials or other signs of competence would you present? I believe that I saw a reference above to over 100 children “cured” of autism and I have seens about a dozen video testimonials on that method, plus dozens of other written testimonials with pictures.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And, Raw Rose, what value (if any) would you associate with knowing Stephen’s theories? I value results. 1000s of Eskimos (as documented by a few dozen anthropologists with pictures, etc) are more credible to me than the paranoid delusions of the average MD and their “theories.”
  • Angela R Robey I think it’s beyond obvious to the moon that when Stephen states that humans cannot live in extreme climates, he meant as they are — naked and WITHOUT FUR. But seriously, I think the name of this group should be changed from “The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz” to “Know It Alls Who Didn’t Read We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz Who Want Your Money”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Lol. It is not a requirement to have read any book before joining this group, right?I read the books and I can certainly be a “know it all.” So could Aajonus….I was introduced to Aajonus in 2005 by the same folks who introduced me to the work of Weston Price. Price took pictures of the fellow on the bottom who went high up in to the Andes with no clothing below his thighs. He slept like that (right on the ground with no covers). That elevation is a rather extreme temperature.

    Again, the basic idea that humans CANNOT operate without clothes is… baseless. We use clothes not because we must, but because it allows us further advantage over other species.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn By the way, my ex-girlfriend had a cat that definitely had extraterrestial origins because it had no hair:…/2012/11/sphynx-cat-10.jpg

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn FYI, Stephen Heuer, here is the commentary on the Peruvian Indians that did not need clothing:

  • Raw Rose Thank you for the laugh. Im still smiling. Love your sense of humor.
  • Raw Rose All I’m interested is in pd people connecting here & learning what I missed of av, but the laughs lately are a plus.
  • Raw Rose Theories are fun to hear, J R Fibonacci Hunn, like the aquatic ape theory. I wouldn’t pay ten cents though.…/uncovering-the-aquatic…

  • Jah Maya Yes, people live in extreme climates like Innuit, Nenets but is this optimal? If we talking about living naked, optimal climate for people is tropical. More available carbs from fruits, wild bees, more fat from carcass, more Sun. Specially in Africa in the past.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jah Maya, we could get in to a lot of detail. The basic idea I will briefly present is that there is a huge evolutionary advantage to being warm-blooded rather than cold-blooded. Cold-blooded creatures may thrive in the tropics and of course since humans can eat such things (frogs, turtles, etc), that is useful to know.However, in the tropics of Peru, there are high mountains as well as jungles (and historically more people have lived along the coast than in the jungles or the mountains). In tropical Africa, there are now huge deserts with rather few warm-blooded creatures.Warm-blooded creatures have the huge evolutionary advantage of living through cold periods. When the populations of dinosaurs collapsed, there were perhaps a few centuries of very cold weather due apparently to an asteroid impact that sent huge amounts of dust in to the atmosphere and greatly reduced the amount of sunlight that reached the surface of the planet (at least certain parts of the planet), reducing the surface heat (which would also alter things like ocean levels). That development killed lots of cold-blooded things because they could not adapt (and they relied on a food chain of land-based plants that also did not adapt well to the low-light centuries). See…/Cretaceous%E2%80%93Paleogene…

    The Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event,[a] formerly known as the Creta…See More
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Some mammals have adapted by returning to the water partly or totally. That includes otters, beavers, polar bears, and hippos. New species developed like the platypus and seals and walrus, plus ocean mammals that developed after a total return to the water, like dolphins and whales. Penguins are an example of a non-mammalism species that adapted by returning to the water (also, sea tortoises).…/upl…/2012/04/polar-bear.jpg

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Disappointing news for the hairless extraterrestial theory is that dolphins, seals, and whales are all mammals without any hair: totally bald!…/animals_header…

  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin There’s a theory called the Aquatic Ape Theory, saying we were partially aquatic for a time, resulting in features such as our lack of hair, subcutaneous fat, etc.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Yes, Alexander Seth Leitch-DevlinRaw Rosejust mentioned that a few posts back. As for “partially aquatic,” there is no dispute (to the best of my knowledge) that paleolithic human populations were generally concentrated at coastlines (or at least along rivers). No other primate fishes anything like us (through we might learn a few things from polar bears or sea otters, etc)…. For one thing, we have language, which allows for a much more organized pursuit of food.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In modern times, diving for oysters is still a valued profesison:…/2012/11/ama2.jpg

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for mermaids, there are some modern cases of humans that do not have separated legs (or an anus). The latter detail tends to means that they do not often live to adulthood (and anyway they lack the physical apparatus to reproduce).

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  • Jah Maya Still primates are more suitable to warm climate: sun, fruits etc. Man originated in Africa as well. Is the water monkey or running around the savannah.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jah Maya, the latest paleo-archeology suggests that homo sapiens originated in what is now Australia. However, that does not mean that the modern desert in the interior of Australia is what humans are adapted for from an evolutionary perspective.Maybe primates evolved in Africa. However, only one primate is well-adapted to a wide variety of climates: humans.Also, the clear domination (from a military and economic perspective) of the western European imperialist culture (relative to equatorial cultures) has been associated with the cold climate. Difficult environments led to innovation, such as the superior ship-building of the Phoenicians (AKA Venetians, Vikings) that allowed them to rise from regional piracy to the international banking cartels of today.

    On the topic of diet in particular, I’ve read studies of why the olive (and olive oil) were central to the superiority of Holy Roman Imperialism (as well as to prior empires like Carthage). We know that the Masai in Africa are taller (and thus faster runners) because of their diet. However, their population never developed like that of Europe. Contrast the Masai with the dwarves (“pygmies”) which inspired stories like the Wonderful Wizard of Oz:

  • Jah Maya “However, only one primate is well-adapted to a wide variety of climates: humans. “Because of fire and clothes.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jah, I presume that you have never read this, which I posted above:”FYI, here is the commentary on the [high-altitude / cold-weather] Peruvian Indians that did not need clothing: ”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Further, my point about being warm-blooded is just one of many evolutionary transitions. Humans also have developed the capacity to use as insulation plasma membranes which include oils and fats (which, as any arctic marine mammal knows, is far superior to hair for insulation).…/uploads/2012/04/0-386×386.jpg

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn These last two pictures are of a fellow named Wim Hof (who likes to relax for 20 minutes buried in ice).…/2011/01/Wim-Hof.jpg

  • Jah Maya I read this and know this guy and still think like I said before
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Plus, there is the long history of Tibetan yogia/lamas, too. I am not disputing that clothing has been important, Jah Maya, or fire. They simply are not required (kind of like hair on the head, according to certain head-shaving Tibetan monks).

    In this demonstration I show how using advanced meditative skills one can remain warm and comfortable it temperatures well below freezing.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Beware, Jah Maya, of confusing an adaption for a foundation. The internet is an amazing adaption, but it is not WHY humans are so much more abundant than gorillas.In the case of military conquests, of course clothing has been very important, like at one stage in history when the metal clothing (armor) of European knights promoted their domination of huge populations (of humans I mean). In regard to fire, it warms people, scares off predators, and of course also has military uses, like as a weapon, plus to heat up steel for making swords and tanks and bomber jets and bridges and skyscrapers.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, some humans have diets and lifestyles that allow for very long lives in very cold temperatures. Their lifestyles may be dependent in some cases on the “tribute” of other humans (like to provide labor, fight wars, etc).The rulers may force the soldiers to wear bright uniforms or require the courtesans to wear high-heeled shoes. Those practices may be not for the benefit of the individuals, but for the rulers. The uniforms are designed simply to intimidate the civilians.…/PalaceGuards.jpg

    On the subject of the importance of diet in regard to social classes, see:…/02/10/result-promotion/

  • Boo Troops this is the best ive read here…on this fb
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  • Jah Maya “So, some humans have diets and lifestyles that allow for very long lives in very cold temperatures. “So what. There are a lot of people live long on junk food, cooked food. I didn’t said that is unpossible. I said that optimal could be to have sun and fruits most of the year.
  • Jah Maya kriotherapy is okey. I use myself because I live in quite cold climate and I like it. But I miss the high sun and fresh juicy fruits.
    Innuit did too. They collected berrys in fat and eat them in winter.
  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin Grr, I can’t remember the specific nutrient required for splitage of tissues, like the legs separating, and fingers/toes too, as they start off joined then separate out and a specific nutrient is needed for this… but can’t remember what it is atm.
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  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin Not vitamin A… that’s cell differentiation.
  • Jah Maya “However, in the tropics of Peru, there are high mountains as well as jungles (and historically more people have lived along the coast than in the jungles or the mountains). In tropical Africa, there are now huge deserts with rather few warm-blooded creatures.
    “Of course. I said “In the past”. There was much more greenlands, much more plant-eaters animals and carnivore animals in Africa. So much more available carcass with fat brain and tallow. Much more fruits and wild incects sweet and fat foods. When man evolved.
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  • Jah Maya, when I said “very long,” I did not mean 85 years. I meant 105, 125, 145, and so on.The cultures with the longest living average lifespans tend to be mountain cultures like the Hunza. They have 105 year-old goat herders who go up and down mountains with ease. I could do as much hiking and hauling in a month as they do in a day. (I am not 105 either.)

    Some of those groups are near the equator. None are at coastlines. All of them are high up in mountains… where it can stay rather cold year-round.

  • Jah Maya Not at all: Okinawana, Monaco are not in mountains.
  • Jah Maya and he ate cooked grains and beans
  • Jah Maya People in mountains more time spend outside and have more sun and moving usually. They eat less calorie diet so is nothing surprised that they live longer.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jah Maya, feel free to share some statistical analysis showing that cultures that stay at low elevations (or near the equator) have longer average lives than the other extreme.By the way, here is a picture of someone hiking through the mountains near Okinawa:…/Marines/2008/0802.asp

    A U.S. Marine with Embedded Trainer Team 2-6, based out of Okinawa, Japan, climb…See More
  • Alexander Seth Leitch-Devlin Okinwans eat lots of pork fat.
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  • Jah Maya Of course.  but they don’t live in cold climate and don’t live in high mountains.  Mostly of them.
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  • Yes, Okinawins do have a longer lifespan than the average US citizen. They have better fitness as well.As an academic issue, the stats that I have seen (if I recall correctly) clearly show that people who live in cold, mineral-rich mountain areas tend to FAR outlive other humans in terms of sheer averages. However, what is not happening in those areas is huge populations.

    They do not have metro cities and sprawling suburbs and huge industrial districts like London or Chicago. So, there are clear advantages to coastal and river lifestyles. By the way, the world’s largest cities are typipcally along rivers- even Phoenix, Arizona has a seasonal flow through the center of population in the sprawling desert valleys here. A 1000 years ago when natives inhabited this area, they lived at the very edge of that waterway.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for sun, I have lived in inland temperate forests for much of my life. I have also lived in snowy mountains. With all of the sunlight reflecting off all of the snow (or ice), the danger of something like sunburn is much greater on snowy mountains than in shady temperate forests where one may get very little sunlight- especially with the humid mists of monsoon season under a jungle canopy.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn We’ve strayed from the original subject of detoxification to (what I call) an evolutionary or ancestral approach to health (which is not just about diet). By “we,” I mean me and anyone else who has joined that conversation about things like cold and sunlight and so on.For those interested, I recently started another group more focused on that subject (plus there is a conference call in about 29 hours that started with a focus on evolutionary health, though that has begun to… evolve).

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