The secrets of power:

The secrets of power:
1) Know what power is
2) Find at least one very powerful way to invest energy
3) Invest only a very precise amount of energy in that powerful way

4) Keep these secrets from the masses
Let’s focus on #4 for a few moments. In evolution, the point of an organism exercising power is not just to exercise power for the simple pleasure of it, but to dominate as in to dramatically outperform the competition. That could include disrupting the exercise of power by others, or distracting them from exercising any power at all, like confusing them, blinding them, crippling them, or even enslaving them.

Of course, we may have been programmed that it is morally shameful to dominate, exploit, or even enslave others. We may have been trained to recoil in disgust and terror from the idea of exercising so much power to the point of being socially dominant. Again, that is part of the simple reality of the fourth secret of power: program the masses to flee from power and abdicate it to “representatives.”

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