homophobia, homophilia, and “conservative hypocrisy”

English: Pregnant woman at a WIC clinic in Vir...

English: Pregnant woman at a WIC clinic in Virginia (vertically mirrored image). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

11 3 09 Bearman Cartoon Shmuley Boteach

11 3 09 Bearman Cartoon Shmuley Boteach (Photo credit: Bearman2007)

NH posted this excerpt:

“Judaism, I feel, has a very healthy approach to homosexuality. It’s this simple. There are 613 commandments in the Torah. One is a prohibition on homosexual relations. Another is an obligation to have children. I tell gay couples all the time. “You have 611 commandments left to you. That should keep you busy. Now, go give charity, honor the Sabbath, put a mezuzah on your door, keep a kosher home, and pray to God three times a day for you are his beloved children and He seeks you out.”

Read more at http://observer.com/2013/12/rabbi-shmuley-on-duck-dynasty-and-biblical-homophobia/#ixzz2oSZMrIZ9


JR replies:
I will comment on the term homophobia and on phobia in general. First, the commandment to procreate is simple to understand. Second, if reproducing is a priority, then homosexual behaviors clearly distract from that. But admitting that… is not a phobia!

Producing pregnancy does not work with homosexual acts any more than with masturbation. When we consider that many traditions also discourage the use of prophylactics, that is not a phobia of “protected sex.” That is just a systematic encouragement of impregnation and reproduction, once again.

So, here is an idea. “People should not be homophobic.” What is that? That is homophobe-phobia.

Anyone who is condemning a phobia is… phobic. That is hypocrisy. I rebuke hypocrisy (and I have certainly done my share of it).

I am not LDS, (a conservative religious group) by the way. Further, back to the quote above of Rabbi Shmuley) I am aware that there could be MANY rabbis who would strongly disagree with Shmuley. He speaks for himself.

However, I celebrate the LDS promotion of government policies that recognize marriage as a union between a man and a woman FOR THE PURPOSES OF PROCREATION. As a “libertarian-leaning” person, I think that many governments are unfocused. They have lost their “proper” priorities. They are ripe for radical reforms, revolutions, mutinees, and so on.

If we are repulsed by violence against those who openly practice “homophilia,” that could be because violence repels us, not because we give special favoritism or protection to that minority. What is THE minority group that deserves THE MOST special protection- more than senior citizens or military vets etc?

Many would say: “pregnant women.” I think that when a bureaucracy is too big to effectively handle a particular population, then power MUST revert back toward a decentralized distribution. Governments that are focused on protecting “homophiles” are neglecting other options, such as protecting pregnant women and actually promoting their health.

English: Wife pregnancy at 9 months, the baby ...

English: Wife pregnancy at 9 months, the baby was born the same day the father took this picture. How amazing!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, conservatives who oppose GOVERNMENT programs to “protect the SPECIAL rights of homophiles” may not be homo-phobic. They are not criminalizing homophilia and stoning to death homophiles. They are simply promoting that the government CONSERVE it’s resources and attention and energy.

If the government wants to spend 65 billion dollars to build a big, pretty tower full of fish tanks, people who oppose it MIGHT be afraid of fish. However, they might just be afraid of deficits and government stupidity.

Further, there is the simple recognition that governments are operations of organized coercion (intimidation, extortion, etc). So, when a conservative asks “where should a government focus it’s coercion,” that is not a phobia either.

NEO-Conservatives may say “let’s start some controversies to stir the public in to a frenzy of counter-animosities. They will be pre-occupied with trivia, allowing us huge advantage over them.”

In other words, they are wondering “how can we get other people to waste their time and their energy and their resources?” That is why they may even promote homophilia and condemn homophobia: “anyone who does not support gay marriage should be ashamed of their conservatism and their lack of interest in protecting the special rights of ______.”

Let’s dominate TV news and pop culture with a scandal focusing on trivial things like “gay marriage.” When a backwoods conservative like Phil Robertson says “homophilia does not promote reproduction and it says so in the Bible, too” I think it is a little funny that he even said “and it says so in the Bible, too.”

A Portuguese propaganda flier, distributed fro...

A Portuguese propaganda flier, distributed from aeroplanes: “FRELIMO Lied! You Suffer” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course homophilia does not promote pregnancy. If you need to read that in the bible before you have the courage to say that publicly, then you may be a sociophobe or truthophobic or a foolaphile.

From a perspective of what is healthy for society, some amount of reproduction clearly is favorable. So, homophilia is a sin (“off-target, off the mark”). Write it down and worship it if you still do not get the simplicity of it.

Lots of attention on homophilia distracts from research in to what is good for pre-natal nutrition and child-rearing and… global military domination. (This is the USA, right?)

The USA is being swept with psychological warfare that promotes attention on distracting controversies of trivia. That is obvious, though not especially new.

An example of a World War II era leaflet meant...

An example of a World War II era leaflet meant to be dropped from an American B-17 over a German city. See the file description page for a translation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The question that a conservative would ask might be “how much attention should I put on that?” or “how publicly should I admit that the US is a target for psychological warfare?” Maybe I should practice a little more “truthophobia” to keep a lower profile, to keep my intelligence to myself before it gets unfavorable attention. Maybe I should play dumb or pretend to be confused. I just don’t know which?!?! 😉


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4 Responses to “homophobia, homophilia, and “conservative hypocrisy””

  1. Jim White Says:

    The Book of Jasher says that one of the reasons G-d brought on the flood was because men were ignoring his commandment to reproduce. It says they were making their wives drink a concoction that would sterilize them. They wanted their women to retain their youthful figures. The men thought this was better than not being attracted to their wives anymore and then cheating on them with younger women.
    I’ve worked with and talked to many homosexuals, and my belief is; the majority of them are misanthropes who hate even their own lives, but are unwilling to stick a gun in their mouths. Being human; they have a need/desire for sex, so have same sex to insure reproduction doesn’t result from it.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      To the extent that I am familiar with your references, I completely agree. Thanks.

      What do you think of modern methods of mass sterilization (from obvious things like birth control pills to “anything detrimental to the physiological integrity of the organism”)? Be as detailed or brief as you like.

      Also, what do you think of “serial monogamy” (such as a man divorcing a former wife for a new, often younger, mate)? Specifically, what do you think of serial monogamy relative to polygamy, in which the elder wive(s), rather than being basically abandoned, typically retain a position of tremendous affluence, honor, and influence?

      • Jim White Says:

        I agree with everything the Bible says about everything. On sterilization, abortion, and birth control; the Bible commands us to be fruitful and multiply. It isn’t up to man to decide there are too many people. If we reproduce too much; G-d will do something about it.
        Mass sterilization is a weapon of the Satan. Anyone who isn’t a misanthrope should be against it. When I lived in D.C.; Planned Parenthood would always be on the streets begging for money. D.C. is full of non-profit panhandlers and regular people often talk about their tactics of avoiding having to talk to them. My avoidance tactic was to talk to them. When confronted by the truth from a knowledgeable Freeman; they are non-plussed and unable to continue with their sales script. I would always ask the Planned Parenthood murderers; if they support abortion, are they still living themselves? I mean, isn’t it hypocritical to support killing babies while at the same time doing everything you can to preserve your own life? A true leader leads by example. I believe in smoking weed. If you put a joint in front of me, I’ll smoke it. What will a pro-abortion person do when presented with a loaded pistol?
        I’ll have much respect for any pro-abortion person who commits suicide and his suicide note says he did it because he believes there are too many people on the planet and he hopes many people will heed his example.
        Practice what you preach.
        Serial monogamy is an oxymoron. Have you heard the maxim, men are as faithful as their options? Upgrading is not a legitimate reason to divorce. Men should stop being desperate for a woman. Men should be patient and wait until their maturity and financial status are at the point where they can get the “10” trophy wife they really want instead of settling for whatever they can get.
        There was a time (Old Testament) when polygamy was accepted, but the New Testament says to let every man have one wife and every woman one husband. I don’t think polygamy would be right unless there were extreme circumstances, viz, a primitive, isolated tribe, with too few men capable of supporting the tribe’s women.

      • jrfibonacci Says:

        Thanks for your comments. Your “practice what you preach” example is creative and funny.

        Now, to emphasize some possible refinements distinct from what you said, some people would say that God is doing something about population, which is evident in the popularity of practices like abortion and groups like Planned Parenthood. For those who say that “those are the works of the Devil” and imply that the Devil is roughly equal to or greater than God, I could ask what God they worship: an Almighty God who whose Will is manifest in all of Creation, including all Instruments of God such as any Humans, Angels, Demons and so on… or do they worship a fanciful idol like Santa (who, according to “the story,” can be challenged by the Grinch)?

        I’m not threatened by Santa or the Grinch or those who worship Santa. Same for the “Devil.” Until people are free of mainstream paranoia, I tend not to value their words highly.

        It does not require literacy or a Bible to know what is natural. Throughout the ancient world, when a father dies, it would be common for a mother and her children to be “taken in” by someone, such as a brother of the deceased. If “the new husband” already has a wife, then another one would make two. Court systems may then intervene and say “no, she cannot live with him or else we will arrest her/kill her.” That is the complex thing- when court systems intervene to disrupt what people are doing “naturally.”

        So, my concern with answers that resort to “there was a time” is that once you start with that, where does it end? Obviously, “there is a time” for extreme circumstances like a court system coming in and saying “no, you can’t marry your brother’s widow and support their children in your own home.” In other words, that kind of thing does actually happen.

        But it is a different social pattern for you or I to go saying to others “I will tell you what time it is: It is time to ignore that Testament and adhere to the 4th Testament now (or the 6th etc).” That can lead to strife and contentiousness, which is one possibility. However, many people seem to me “too eager” to argue and condemn. They are like what Isaiah referenced (and that Jesus quoted): “they worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.”

        J.R. Hunn 480 265 5522

        On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 4:48 PM, power of language blog: partnering with

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