the powerful violence of the US

The United States of America is a huge, organized system of human activity. A key component of that system is violence.

The US keeps other countries out of the US by violent means (or only allows a few ambassadors and visa tourists). The US has military bases in over 100 countries because we are the leading bully on the planet. The prosperity of the powerful US is entirely a result of military force. Without the US Army to drive the native americans back, there would of course have been no states west of the Mississippi.

Without a credible threat perceived by taxpayers, why would the taxpayers of the Texas pay the US anything? When the US invaded the part of Mexico now called Texas, that meant that the tax collectors of Mexico were driven out and the protection racket of the US was now in control of that territory. Instead of paying just Mexican taxes- or both Mexican taxes and US taxes, people stopped paying Mexican taxes and started paying US taxes.

Further, some of us in the US use language pretty well. Our propaganda is rather effective. We are good at psychological wrfare. That is another huge source of our ability to dominate other countries and populations and to efficiently intimidate them in to selling us resources for a small stack of paper currency. We even receive immense loans from the Chinese.

Is that a sign of Chinese power? Or is that a sign of US power?

If the US defaults on debts to the Chinese, will the Chinese be able to exert the military force to collect on the contractual debts? Ink on paper is no match for bullets and flamethrowers.

Of course, millions of people in the US whine about how they are only getting $1,000 a month for free from the government (or whatever). Good luck to them. Maybe their whining will bring satisfactory results.

On the other hand, the mass media trains them to whine. Maybe that is an important distraction in controlling the masses… to gather them in to groups of sincere idealists to passionately protest against the targeted portion of reality. This keeps them from being powerful.


A: “Should gays be allowed to marry?”

B: “Yes!”

C: “No!”

D: “Thank you, A, for creating a controversy that leads B and C to conflict with each other over what to me may be trivia. I will sell all of them statin drugs and flu shots and tube socks and iPhones. YES!”


A: “Should gasoline be more than $3 per gallon or less than $3 per gallon?”

B: “Yes!”

C: “No!”

D: “Damn, A, I think that B and C are now total imbeciles. Well done!”


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