Delusional paranoia, healthy paranoia, and blowing whistles for pride or practicality

Comment from a correspondent (in reply to the recent article “Secrets of the Rulers”):

The game is rigged. The whistles apparently need to be blown now more than ever, though, when blown, they only help to increase the paranoia, and helplessness, which ‘seems’ justified, and even neccesary.

J.R. replies:

There are different kinds of whisteblowing. Not all are “idealistic.” There is filing a lawsuit (not just out of “the principle of it all”, but to win the lawsuit, like to collect monetary damages), then there is shouting to warn your family from approaching a dangerous boundary because a train is coming, or there is even trying to launch a publicity stunt protest with bullhorns and signs to intimidate or shame the opposition in to some kind of reform.

There are also two very distinct kinds of paranoia. One is an indicator of a lasting exposure to an accurately perceived risk, like I am so paranoid about theft that I buy a dead bolt lock and use it in my front door (or so paranoid about rain that I repair my roof). That kind of “paranoia” eventually resolves in to action, like a sense of being bothered enough to do something different, to explore some new action. That is “healthy.”

There is also paranoid delusion, which is like when someone has deep terror about the possibility that their own government would ever intentionally do anything that is not “very beneficial to everyone”, like a state lottery gambling promotion that is horrible financially for most of the participants. So, there is the first delusion (programmed by propaganda) and then a complex set of “compensations,” like distractions from the obvious. So, there can be delusions that lead to paranoia like the idea that there is a form of physical reality called diabetes or goiter which possesses people and alters their blood sugar or produces growths on the neck. That is delusion and it is rooted in paranoia.

In the case of goiter, it is the relative absence of iodine (relative to “poisons” like flouride and chlorine) which prevents the lymphatic system and thyroid gland from properly functioning and removing waste, thus leaving a “growth” of dead cells that the body is unable to remove. The growth or tumor is physically real, but it is an effect or symptom.

Then, a linguistic label is created called “goiter,” which is related to as a cause. The influence of the Almighty Creator is rejected so that the sinner can instead worship the demon of goiter and try to fight the demon. They take more antibiotics to fight the demon that they worship, which helps a bit for 3 days, but then causes 5 other problems.

Soon, the worshiper of mainstream demons is scheduling a surgery and arranging to live with 6 lifelong medical addictions. They fight not just the demon of goiter, but also diabetes and obesity and hypertension and a long list of demons that they claim to “have” (to be possessed by). “I have diabetes, which is a linguistic label for an effect. I am worshiping the label and fighting it and trying to remove the label from a jar by rotating the jar exactly 90 degrees and then carefully shining cancer radiation therapy at the jar.”

That is deep in mainstream paranoid delusion. That is the typical program of the masses.

The same kind of delusional paranoia is at the core of many other fields of activity, such as investing. “I am investing to hedge against rising inflation.” That could be functional paranoia, but only if people are actually monitoring objective measures of inflation. Most people are fighting something that is not present (that they only presume is present because of programmed paranoia).

They do not recognize that inflation is a human behavior. They think of it as some mysterious demon. Of course, that is just what the media programs them to do.

“I must concentrate all of my wealth in to mortgaged real estate to reduce risk.” That is delusional. Diversification reduces risk, not concentration- especially not in to the least safe market available: investing in real estate with borrowed funds.


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