Why plasma from the ocean is more important than diet

  • I will type to you a basic summary of “here is what to do” about health (in particular). [Note: I added a lot to what I originally wrote to Daniel below. Also, plasma is an relatively unfamiliar word that means the same as liquid crystal or gel as in gelatin. Lightning is an example of plasma, and many modern display monitors or screens are very popular because of a layer of plasma in the screen.]

    First, there is the issue of sharing this info with others. This is an issue because

    (1) I am interested in relationships and networks (at this point), not so much in retailing (profit from high volume) etc….

    & (2) I want the sharing to be effective given that some of us have better relationships/communication skills than others.So, I can “give away” certain useful information IF people are actually “getting it” and then benefiting from it so much that they support me in proving them guidance in regard to health (or investments, etc).

    plasma with blood cells

    Re retailing / accessing substances of unique value, here is the actual “what to do:”

    (1) Realize that the theory of evolution is viable. I do not mean it is “right” to the extent that we should argue about it. I mean it seems to work reasonably well.(Incidentally, the “creationists” may be completely deluded as to what “the creation story” is. It is about the development of personal consciousness in relation to language, not about the development of various life forms on a particular planet. For instance, there is no substance of “darkness.” It is a just a label in language to contrast with another label in language. Language is what divided the day from the night, the light from “dark,” the earth (solid) from the heavens (space/gaseous), and then “language named” for us the various types of creatures, the “kingdoms” of “the tree of life.” So, when a human finally recognizes their own humanity- as distinct from their egoic persona which is imposed by social conditioning about what that person should be or should not be- then that is followed by an immense relaxing, as in a period of rest.)

    (2) Next, realize that life on this planet evolved from the ocean over the course of several billion years.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    (3) Realize that the ONLY way that animal life made it on to land was to BRING the ocean WITH the animal. This was done not only in the blood but in the entire liquid crystal structure of the various animal organisms.

    (Sidenote: prior to land-based animals, plant life evolved to exist on land also as liquid crystal plasmas which “bring” the ocean with them. Land-based animals could eat the plants for their plasma without having to frequently retreat in to water- such as amphibians. With reptiles and other newly evolved kinds of things, some even evolved to get plasma form other animals, such as insects or small reptiles or mammals.

    Plants make something relatively close to ocean plasma out of fresh water combined with minerals from the earth- bu only IF the soil has the right mineral content, which is VERY rare in recent decades. We now have lots of plasma screens- like if you are viewing this on a flat screen, then it is probably a liquid crystal plasma screen- however, due to the commercial influence of the medical industry, plasma physics has been resisted as a huge threat to the clearly pathetic results of mainstream industrial medicine- like what happened to Royal Rife with his physics-based medicine, which is far superior in efficiency and reliability relative to chemistry-based medicine/the medication industry/nutrition-based interventions.)

  • Daniel Fritschler

    Daniel Fritschler

    Wow…this is interesting

    I see where you are going

    With this

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    (4) So, it started with the ocean. The ocean was pummeled by asteroids which dissolved in to mineral salts which, when exposed to sunlight and lightning strikes, ionized to form what we call life. Simple compounds formed and then eventually complex things like DNA, RNA, amino acids, cholesterol, hormones, etc…. DNA allows for an ameoba or a plant to do something incredible: reproduce!

    Reproduction for a cell means to efficiently organize ocean plasma in to a new cell. The foundation of healing (& “anti-aging”) is the making of new cells from plasma. We do not need most nutrients. We can make them. With ocean plasma and it’s soup of liquid crystal minerals, plus abundant electrons, our cells make lots of things, like cholesterol, which can be made in to all of the hormones. DNA is a set of codes for making amino acids and proteins. However, DNA with no electrons and no minerals is… soon extinct.

    So, again, instead of the mineral plasma soup “randomly” organizing itself in to life once every aeon, an existing life form can ACTIVELY organize new cells out of mineral plasma. That is done through DNA, given proper amounts of available voltage (electrons/ alkalinity). The electrons are what convert the liquid to liquid crystal (and then to crystal solids like ice).

    When we touch something that is a different temperature than our skin, then electrons move. All burns are electrical burns from a cellular perspective. When heat flows from one thing to a colder thing, that is a flow of electromagnetic vibration (electrons). All currents are electromagnetic.

    An electromagnetic current of electrons “going through” a liquid crystal matrix is called a semiconductor. The bodies of plants and animals are full of them. The cell membrane of every cell of every kind of living thing is a liquid crystal boundary of plasma. As another example, muscle fibers are basically plasma, which is why voltage flows will contract the muscles.

    (5) Complex creatures like humans  need (A) lots of electrons, but (B) we also need to be able to STORE them and MOVE them throughout the organism.

    (6) Certain commercial providers of select Ocean Water (which can be rich in phytoplankton or tiny algae that have lots of important minerals) have documented PROFOUND results simply from providing the full range of minerals from which humans evolved.

    (7) Then there is eating a diet that is evolutionarily sound.

    <as in eating raw and fermented foods (including marinated)- things that have been around at least 10,000 years>

    <eh… give or take 9,900 years or so- like high quality raw cow milk, especially from certain breeds, CAN be very good for MOST people- or even things like sprouted wheat… in the right portions.>

     <I am for “everything in moderation” except for the chosen priority of the moment, right?>
    We can keep in mind that the plasma of the ancient ocean IS the proper consistency of blood (of most any creature including mammals like humans) as well as intercellular fluids like spinal fluid and also intrAcellular fluid. It is folly to ignore several billion years of evolution (in relation to ocean plasma) and then focus on only a few hundred million in relation to diet.
  • Daniel Fritschler

    Daniel Fritschler

    I am very intrigued honestly <bow> sensei

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    (8) There is also removing the primary drains of electrons from our bodies (for those in whom it is relevant): especially mercury dental fillings.

    That is just a sample in relation to the issue of health.

    For those without funds to access the proper kind of ocean water (given that the ocean has changed more than slightly in the last 250 million years), there are other kinds of algae or mineral sources (like seaweed, which is also technically a form of algae).

    • Daniel Fritschler

      Daniel Fritschler

      So what can I do to get my hands on something like that? Where?

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      So, that is why I mentioned “retailing” in the beginning. I have a source a few miles from me (a wholesaler of ocean plasma, I think from deep sea vortexes that bring up a lot of really potent minerals).

      Later, after we cover some foundations of breakthroughs in health, we can also get in deeper to language, plus in to economics and social trends and so on. Again, I am not an educator or delusional “savior of mankind” so much as a practical networker. There needs to be a steady flow of resources to me to keep the system working. That is why my insights in to forecasting economic trends are so important to the overall process. Not only can huge gains be compounded quickly, but the typical risks of mainstream investors can be totally avoided.

      Also, back to sources of minerals (like iodine) you can get “decent” seaweed from any Asian grocery store or health food stores. You can also get ionized minerals, plus you can set distilled water in direct sunlight to ionize (charge) the water, forming the water in to plasma (liquid crystal). The sunlight will cause the water to pull electrons from the air which is how it shifts to plasma.

      I have some distilled water mixed with ocean water in the sun right now. Distilled water with added minerals will be the next best thing.

      That’s all for now. There are big things and little things, as in priorities, and of course I highly recommend “grounding” to have an abundant supply of electrons, especially for people with mercury fillings that are constantly losing electrons in to the air.

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