a comment I just put on Jack Kruse’s blog:http://www.jackkruse.com/quantum-biology-8-quantum-scaling/

Hi, Dr. Jack Kruse,

As quick background of my familiarity with you and your perspective, I read this blog a few days ago (among many others by you) and I listened to the entire CT webinar tonight with my wife, plus one 10 days ago. We also bought and read almost all of the Epi-Paleo Rx several weeks ago, except I did not find some of the biochemistry sections to be valuable, so we skipped those.

I get your interest in having clear logical foundations established and then elegantly (powerfully) delivered in ACCESSIBLE terminology and undeniable conceptual frameworks. Or maybe that is my interest, but I think you can relate to it.

I greatly respect both your knowledge and your openness to “revolutionary innovations in logic”- yet I have concluded that you have been so deep in re-organizing and re-integrating a “mess” of details that your presentations tend to lack what I call “elegant simplicity.” (I offer this criticism as a writer and editor.) Further, I expect you to calmly respect what I just said as an interpretation that “you can work with.” So, please entertain my presumptions as you read what may be oversimplified in what follows.

Now, I’m focusing on what I call a conservative evolutionary approach to promoting health. That means that if something apparently has 5 billion years of evolution behind it and is essential for every plant, animal, and other living thing on this planet, then that is a good place to start. To me, with my current understanding of things, that means first an abundance of ionized water especially with some extra electrons (as in ~7.4 alkaline pH or ~30mv of negative voltage). My terminology may be a bit crude, but I expect that you will get my references easily. Also, I hope that you are aware of Dr. Jerry Tennant and his work, as well as the work of Rene Quinton (who produced dramatic healing effects through applying a principle respecting how ancient oceans are the foundation of the plasma synthesized by all plants -aquatic or otherwise– and which make up the intracellular fluids in animals, as well as blood plasma and, if I recall correctly, the spinal fluid of all vertebrate creatures).

So, the really big news of evolution (bigger even than ocean plasma) is that all earthlings “share” electrons with the earth (including oceans, mist, even the earthlings that we eat, etc). I’ve been grounding (providing myself extra electrons based on the work of Dr. James Oschmann, Clint Ober, Dr. Sinatra, etc) and also drinking lots of “vortex ocean water rich in marine phytoplankton.” I’ve been integrating MOST of the “autism reversal” recommendations of Dr. Andreas Kalcker as well, (Chlorine Dioxide, etc) plus rubbing a lot of Ludol’s solution on me for even more Iodine. (I figure you recognize MOST of the things I just referenced, but probably not all.)

You, however, are doing an “outreach campaign” that really intrigues me. So, I am asking you about all this. Plus, clearly, you have a LOT more expertise than you could ever put in to words. You can “make connections” that I would never think of.

Next, I just “invented” a term today that I call “elemental nutrition,” by which I mean that Iodine and Zinc and certain *elements* that, as far as I know, most people can think of as “things they have to get from the outside” – like through the skin, digestion, or breathing. Other than H2O and O2, the *elements* (including ALL minerals of course) are “more essential” than even “essential” aminos or “essential” fatty acids. All sorts of compounds can be synthesized in huge volumes, like cholesterol and vitamins, right, IF the right elements AND sufficient electrons are available to assemble the relevant components.

So, to simplify further, my hierarchy of issues is that modern humans NEED to be electromagnetically grounded to the earth MUCH more than most modern folks are, with their new innovations of rubber insulated sole shoes. “Vulnerability” to EMF will not only vary with things like cold thermogenesis, but simply the availability of electrons, as well as the insulating capacity of cell membranes (re quality of fats, PUFAs, etc used as the “bricks in the wall” of every cell membrane). My model is that “we are the electromagnetized plasma of ancient oceans.” Further, as multi-cells organisms, we need good cell walls- which I think of as a macronutrient issue of the quality of fats making up the capacitor of the plasma membrane around the cell.

Now, I have written a lot already and you may have already started creating replies to a few different issues I referenced. In the call tonight, you mentioned something to the effect of “sea salt is over-rated.”

Given that my vocabulary is not yours, you can at least offer a brief yes or no reply to the following question before explaining anything further. If Rene Quinton could remove ALL the blood (not just the plasma) from canines and replace it JUST with the salty plasma he obtained from select currents in modern oceans (if I understand the record correctly), and then the dogs did not just survive but THRIVED, then isn’t the efficacy that Quinton demonstrated based on the SAME mechanisms that leads you in your Epi-Paleo diet to list sea-based mineral-rich stuff as your first several items before you get to ANY land-based foods?

To me, I *perceive* an inconsistency, and of course I could be wrong. I think salts in the cell fluids and all over the place really are best derived from the ocean- perhaps introduced through the skin, but sea salts. Do you disagree?

Further, aren’t you FLOORED by the results experienced by many people SIMPLY from re-connecting to the evolutionary source of alkalinity (the electrons of the earth)? EMF damage is the modern threat, but the ancient foundation is electrons, right? (I am skipping issues like frequency/ essential oils for brevity.)

Next, isn’t the ENERGIZED PLASMA of the mineral-rich ancient oceans THE unifying ancient evolutionary issue- even more fundamental than the value of warm-blooded hibernations for an extreme cold period a MERE 65 million years ago? My logical presumption is that diet is not “all that” important because we are only talking about a few hundred million years of the evolution of digestive systems, while we have billions of years of foundation in the ocean plasma (if my timeframes are right). You mentioned amniotic fluid several times in the call tonight. That is pregnant female mammals copying ancient ocean plasma. Same issue even with the fluids of something like chicken eggs, right?

Obviously, there are several direct questions there above, but also something of a theme. I know that you can take the questions that I asked and “speak to the thought process BEHIND them.” To restate, would you agree that the ancient ocean is *** T H E *** fundamental issue of evolutionary health? Don’t you agree that the ancient ocean is THE conceptual framework to use as a foundation of conversation and practices, not just electromagnetics or voltage, not just water in general, and not just cold exposure or an isolated thing like iodine or mercury fillings draining electrons/alkalinity through the meridian circuit passing through the particular tooth?

Thanks in advance for you reply. Also, I would just like to say that Holy Shit you say the word shit a lot on your conference calls. 

Quantum Biology 8: Quantum Scaling
Today, I am getting ready to do a podcast later tonight with Ben Greenfield and I have an idea of where it will head. Today’s blog is a head start for those of you who are interested. Most humans are innately aware of the existence of fundamental laws of nature. These are the laws that define…

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  • Jack Kruse You want elegant?
  • Jack Kruse OK…..onion peel. 3 blogs 1 yr apart. All on what? redox potential Read first what powers life and death. 2 read EMF 3. Then the current blog EE12. What are all about? redox. 3 ways to discuss the same thing. The key is the scale. Macro to quantum.
  • Jack Kruse Want a little more about 65 million yrs of mammals?
  • Jack Kruse http://forum.jackkruse.com/showthread.php…


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  • Jack Kruse That is all for now…….I have a dinner party to head too. But I think that should get you going.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.” —Einstein

    Jack Kruse, I read “what powers life and death” (which I did not find relevant to my questions) and then saw at the bottom a link to “the origins of life” and started reading it. The quote above is from it, as you may recall.

    It turns out that “EMF 3” is the same article. That is the content that intrigues me most, not the mitochondria article first. 

    So, in the origins article, you address the ocean and the primordial volcanic “blooms” of life. You make passing reference to salt, which is a key part of my questions. 

    I will focus my comments on that latter [article] rather than the “mitochondria power” one. To me, the “origins of life” is the proper foundation for the whole conversation, for the origins of life ARE the origins of health.

    So, your EMF 3 article has a lot of “why science got it wrong so long.” That is not a priority for me. I value elegance, like “1st, we humans are life forms OF earth. Our origin as forms of earth includes the story of the origin of the earth…. So, that is why the earth has a cycle of about 10 Hz which is a very important cycle because ____ . Because of ____, the 1st kind of life to form was bacteria (at the base of volcanic plumes under the oceans) and 2nd (?) were plants. Then these COMBINED to form huge cells (with the unqiue capacity to percieve) called eukaryotic cells.”

    I do not know the term redox potential. I think more like an engineer or physicist than a biochemist, so I like a term like “energetic efficiency.” That is ACTUALLY what I think you mean by redox potential, but you use loads of biochemistry jargon that are unfamilair to me.

    You generously offer your time to me and others. Thank you. So, if you favor cultivating clarity and coherence (linguistic POWER), which you may not since you could be operating primarily as a businessman, then it is important to present a short, condensed set of distinctions, like a meta-outline. You can fill in details later. Otherwise, I expect a lot of people to get lost in the details- lost and frustrated.

    I have no idea from your replies about my basic practical questions of “what to do in regard to getting mineral salts either through diet or through the skin, etc-” or, as I inferred from your comments on the call a few nights ago, to avoid them, like “do not add sea salt to soups as that will reduce the value.” Did I misunderstand you?

    I continue to presume that ionizied minerals from the sea that are found in marine phytoplankton (and Quinton ocean plasma) are exceptionally healthy, even though you made dismissive comments about salts. Do you have a short answer regarding why mineral salts are so bad, even in seaweed, as well as references to refute the studies showing it is good? Maybe I misunderstood your references and terminology, but I think that is because you have been rushing. You are not very experienced as an educator, are you? I think that is because you have been a bit anxious and you are not alone. I see you as brilliant, if not genius, but not an efficeint communicator.

    I was talking to my wife about your frustration with people asking “about where will they get any ice to do CT when all they have around is snow outside and no plastic bags of ice- just empty plastic bags and several cubic yards of snow outside? Why don’t they fucking realize that they can put the fucking snow in the fucking bag?” 

    They have been frustrated and so have you. You experience surprise at their panicked state and their lack of fluency with the concepts you present. Then you have a bit of resentment and you expect similar disappointments in the future because you experience no particular POWER in relation to those interactions. With great respect, I say, shame on you. Also, you are doing awesome. We appreciate you very much (speaking on behalf of my wife and I at least). 

    If you dare, you could create a list like “my priority actions to promote my own health.” Maybe you are hesitant to do that, but you could clearly say “these priorities are NOT appropriate for all people- this is just a point of reference for ME.”

    That is what I did here (though I perhaps should update it to add “cold exposure” somewhere in there):http://thebestvalues.net/…/health/HealthFundamentals.php
    I do not present that as having infallible scientific authority, but as a clear communication because someone asked me to share my current priority actions. It is a clear, “actionable” list.


    TheBestValues: Health Alternatives: holistic health fundamentals
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, Jack Kruse, you have an excellent understanding of evolution and of cycles. I do not know if there are others like you. I’ve heard Pollack and Oschmann and many others (Cordain, Boyd, Wahls, Holick, Vanderplanitz, etc). I think your breadth is distinctive.

    As for “energetic efficiency,” I imagine that you would experience great satisfaction at evolving your own communication patterns to better ANCHOR your speaking in simple, elegant references to the evolution of life, the evolution of health, and the evolution of (biological) cycles, and even the evolution of language. Finally, I hope that your mitochondria had a good time at your dinner party.

  • Misty Williams I just wanna chime in here and offer that your opinions about Jack as a communicator are subjective. Jack has been sharing his expertise prolifically for three years, and you don’t build a thriving community with the kind of testimonials we have by being a piss poor communicator. Jack spends thousands of hours engaging with us. You may not think he has addressed something, but that is likely because you haven’t read all he has written, or you don’t see the dozens of times it’s come up on the blog, in forums, on Facebook and on Q&As. 

    Maybe I am misunderstanding, but you seem to be suggesting that he has a responsibility to make understanding all of this easy for you, in bullet points. I’d suggest that maybe your expectations under the circumstances aren’t realistic given the complex nature of what Jack is attempting to distill and synthesize. I’m sure over time that Jack will only get better as a communicator. If you want to understand, you’ll need to spend time reading and studying what he’s synthesized. This community is very active and supportive, and we’re all working hard at “getting this” together.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Misty Williams, thanks for sharing your subjective opinion. You might presume that nature is complex. The branches of a tree are a complex web, right? The trunk, relatively speaking, is simple.

    I’m not attacking his results. I’m challenging him. If you don’t like that, then you can move on and focus on what you like more.

    I am not disappointed because I do not expect much from him- like I never really got my hopes worked up and got invested in him emotionally. I just do my cold thermogenesis etc and enjoy.

    In fact, I am thrilled at his analytical insights and his enthusiasm. Further, I recognize enormous “untapped” potential (POWER) and my subjective opinion is that there is another level of “vocational” breakthrough available to him that he may not have even “digested.”

    He wrote about density as important to power. The coherence of his communication lacks power, like in terms of reaching “down” to where most people ARE clear, (what they are actually clear about) and avoiding a huge complexity of confusion. 

    If, in his communication, he used less energy with more precision, he could radically alter culture in a matter of months. That may not be his priority, but that may be his destiny.

    The issue of sea salts is basically a yes or no question. I am curious about his comments on that, but I am also committed to something bigger.

    Because of his “shotgun” approach to communication, he will never get the results of a focused laser. However, shotguns are very useful, too. I’m just inviting him to relax and simplify then refocus to produce a dramatic increase in the power of his communication. I am very clear that with the momentum that he has already generated, to shift at this stage could be challenging.

    He seems generally pleased with his momentum. I am just inviting him to raise his standards, from my perspective, to what I value most. 

    Also, I saw his testimonials about his work as a neuro-surgeon. They are excellent.

    As an author or educator, he still has much to learn. That is not an attack. That is quite exciting, given the quality of content that he could present (whether in a book or live talk or whatever).

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, Misty, maybe he’s an above average communicator. However, the content of his conversation is not just “above average.” It is ground-breaking, like world class. What if his communication was also ground-breaking or world-class? 

    On the other hand, he has his medical license to preserve. I know of a lady with about 105 shocking testimonials about reversing autism and she chose to live outside of the US because of the lack of receptivity to her protocol here- not by the masses, but by the competition.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn This just came through on my feed. I figure it is relevant here, so….



    Just in case you were wondering.

  • Misty Williams I think Jack is concerned with way bigger fish than elegant bullet points for the intellectually lazy. 

    I’m simply pointing out that if there is something you wish to glean or learn from Dr Kruse, the best way to do so is to read, and read a lot. Ask questions about what you’re reading specifically per the particular blog and you will get engagement from Kruse and community. Request cliff notes, and you’re not likely to get the response you’re looking for. That’s just not really our ethos around here. For what that’s worth. 

    PS – You can rest assured that Dr Kruse puts it all on the line without censoring for the medical community or “his license.” To his own detriment at times, but he is committed to teaching and sharing what he’s synthesized because he cares about making a difference. He doesn’t shy from being polarizing, whether we like it or not!

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Misty, I almost deleted your last reply. It is low value to me in general. However, your closing point about not being shy from polarizing is finally approaching the spirit I raised. 
    If he is interested in being polarizing, which you may have noticed that I am, then he could do it better. I do not worship what “your ethos around here” has been. So, stop being intellectually lazy and get the simplicity of what I have been inviting.

    Your “way bigger fish” reference is arrogant. Bring respect or get off my thread. 😉

  • Jack Kruse I’m lost………..and I have the problem communicating?Misty Williams ??? No one is useless in this life who lightens the burdens of another. But that person gives how they give; no one can tell them how to “give”. We learn best when we learn how to listen with a beginner’s mind. I never underestimate the difference we all can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out and help should be what we do but the receiver should have some grace. The “helpee” can not define my giving. A healer is someone who seeks to be the light that he wishes he had in their darkest moments. I share my flame and it does not diminish me……..it helps light your candle; but I can not define your path with this light. Only you can. Sometimes life knocks you on your ass. Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them. I hold the keys to solutions……..I do not define the path beyond the gate. You seem to want more. If you want more than you must use what you have been given and do more to attain the wisdom to help yourself. This is how I got to where I am. I sense sour grapes in your posts, but I realize i don’t see your face as you communicate so I can not be sure of what I think. You remind of a man with a rose corsage. Some men grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses. I am grateful. I sense you are not in a big way. You seem to feel entitled. Life gave you a gift of 86, 400 seconds today. Have you used one to say thank you to anyone? Everybody deserves wellness, but nobody is entitled to it. What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude, and I sense a deep deficit in you. I hope you reflect upon this constructively. Misty was trying to help you…….as was I. Now, I will have to reflect to see if I want to share my flame with you. I take the risk of pissing you off to get you to realize how off base you are with these demands because risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. With that I will let Misty decide on the rest……….I’m done with this.
    3 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
  • Misty Williams ^^^ What he said.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Way bigger fish isn’t arrogant … it points to a greater mission that Dr. Kruse is focused upon. Perhaps the arrogance you sense is your own projection being reflected back to you.

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  • Jack Kruse ^^^^^BOOM
    3 hours ago · Like · 1
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn No traction here in the statements above. I was not talking about Jack as a healer. I was talking about educator and author and even as a cultural influence, like Tesla or Buckminster Fuller. You folks apparently did not get my input and that is one way it can go. 

    I presume that when faced with a simple, direct challenge that is “too hot” for you, Jack, you might reflexively retreat to a safe area of confidence. As a healer, you are one of many excellent innovators, like Wahls and so on. 

    FYI, I “had” MS and recovered the ability to walk overnight. But so what?

    Most people do not care and why should they? It does not register within their conceptual model. To register within their conceptual model, that can take some elegance- even drama.

    Jack Kruse, your reply was long and I did not even read it all yet. Your communications may lack a concise, polarizing power that they could have, and you may be totally fine with that. I could say it with more precision and detail. 

    I am offering to help you, Jack. The only real “help” I asked of you was to clarify your apparent caution or even dismissal about salt (sea salts?) when seaweed contains lots of salts and, if I recall correctly, you value seaweed in diet. I also raised some simple issues like electrons from earthing/grounding. To me, you retreat to complex language and your area of greatest competence.

    I did not expect you to value my perspective. I am just giving you the opportunity to value my perspective. 

    Are you something of an independent “maverick” or “lone ranger?” Good! Just beware of making it a point of isolation- unless that is your priority.

  • Wendy Holland JR, as another licensed health professional, I can say with certainty saying SHIT isn’t going to get your license in any jeopardy anywhere. Abandonment, not doing your job or doing something that directly hurts or damages a patient puts you in harms way, those are the activities that make you, your attorney and the Board of Medicine have a nice chat. Secondly, for God’s sake, those are just WORDS, are you really getting your feathers all ruffled over words? For someone that wants to raise the conversation stop using playground rules and axioms. We are adults here. If you don’t like it, feel free to take your ball and leave, nobody mandates your presence here. Thirdly, Jack is not trying to speak to his peers. If you have read anything he has posted over the years, he has tried to talk to other MDs, PhD, health professionals, researchers at some of the most lauded institutions of medicine and research. Oftentimes, his work has fallen on deaf ears. But as research starts to turn their head, with bolt on blinders I might add, they start to see other things as options and the literature has started to reflect that. While I understand your point that baseline professional decorum would dictate proper and clean diction and word choice, I think you have really missed who Jack is and what he and others here are trying to do. When you inflate the language to the level you are requesting, you decrease your reach. Its like trying to read Nathaniel Hawthorne vs. Tom Clancy. Both are very good and tell a tale beautifully, but one is significantly more approachable. If Jack has done nothing, he had tried to make the subjects and connections between those subjects, that are usually bantered over an aged Bourbon at the exclusive University Club, approachable for the average person so they can use the data and not just stare at it completely lost. While swears can be distracting, everyone uses them and are part of the common vernacular.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Jack Kruse, your reference to “beginner’s mind” is very ironic. Thank for taking the risk of pissing me off. I am inviting you to deliberately take the risk of pissing off a lot more people, but only after first elegantly blowing their minds with… Simplicity.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Hi Wendy Holland! Maybe I am “hitting a nerve” here. (Vagus? – that is the only nerve I can name….)

    Wendy, perhaps I was being dramatic not out of panic or paranoia, but in order to simply be dramatic- to produce a “state change” in someone rading- such as yourself. So, you replied to my specific comment about licensure. I could tell you some stories from my life about that, but for now I will just say that I have heard that Dr. Andrew Weil was “strongly encouraged” to “back down” from publishing certain comments. 

    Further, I mentioned Dr. Holick a few posts back and, apparently, he lost his job at Boston University, though not his medical license. I know Dr. Jerry Tennant has been very deliberate in attempting to preserve his legal rights to speak about basic science in the face of what some would call a “war on science.” Those are just a few modern exmaples….

    Here is an example of the kind of thing that I see which led to me making the statement I made:

    Dr. Holick is a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center in the USA who has studied vitamin D for over 30 years and has received awards relating to health research and nutrition. He explains that he lost his teaching position as a Dermatologist in 2004 because he refused to agree with his boss and with the Dermatology profession generally that even the tiniest amount of UV/sunshine is bad for us.

  • Wendy Holland By the way JR, of you are going to use a quote, as we do in research, check and check again. Your statement “If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.” was by Ludwig Boltzmann not Einstein.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn LMAO: Wendy Holland, that is classic! You just ATTACKED me for misattributing the quote. First, I do not care who said it. 

    Second, I do not agree with it. Third, would you be ashamed to know that I simply repeated the attribution made by your holy saint, Dr. Jack Kruse???

    Again, you folks can begin to raise your standards up to mine or I will be taking my focus elsewhere….



    “If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.” —Einstein …See More
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And I do not mean by properly quoting Boltzmann. HA!
  • Wendy Holland Again, check and recheck again….
  • Wendy Holland Take your focus elsewhere; it is your right as a free citizen, it is not well received here. Clearly.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn  Your loss…. (Okay, I admit that I have gotten several more actual out loud laughs from this thread so far than I expected, so… you folks better stop replying or else I might keep replying back.) Who knew that this would be so much fun?

    “If you are open to fundamentally altering people’s ways of speaking and thinking, it may be relevant to take the risk of pissing them off… or even making them laugh.” – Einstein

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Wendy Holland, I see that you were reacting to my reference to the word shit. That was just a humorous aside. It does not offend me.

    [Wendy wrote: “…I understand your point that baseline professional decorum would dictate proper and clean diction and word choice.”]

    That was not my point at all. I was saying that simple elegance is powerful. However, I had to “build a bridge” to that point because powerful communication is not where Jack and Misty etc were focused. In fact, there is clear resistance to the topic, personal attacks, etc….

    THAT (latent antagonism) is an issue. THAT will get in the way of powerful communication.

    On a procedural note, when you edit a comment after you have published it on Facebook, it is usually better to just make another comment. I would have missed everything after the edit if I had not happened to come back to this page.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, Wendy Holland, I think to reclarify again. I was imagining a scenario like this: Jack Kruse is talking to someone who barely speaks English, maybe a young grandchild of his. He says, “there are three very important things I want you to know about: redox potential, cold thermogenesis, and non-native EMF.”

    The youngster says, “Okay, I do not know most of those words.”

    Misty Williams shouts, “that is because you are intellectually lazy!”

    Then I say “Well, let’s try putting it in powerful language that the average 5th grader would understand reasonably well. The 3 things are #1 power- when your body can create a lot of results from a small amount of energy or fuel- #2 cold – because cold is actually great for increasing your body’s power, like the example of how Lance Armstrong trained… which I will get to in a minute- and, finally, #3, respecting your body’s cycles- especially the extremely fast cycles like 10 pulses per second or even 432 pulses per second .”

    Obviously, to condense the language to simple terms like that may involve a huge decrease in precision- at least initially. However, the language above is common and ACCESSIBLE. (And yes I know that my #3 was not just a simplification of “non-native EMF.”)

    Plus, I am questioning whether it would be useful to start more like this – and then repeatedly drive this point home: “recreating the ancient ocean within your body is THE single most important thing you can do for your health- because our life form evolved out of that ancient ocean environment. That environment included an evolutionary womb of COLD, DARK plasmas that produce tremendous power (redox potential).” However, Wendy, I currently do not comprehend all of the jargon well enough to “complete the translation” – even if I were motivated to do so. Call me “intellectually lazy.”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Back to the point about lasers and shotguns, I am saying that I would value there being a central, uniting theme, like “whatever is in accord with evolution,” and then repeated emphasis on the ocean (or on cycles or on whatever “spine” we might conceive of as the trunk from which to branch out), then it is much easier for someone to “see how it all fits together.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I do not mind 100s of jargony articles that get in to “minutia.” I will skip those anyway. I am just asking who is going to write the new 4th grade physiology book that homeschoolers will “buy up like a swarm of flies converging on a pile of fecal matter.”

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