Some results of training in the power of language


Hey, take a look at this. How did I do? … oops, it’s been deleted!

Ask Shelly about it. She read it last night.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R:

    Daniel told me to ask you about a dramatic conversation on facebook last night.

    photo (2)

  • Shelly Barineau


    Haha. Because you trained him well. I caught a thread in which he was gently planting seeds of thought into a mother (who was in the midst of an FB battle with her daughter). Mother got pissed at Dan, Unfriended him, re friended him, and deleted the thread.

    Dan was on such a high. And I can see why. He was really calm and controlled and not at all confrontational… But he brought up great points that made mom think (pissing her off in the process)

  • Your training laced in there was very obvious

    And brilliant.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R:


  • Shelly Barineau


    Dan was seeing your points and your guidance put in to [real-time] play action and he was able to predict the reaction before it happened. It was like a script and he controlled it.

    And he loved every bit of it.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R:

    You were proud of him, too, yes?

  • Shelly Barineau


    Absolutely. And a little surprised how well he did it. Not that I did not think he had the ability, but his passion takes over at times and I was pleasantly surprised to see him keep that in check through out the entire thread… Even in high emotion times. Just like you.

    He released the pressure when mom started raging… Made fun of himself at all the right points. Mom was so confused… “Do I like this guy… Or do I hate him?”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R:

    Cool. You do know that you are currently “in line” to develop those same skills (to that extent) if you wish, right?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    Anyone can do it. You are not as reactive as Daniel was. However, you also may not have as much initiative as him, so you may not be as interested.

    Actually, I know that you have not been.

    However, I’m confident that you have already had some relaxing of reactivity through the last few months.

    Satan chastising mirror

  • Shelly Barineau


    I admire both of you and your brilliance in it. I was on a bit of a high watching it play out… Understanding some of your points more clearly as it was in action and knowing how wonderful Daniel was feeling. You have given him a confidence that is unmatched in that I do not believe a strengthening of confidence in any other area would produce this level of euphoria in him (if that makes sense).

    But you are right, I don’t catch a lot of [the interactions because] of the time factor [Shelly stays busy as the mother of 3 young boys]. But when I do, I do really enjoy them and try to learn from them, especially in reference to being a more effective mother and wife.

    Yes, I have had a tremendous amount of relaxing in reactivity thanks to you and also in understanding reactivity in others. It has helped me effortlessly maintain compassion (as in I am not gritting my teeth forcing the compassion) when in previous times I lost hold long before.

    <bow> to both of you

    Satan shaming the mirror

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    <bow>. Thank you, Shelly, for your willingness and your courage to explore. Thank you also for being supportive (however loudly) of Daniel and also of me in our ongoing learning process.

    Congratulations of course on the shift toward alertness and the relaxing of tension.

    I intend to share all of this back to him and also to make it generally public. Do you consent to that?

  • Shelly Barineau


    ️ wow. Thank YOU. You are the catalyst in all of it. And I appreciate your recognition (often times showing [me] recognition and [my own] appreciation where I had not previously seen it).

    And yes, I definitely consent. Dan may have been reborn last night, thanks to you.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn

    J R:

    Eh, it happens all the time.

    Well, let me clarify what I mean by that. Perhaps Daniel not only was reborn, but now he knows how to do it whenever he wants! He has developed the skills of clear alertness, plus clarity about language and psychology, plus creativity to a new point of distinction.

    He now experiences himself as the creativity behind personas, as the author or authority. That can be be not only quite a relief and quite a high, but tons of fun.

    Attention to the power of language leads to a refining of alertness  to the results produced by the patterns of language we can use.

    We can set the context in interactions. That is, we can efficiently and elegantly alter the boundaries or rules. In other words, we dictate how the conversation goes or rule it. A few of us together can be quite a blast.

    At first, this new capacity tends to happen in “brief episodes.” Eventually, it is less of an exception and then can be created/invoked “at will.”

be open

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