Result promotion

Result promotion

For promoting a result that is distinctly attractive, patterns of activity can be explored. A group can form to promote the survival and advancement of the group as a whole (and of each of the members of the group).
That group can be a pack of wolves or a school of fish or a tribe of humans or a hive of bees. Groups that thrive can expand and even form sub-groups.
An example of sub-groups within a group would be ranks (like the number of feathers earned by a hunter or soldier). Other sub-groups would be lifelong castes like “worker drones” (below on the left), soldiers (with extremely large jaws relative to overall body size- in the center below), and royalty (the two “queens” on the right).
Because of the special nourishment, queens grow several times as large as their sisters and can even grow wings. What creates the different results between the queens and other female insects in their group (their biological sisters) is simply the special diet of “royal jelly” that a queen is fed early in life.
Masonic Bee Hive Magnet
The sisters could even have the exact same DNA, but the different diets will trigger different developmental sequences. In other words, only the queens reach the stage of “full physical maturity” (adolescence) simply because of their diet. In particular, the queen’s sisters with the same DNA are totally sterile (unable to reproduce) because of inadequate nutrition.
The royalty of insects could be similar to many wingless caterpillars and a single butterfly. Only a few caterpillars (in the bee analogy) would ever reach the possible developmental stage of full maturity as a butterfly.
Beyond royal insects, we can focus again now on human groupings.  For instance, informal associations can form, such as congregations. More formal groups like exclusive guilds and businesses can promote their own interests (such as profits and market share) over any competition.
Distinct from most businesses are operations that systematically use violence (like an army or police force). Like peaceful businesses, court systems and governments compete with other similar operations, such as gangs, mafias, revolutionary combatants, and colonial invaders.
Like other organizations, governments can use promotions (as in publicity campaigns, marketing, psychological warfare, etc). These methods can be used to advance their interests, as well as to target certain populations to distract, confuse, disorient, and disable.
Promotions can be used to influence target audiences in regard to what they value. Their attention can be directed. Their reflexive interpretations can be influenced (as in their perception). Their actions can be interrupted or programmed. Their results can be altered.
That is why marketing is important. That is why the media is so powerful. That is why you may be interested in understanding how results are promoted (and what results are being promoted by whom).
Maybe you will even notice huge gaps in the maturity of different people. Could nutrition be a factor? Could the science of epigenetics reveal how different behavioral practices control which DNA codes will be activated?
Are bees the only species influenced by biochemistry? Are wolves the only species that form groups to advance the interests of the entire group, such as a group of close biological relatives? Are you interested in benefiting from your participation in a group focused on powerfully promoting results that they value?

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