Do wolves lose sleep over the idealism of sheep?

    • A 1979 Faroese stamp by Czesław Słania. Sheep ...

      A 1979 Faroese stamp by Czesław Słania. Sheep are the heraldic animal of the Faroes (“Sheep Islands”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      A lamb can grow in to a ram, and a ram can present a threat to a wolf. So, the wisest wolves would avoid well-defended herds of sheep.
      U.S. PSYOP leaflet disseminated in Iraq. It sh...

      U.S. PSYOP leaflet disseminated in Iraq. It shows a caricature of Al-Qa`eda terrorist al-Zarqawi caught in a rat trap. The caption reads “This is your future, Zarqawi” (هذا مستقبلك يا زرقاوي). Taken from with permission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


      Or, in the case of a court system, the soldiers of the court system (the deputy officers) may systematically target the weak and even disarm the “rams.” They could even use psychological warfare and reverse psychology to cultivate contempt and rebellion in the sheep. They could promote a musical genre to the lower classes that glorifies crime, at the same time as terrorizing the mainstream middle class with sensationalized TV news of lower class criminals targeting the middle class.
  • So, much investment has gone in to programming people like you and I in regard to our perceptions and actions. Could there be immense interest in compromising the health, intelligence, wealth and power of the vast majority of the population? That is quite possible (if not self-evident).



  • ARR:  hmmmmm well, scratches head…. the [working class] might not want to continue those low paid lives of drudgery if they could think their way out of it. Of course energetic sedation [like through bad dietary advice] makes them not as energy efficient as workers, but they are clearly willing to pay that price…look at factory farmed cattle, and chickens…very short lives, but super producers while they are at it. Of course they found a way to cash in on humans too when they break down. It’s called Big Pharma.





A commercial meat chicken production house in ...

A commercial meat chicken production house in Florida, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Yes, and the worker bees terrify the queen, right? If only the worker bees fed on the royal jelly, they would develop in to a queen. The queen of the hive has the same genetics as a worker, but just a different diet!

    Now, imagine that I am a herder of goats and I found a new way to get value from my goats. Is that offensive to you? 

    Imagine that I do not just buy and sell them for profit, nor do I just use them to trim my lawn, but imagine that I milk them. Disgusting?

    ARR:  there is a way to get milk from a goat that is not abusive, however if you are saying the elite are to us as we are to a goat, I have to disagree. They are a bunch of inbred lizards who are actually terrified of us because they know what we are capable of when we are fully self actualized…we are quite dangerous to them, and they know it. Keeping us from learning our true power and abilities is their ONLY chance, and they have already lost that. Their time is almost up.
    English: "Female pigs used for breeding (...

    English: “Female pigs used for breeding (called ‘breeding sows’ by industry) are confined most of their lives in ‘gestation crates’ which are so small that they cannot even turn around. The pigs’ basic needs are denied, and they experience severe physical and psychological disorders.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    J R Fibonacci Hunn: Abusive is a label that can be used by humans, because we have the capacity to use language. We can also milk goats, breed them, slaughter them, and so on.
  • For now, you may wish to keep studying the “abusive militancy” of the dietary ideologists (like “militant vegans”). The abusive militant ideologists can attempt to shame you with comments that you support the confining of innocent goats, as well as milking them for your own personal benefit, rather than for the benefit of future generations of holy goats. 

    Goats are sacred to them, or so they may say when it is convenient for them to say so. These militants have contempt for you. They may accuse you of abusing goats, intentionally slaughtering goats to eat, and generally being in allegiance with “the evil people,” if not directly labeling you as an evil person.

    Goats cannot use language. Goats cannot be trained in contempt. They lack the intelligence to be trained in contempt, which requires programming with language. However, you have been programmed with language to create paranoid idealism (through political propaganda about how governments should be and so on), so you have been trained in where to focus your contempt.

    Wolf sneaking up to the sheepfold

    Wolf sneaking up to the sheepfold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Your idealism is the shackle which you worship. The contempt itself is natural and not an issue. Just notice it. Without the idealism, the contempt would not arise. The root of the issue is the political propaganda through which you have programmed with the same forms of idealism as the rest of the masses (with slight variations in priority across the individual cases).

    So, perhaps you are the one who is terrified and it may be entirely fitting that you experience not only terror, but humiliation and humility. Perhaps after you experience a sudden wave of humility, you will also be relaxed and respectful.

    Until then, you will be disturbed by the militant vegans because they reflect a contempt that is already just under the surface for you. A disturbance or contempt that is already part of your primary way of relating to reality is triggered by the militant vegans.


    Sheep (Photo credit: James Good)

    You fear them. You should. However, you could also respect them. Do you?

    You also fear those who have programmed the militant vegans (who are only innocent fools operating in panic and distress and contempt, much like you). You should fear those who have influenced the militant vegans. However, you could also respect them. Do you?





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One Response to “Do wolves lose sleep over the idealism of sheep?”

  1. freestonepeaches Says:

    I’m a militant vegan. I’m really craving an In/Out hamburger right now.

    Good follow-up to the last post on respect.

    I never considered that you can never have an ideal without neglect in the mix.

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