Respect for consensus & propaganda

I think of the practice of respect as important. I am open to respecting anything. I respect language and the clear utility of communication. I also respect governments as operations of organized coercion that tend to present biased perspective and may even frequently use deceptive propaganda.

Social propaganda has conditioned the masses to associate credibility with popularity, like if “most everyone” believes that all saturated fat is poisonous to all living things, then the consensus acceptance of the concept is typically presumed to be correlated (positively) to accuracy.  In other words, if 9 out of 10 witch doctors believe that scurvy is a demon which possesses people and steals Vitamin C from them, then the apparent consensus can be interpreted as evidence of accuracy.

So, “we must fund research for a cure for scurvy!” The root presumptions of a paradigm are not questioned because they are roots: underground, unconscious.

Further, I consider “social propaganda” to be an “artifact” of all cultures. In other words, there are no cultures without “social propaganda.” We cannot save a culture from cultural bias. All cultures program bias. That is simply what cultures do- just like governments influence perception and behavior.

So, I respect social propaganda (including all forms of “idealism”). However, I also respect precision.

There are some forms of fat that may be poisonous to some living things. Respect for precision in language means that I comprehend the idea presented by someone who says “milk makes people sick.” I understand the words in English. They did not say “SOME milk makes SOME people sick,” but I know that is what they meant… EVEN if they say something to a logical extreme like “ALL milk is detrimental to ALL mammals, especially infants.”

I understand that they may be attempting humor or perhaps they are mentally ill (in a panic of inflamed neurological pathology or schizophrenia). When you start looking at government bureaucrats as a bunch of panicking retards, you can still respect them. You can respect a pack of sheep and still fleece them or eat them or sell them or buy them.

When facing illogical/irrational hysteria, then respect and compassion can be relevant. That does not mean never locking doors or raising fences or firing bullets at the masses of panicking zombies.

Governments more or less conduct warfare and extortion rackets on domestic populations, then use propaganda to legitimize the extortion racket. I have extensively written about the history of the imperial systems of human government (going back at least to the Prophet Noah and the claim that unless all of humanity recognized the authority of the Hebrew Pharoah/Pope/Dictator, then another calamity like a flood would wipe out humanity in an apocalypse).

This story has been very popular as an instrument of terrifying propaganda, so it has been used repeatedly, just like many cultures have variations on the lie we call “Santa Claus” because the story-line is effective at influencing the behavior of children through deception. The story is more efficient than things like imposing physical punishment and pain intentionally in order to train the children.

So, the threat of divine apocalypse (or similar ideas like an alien invasion or devastating meteor) has been very effective for organizing human societies (being “shepherds of men”), at least when combined with occasional demonstrations of military genocide, such as the slaughter ordered by Moses in Exodus 32. (See…/a-brief-history-of…/ ).

Of course, with volcanoes and so on, there are real threats to human life. When humans claim to have power over these powerful things, like an astronomer might claim to have power over the sun merely because the astronomer can do math and forecast an eclipse, then the masses are not unreasonable in respecting the authority of the one who at least predicted the eclipse, even if the ruling Witch’s claim was “inaccurate” in regard to the idea that “this eclipse was caused because you people practiced homosexuality and drank raw milk and smoked pot, and therefore you must pay me ten coins a month for me to spend on behalf of God while in regard to all of the evil things that you have been doing to bring shame and disaster on yourselves, you must do as Bob Newhart said in Genesis 12:15… STOP IT!”


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