Relief from the inferiority complex, guilt, & depression about meaningful work

A correspondent wrote: I would say that the majority are without “work” since the only valuable work is meaningful work, and most people only work for money at jobs they deep down [don’t] a give a crap about….and they wonder why there is so much depression.


No Me Mireis!

No Me Mireis! (Photo credit: El Hermano Pila)


JR:  You are an idealist. A bird in the wild does not have these intellectual (mental) issues.

The bird only catches worms for the promotion of the well-being of itself and it’s babies. That, you can dismiss and reject, as meaningless.

Are you already “okay?” You may have been trained to worship guilt, so you experience a sense of “I need to do some really interesting and meaningful work” so I can one day be okay, so I can earn my way in to heaven, to relief. It is an inferiority complex, an inner condemnation of various kinds of activity as meaningless rather than meaningful.


Birds (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))


You may reject doing work for money like that should make you feel guilty. You may have been trained to feel guilty about promoting the interests of yourself and your kin.

Depression is not from working for money. Depression is not from painting a horse instead of “something meaningful” like a bird. That is just bullshit agonizing. 

Depression is from the great social witchcraft of the ruling priesthood. The message is that you are not already okay. You need the solution, which is salvation, and therefore you must have a very serious problem now.


The Last Judgement

The Last Judgement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You need salvation and relief through “good acts.” You need to do something to justify your existence because you are fundamentally unwelcome and evil, according to the psychological warfare of the ruling priesthood. You must do something meaningful (according to them, like paint a great painting on the Sistine chapel,) or else they are not even going to bury you in the good people’s graveyard and your tombstone will have these words on it: “She was very disappointing: did some meaningless websites and painted some meaningless pictures and no one cares and it all sucks and if it wasn’t for the villains then I would not be such a victim.”

So, we may feel guilty that we do jobs not out of charity but out of greed. I may say to my clients “I expect to be paid. I expect to be paid on time. I expect to be paid at the agreed rate. If not, then I do work for other clients instead of you.”

In other words, I do not really give a crap about them except as business people, except as commercial allies. But I do not call them every Sunday and ask about their grandkids. I do not “really” care. I just care in a very limited way.

If what I am desperate for is social approval, then I seek “meaningful” work that results in award banquets and merit badges and my mom calls and tells me she is very proud. Lucrative work is sometimes a higher priority, but certainly someone may wish to attract social approval, like if Marianne Williamson wants to save the world by running for public office, then she can kiss some babies and people will say “ah, see- she is such a good person, unlike all of those other politicians who would never kiss a stranger’s baby!”

So, valuable work is EITHER whatever society has defined FOR US as valuable, like by offering $25 per hour to a dental hygienist or $1500/hit to an assassin… or else valuable work is whatever we value, which can change over time. When I have no firewood, but I have a wood-burning stove and I am cold, then I value wood. Once I have two cords of wood, I may value another cord of wood less and prefer to “save” time or money rather than obtain more wood at that time.




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