How idealism leads to confusion, distress, guilt, blame, and ill will

Emperor Fristchler started this conversation, by commenting on the below image:

Pretty cool right? Hail to Caesar!!!! Now spend the rest of your time and energy kissing everybody’s ass just to be next to broke anyways….great plan….ready, break! ….

let’s all create a world where wealth is God, where bread is my idol and that way we can rest peacefully and comfortably in our own delusion…wow why didn’t somebody think of this plan sooner. Only 7 billion people have but you would think more would. God bless Caesar.

Julius Caesar, Summer garden, Saint-Petersburg

Julius Caesar, Summer garden, Saint-Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to create your own Personal Jesus (savior)? Which we all will anyhow… one question though: who needs saved? And from what? Your own idealism?

Let go now….surrender….jump off the cliff and trust that you don’t need no stinking idealism (movie quote: “I don’t need no stinking badges!”) or therefore a savior…just turn dough into bread and then bread into wine and then worship it the rest of your lives or live life within the smoke and mirrors.

JR replies:

Inequality is mathematically impossible. That is why we must devote our lives not to practical matters, but to saving the world from a mathematical impossibility.

Or was it equality that is mathematically impossible? Eh, I forget which.

Either way, alertness and clarity are not important. Contempt is holy.


Wealth (Photo credit: alexjtam)

What we should do is follow the programming of the elite which is that we should focus on some idealism about wealth. “People pay too much attention to wealth!” Aha- that is an excellent idealism, so try that one.

People who use the word wealth are the problem. People who use the word idealism are the problem. People who use the words idealistic contempt are the problem.

If it was not for language, we would not have all of these problems, right? If it was not for breathing and oxygen and the solar system, then things would not be so flipping complicated and that is why I am disappointed with how frustrated you should be, so that you can be more like me!

Whatever the problem is, there clearly is one, right? Also blame cannot be the problem. Vilification is not it either. Those are unrelated to each other, to me, and to problems.

The only problem is wealth, which is evil, and the only problem is a particularly evil distribution of wealth, and a particular idealism about the evil distribution of evil wealth, and a particular contempt derived from some linguistic idealism about the very evil distribution of wealth which obviously should not be how it should not be.

So, I am sure that there is a problem and all that matters is that we make up one (not two!) and then operate in distress to save the world from it, or to prevent it, or to reverse it. Distress is the answer- not agonizing! Agonizing is in no way related to distress or confusion, so stop saying that please!

Awareness, alertness, clarity, and noticing the function of things are the only problem. In fact, a really old tradition has a written document that says so in a language that I do not personally understand, but I still KNOW what it says because this one other person who is not fluent in that language either said so very confidently.

People should not be so confused by religious rituals, legal codes, jokes, psychological warfare, delusions, or reverse psychology.
They are not designed specifically to cause confusion, so why is everyone so argumentative over “what does the word gristibular REALLY mean?”

Obviously, it is a real word, so it just means gristibular. In every language that has that word in it, it means the exact same thing. Everyone who uses it- no matter what culture or situation or context or connotation- everyone knows that gristibular is a verb that means “to argue the right way over which definition of a word is the only right one, thereby identifying who is a traitor to all things that are holy and therefore should be immediately condemned for using the wrong definition and ruining my life forever, resulting in me probably going to hell when I die and being trapped in argumentative distress and idealism and confusion and bliss and gratitude.”

People keep acting like it is a code and it could mean more than one thing, but if there is one thing that I know about codes, it is that they do not mean more than one thing. This is ridiculous and far too symbolic, plus slightly ironic, but since I do not have a sense of humor, I do not even use that word.

You know the one I mean. Don’t make me say it again!

You are just trying to cause a bunch of fake drama again, aren’t you? You are a DISTRACTER!

In conclusives, confusion is the problems, not blame. We must prevent it, save the world from it, and experience distress about how confusion is the cause of misinterpretation, naive foolishness, and lack of comprehension.

Ready… break! <CLAP>

Why do the players on the Pittsburgh Steelers football team struggle against the other team? Why don’t they all just stay on the bench and watch the game?

Plus, what if the other team loses? Won’t they feel bad? They should be guilty for scoring more points than the other team. They are selfish and competitive and it is not CHRISTIAN to be so much like how they should not be.

They are too idealistic. THAT is their problem!

Wealth in America

Wealth in America (Photo credit: uvw916a)

That is why there are too many players on the field. There should not be 11 or 22. There should be zero. Everyone should have equality, which means that there should be no one on the field, no one watching, and no one doing anything interesting because that is being a DISTRACTER and an AMUSER and an ENTERTAINMENTAL.

Avoid that. Or else you will go to hell in a retard helmet. That is far worse than in a handbasket.


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