Fear and idealism: allies or an enemies?

ARR wrote:  “I don’t respect [the elite], or admire them, however I do believe that we are all evolving together, and although the elite may not lose sleep over our opinions, things might turn out better for them if they did. Your perspective on all this seems quite Buddhist, and I do see the benefit of viewing these experiences without beliefs creating emotional responses. Although I admit part of me does fear the reps sometimes, a greater part of me knows there is ultimately nothing to fear, and it is that part that will win in the end. They rule us with fear, as you demonstrated with your example of the crap music used to manipulate certain people into threatening other people. So we cannot be truly free until we lose our fear/ego.”

Figure 15 from Charles Darwin's The Expression...

Figure 15 from Charles Darwin’s The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Caption reads “FIG. 15.—Cat terrified at a dog. From life, by Mr. Wood.” Author’s signature is at bottom left. See also figures 9-14 and 18 by the same author. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JR replied: “One of your ideals there is that we will win in the end because we are united. Did you know that your ideal is the classic call to war of every imperialist?

Next, your favorite myth may be that you are not free. You have been trained to repress fear (to fear it in paranoia of social disapproval). You have been programmed to relate to fear as your enemy. You are free to experience fear, but you stubbornly refuse because you are so terrified of it that you suppress it and then cover your denial with more myths like “ultimately there is nothing to fear.”

When you see that your shoe lace is untied, you may be suddenly alert to the risk of tripping on it. So, because of fear, you tie your shoelace (or walk much more carefully).

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of Falling (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Fear is your ally. However, you do not respect it. You condemn it. You are terrified of displaying it or admitting it. That is how it is used to rule you.

Your myth is that your emotions themselves are what traps you, and that they are your enemies. But no, they are branches of you, so it is like you are saying that your forearm is trapping your shoulder.

Your loyalty to social approval (to idealism) is what traps you. Yes, your emotional charges have been manipulated by social conditioning so that you desperately seek validation and a mythical paradise in which you finally escape from  what you believe is your greatest enemy: emotion. That is very naive, very common, and very ineffective.

So, instead of respecting society and all people, you worship an idealism that was programmed in to you by society. You reject others because you have been trained to reject yourself (and your emotions including fear).

Fear & Anticipation

Fear & Anticipation (Photo credit: hartlandmartin)

US Navy 050308-N-0295M-002 The Lincoln Memoria...

US Navy 050308-N-0295M-002 The Lincoln Memorial looms over the Commemorative Area of the National World War II Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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