arousal: attraction & repulsion


  • Daniel Fritschler Well who there is physical attraction to is a physical phenomenon and has little to do with ideals or thought process…..I mean if you pay attention when I feel an initial physical attraction to a woman it isn’t about a thought or it isn’t conditional in nature….much in the same way somebody who is gay lusts for a man and/or a woman……it is choiceless
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Arousal is choiceless. A dog rubbing it’s nose in my crotch can give me an erection. That does not mean that the dog actually wants to have sex with me. They are not sniffing human crotches out of sexual arousal.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Lusting involves language and cognition. Arousal happens even in species with no language, like fish and insects.
    • Daniel Fritschler Right so if arousal is choiceless so would be what or who aroused me…right?
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn please clarify the question/.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn there are many forms of arousal that are not sexual.
      • Daniel Fritschler Clarify is as simple as saying if I am aroused by a woman then so be it…..if I am aroused by a man then so be it….a dog…a mechanical bull etc…..if I can’t control what arouses me then how can whether I am straight or gay be controlled….why would anybody want to control it? Idealism?
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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn I agree totally with “if you pay attention when I feel an initial physical attraction to a woman it isn’t about a thought or it isn’t conditional in nature.” Right, you do not begin by thinking “wait, has she reached her 18th birthday yet- and is she single- and what racial identity do I label her with- and what will my mother think?”
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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn You missed the entire point about “am I gay or straight” being just labels. Behavior can be sexual. Sexual behaviors can be further subcategorized. They are not you.
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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn But if someone asks “are you gay or straight,” you can comprehend their question. You can answer it briefly or not.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, when a “gay” man says that he is not attracted to women, that is probably a lie. He is attracted, but just does not have the confidence to act on it. He redirects his behavior toward other “appropriate” partners. We see the same kind of thing in married men who are bored with their wives, but still married/faithful to an ideal, so they focus their actual sexual interactions on other men.

        Notice how lesbians may say they are REPULSED by men. That repulsion is to balance attraction. The more attracted they are- if that is in conflict with idealism- then the more they will GENERATE a compensatory repulsion. 

        This may even be quite healthy. It is just MUCH more complex than something like arousal.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Recall that repulsion is a form of arousal. Repulsion is not disinterest. Disgust is not apathy.

        So, when I say that Miley Cyrus is disgusting and repulsive, that means I am suppressing attraction with idealism. Again, that can be adaptive.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn If a woman calls Miley Cyrus disgusting, that is probably an indication of jealousy. “Young women need to have more respect!” More respect for what? For the fact that older (heterosexual) women are threatened by the sexuality of young women and will stop buy tickets for their kids to go to Miley Cyrus concerts. That is serious business.
      • Daniel Fritschler So based on what you said when a straight man says “I am not attracted to men” that is a lie….hmm interesting
      • Daniel Fritschler It would have to work both ways right?
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Men are not usually sexually aroused just by viewing another man, even naked. However, if a man with gay experience start to fantasize in the moment after seeing an image, then sexual arousal may develop.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn but is that from the fantasizing or the visual? If it can be done without the visual, then it is not the visual!
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        • J R Fibonacci Hunn Further, back to the “disgusted” woman, if they do not approve of the sexual displays of Miley Cyrus, then they may just want to keep their GIRLS (in particular) away from such examples. But back to the jealousy thing, consider a 22 year old woman whose male mate says “I want us to go see Miley Cyrus in concert!” That 22 year old woman could think “why would I want to pay money to watch my man drool over someone else?”

          Or, if the woman is a big enough fan of Miley or is simply not insecure, then there would be no repulsion or not enough jealousy to be disgusted. Repulsion involves cognition. Arousal itself does not.

          When the sheep sees the wolf, there is an arousal of adrenalin- especially once the sheep experiences fear after recognizing the wolf as a wolf. If a sheep mistakes a shadow for a wolf, the cognitive “repulsion” still develops. Repulsion is an arousal in to activity- interrupting prior patterns.

        • Daniel Fritschler “Men are not usually aroused by seeing other men” who says your ideal or mine for that matter? Because I honestly don’t know what most men get aroused by do you?
        • Daniel Fritschler I am just a damn fool….and I will never get it….all is well…thanks for the lesson
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn Not sexually aroused, no. We may be aroused in to competitiveness and protectiveness.

          Imagine a male horse who is standing around with a few mares and a few colts (babies). Then another male horse approaches.

          What does the “daddy” horse experience? Territorial aggression- or the arousal of testeterone for that purpose.

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn “I am a fool” is your expression of repulsion.
        • Daniel Fritschler Yes I am repulsed by my own stupidity or foolishness at times….isn’t everybody? Or is fear and therefore pride the road to being confident or happy with being a retard?
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn “happy with being a…” could be a pretense- either said in jest or in naivete.
        • Daniel Fritschler Ok being naive or fooled by the obvious because of pretense…..better?
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn Fear is repulsion.
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn Pride is gratitude at results and the perception of confidence in the future capacity to reliably produce the results.
        • Daniel Fritschler Fear of what not “knowing”…how much would that effect breathing?
        • Daniel Fritschler Cool……I am lost….
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn Distinguish fear from the explanations about the fear, the commentaries and rationalizations. Fear is an arousal that does not require much cognition- no language is required.
        • Daniel Fritschler I think pride is whatever you say it is….label it as you will….



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