on pro-family sexuality

  • Daniel Fritschler Yes so hetero sex is a behavior just like homo sex. There is no difference but for the fact that reproduction can’t happen. The question I have is who controls behavior? Who chooses what is preferable or enticing to them? Isn’t that beyond or before the illusion of choice?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I think that there is a lot of “stamping” that happens with very powerful nerve signals like in the clitoris or other erogenous zones of sexuality.
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  • Daniel Fritschler Ok so do I have to think to myself that I am interested in another…or is the interest there and then thoughts will become how to get what appeals to me?
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Right, anyway, the taboos against “too much sexuality” in children are to discourage kids from associating sexuality with anything except reproductive activity approved by their grandparents (etc). However, there is a problem lately….

    Which is that modern society does not provide enough “real” wealth for most of sexually maturing humans to be sexually active (and reproduce) and still have the support of the community. Now, instead of most everyone being married by 15 or 16, as is typical in many primitive societies, people wait until their 20s or 30s to get married and have 1 child or maybe 2 but certainly no more than 3, right?

    “Real wealth” means health and safety. Instead, most people by age 15 do not even have enough nutrients to accommodate all of their wisdom teeth, so the underdeveloped jaws lead to crowding of teeth, crooked teeth, and often the removal of the back molars.

    Then, the idealism of the culture may equate longevity with health. Really old people who do not ever reproduce are one pathway to extinction.

    The propaganda’s ideal is the good taxpayer or the heroic political activist/spiritual savior, not the healthy, stable parent. Stability is hugely under-rated. So is health in the sense not of the absence of disease or physique/beauty, but the ability to both successfully reproduce and raise the offspring to adulthood with wealth and health. 

    Family is under-rated. Health is under-rated. Stability is under-rated.

    Socialism is presented as the great salvation. Or consumerism, which is one of your favorite targets of contempt.

    You SAY that you are against materialism, but you are against consumerism. That is my proposal for you.


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