a brief history of governing: coercion + indoctrination

Governments are known to use violence and propaganda. Violence is about producing compliance.  Propaganda is abut producing certain perceptions (including promoting certain value systems of relating to reality, or promoting outright delusions as well as constructing patterns of physical tension and neuro-muscular paralysis called shame).

So, any of my gentler references to the importance of perception and compliance are really about the value of intimidation and propaganda. That is how governing works.

In other species, intimidation alone is obvious as the primary issue of social organization. In humans, propaganda through language can be used to make the organized systems of intimidation, warfare, and torture much more efficient.

We are trained to display loyalty to a system of government/training. We are trained in various systems of “what should be” including “what we should display to others for social acceptance.” There are many varied systems of rigid ideology which conflict with each other, but many of them are presented by their adherents as something that “should be” universal, as in “everyone else should do this same set of core right things and agree with our particular brand of orthodoxy, which is the only right one.”

We are also trained to pretend not to be intimidated, so that we say things like “no, I am just compliant because this system of government is the best in the world like because it is so fair and so holy.” We may not say “holy” though, because that is not consistent with the ideological jargon of certain systems of ritual intimidation.

At this point, many paranoid “loyalists” will already be upset. Maybe they say “yeah, and it should not be like that! People should not be so wrong, so naive, so manipulative, etc….” Or maybe people say “Hey, you are condemning the system and you should not do that! You will pay for your arrogance, either in this life or in the next.”

I am detailing “the system.” I am not avoiding the topic of fanatical orthodoxy, but directly addressing it.

Some may accuse me of condemning fanatical orthodoxy, and clearly I am not focusing on a particular form of fanatical orthodoxy and condoning that one as the only REAL system of fanatical orthodoxy. However, I am not condemning fanatical orthodoxy. I am saying that I have experienced it and that I associate it with paranoia, distress, anxiety, terror, as in a state of mental disturbance as in mental illness as in hell.

According to the Old Testament, Isaiah taught that “worshiping traditions is foolish. Give respect to traditions but reserve your worship for what is worthy of worship, which is divinity: the eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent Holy One, who is the savior of humanity.” Jesus respectfully quoted Isaiah’s teaching in Mark 7:7-8.

So, what is my short history of governing? It starts with the story of Noah.

English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the...

English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the city of Cizre, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the story, Noah proclaimed that there was a threat from God to eradicate all of humanity. Soon, a great flood came and wiped out huge numbers of creatures. Noah survived and was recognized by the other survivors as the savior of humanity. Noah (all according to the tradition of the Book of Exodus) said that God’s threat to kill all of humanity remained. So, next, in order to prevent a future eradication, a new covenant was decreed. The 6 laws of the Hebrew tradition, which were given to God by Adam, were now to be imposed by the elite rulers (the Hebrews) on all of humanity by force (by coercion, violence, intimidation, AKA diplomacy).

This is called the Noahide tradition. This was Prophet Noah announcing a new commandment, a 7th which was an amendment to the prior 6. (This was long before Moses and additional commandments).

The Hebrews (specifically, Noah) claimed to be authorized by God to conquer all other nations of humanity. They began to do this through a systems of courts which monopolized organized violence, such as the performance of ritual human sacrifice.

Unlicensed killing was punished with executions licensed by the ruling priesthood. Other criminalized behaviors (like failure to comply with a military draft and slaughter the identified targets) were also punished with punitive sentences like stoning to death in public.

A key issue here was that of colonialism: the Hebrews claimed to have authority over all of humanity and that the 6 laws given to Adam were now not just to be followed within the tribes of Hebrews, but were to be imposed by the Hebrews on all of humanity. That is the 7th commandment which was given to Noah: colonize the world (AKA “establish courts of justice to bring order to all the peoples of the earth”).

The Levites were a genetic tribe of Hebrews who eventually would rule over the other 11 tribes. To be a court judge, one had to be of Levite aristocratic ancestry. This priesthood of court judges were the official roles that we would call with labels like magistrate, magi, your majesty, your honor, mayor, or major general. These were named the official rulers who would monitor the activities of the other Hebrews in their domination of the rest of humanity through coercion and propaganda.

In other words, the Hebrews claimed to be the kings over all of humanity and the Levites ruled over the various regional kings. The king of kings would be the ritual authority who would perform coronations of the regional governing officials, or what some would call Pharaoh or Emperor or Pope.

In fact, in 1302, a Roman Catholic Pope formally declared rulership of the entire world (either claiming to be the current manifestation of the rightful dynasty of Noah or issuing a competing and similar claim). That pope issued a papal bull commanding the enslaving, torturing, and impaling of heathens, then the diversion of their wealth in its entirety to the rightful owner, the Pope.

So, courts have claimed that in order for an act of violence to be legal, a licensing ritual must be performed by the ruling court or else the criminal act of violence will be punished with the violence of the court system. That is establishing a monopoly on social violence (on coercion or intimidation).

That is the root of government. Further, extortion rackets when monopolized can be called taxation. The local dictator can specify what form of payment is accepted for the invented tax liabilities of the “protection racket” and thus we have the origin of sacred objects called currency.

English: Japheth is one of the sons of Noah in...

English: Japheth is one of the sons of Noah in the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The famous incident of the Golden Calf is about the public developing too much respect for gold (and for a ritual symbol of the wealth of the cattle-herders). In (Exodus 32:26-28), Moses speaks in the name of God (which he frequently does)- in other words, as the LORD, as the “God of Israel” (AKA pharoah or pope) and then commands the thugs of his court system to execute his order as the ruler of the sacred court temple, which is to slaughter the ones ritually labeled as criminals:

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments, painting by Rembrandt (1659) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said: ‘Whoso is on the LORD’s side, let him come unto me [to my side].’ And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. And he said unto them: ‘Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel [with Moses as the voice of divinity, speaking with the divine right of kings/dictators]: Put ye every man his sword upon his thigh, and go to and fro from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.’ And the sons of Levi did according to the word of Moses; and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men.

So, most of the world today operates under a legal system created as a branch of the imperialist system of global domination announced by Noah and advanced by Moses and many others. All of the Holy Empires of Christianity and Islam are branches of the Noahide tradition of rituals of coercion and indoctrination (if not also rituals of court-ordered medication with neurotoxic chemicals).

The rituals of these holy temples of court violence are cryptic. Rather than 6 relatively simple laws, there are now thousands of laws and lots of controversy about constitutionality and so on- many appeals courts. These laws are called codes, which means something that is not what it appears to be. Codes are used for secrecy and deception. Legal codes are central to all modern court systems. They are not designed to be easy and simple. They are designed to be so complex that people in desperation hire lawyers to assist them with legal controversies.

Further, there is extensive indoctrination about systems of social organizing (like how they should not be “too” violent or “too” corrupt). The idea that courts are fundamentally just operations of organized coercion is both self-evident and yet seemingly rather taboo to mention within the “cults of Noah.”

However, Noah, Moses, and the sword-swinging Levites knew the effectiveness both of military power and of psychological warfare (propaganda). So, schools and violent court systems and the mass media all promote the worship of the system by the public and also the blind compliance of the public, cultivating the survival of “the system.”

Some confusion is bred. Some misinformation and drama and controversy and scandal are presented as “important.”

In a schoolyard, young bullies can be attacked by the nuns and traumatized in to respectful submission. Or, if the tyrant does not have enough military power, the children may stone the so-called authority figure to death.

If the masses are dumb enough to believe idiocy and mythology, then so be it. Enchant them with witchcraft like this: “your hair loss is caused by baldness and now we must attack the demon of baldness which has possessed you. To attack the disease that you have which is called baldness, we will give you the following 7 medications which are very expensive and very harmful, but, you REALLY need them to combat the demon of baldness which has possessed you.”

From the ideas of Santa all the way to hell, it is stupid to look at religious tradition as anything but a social ritual. Any anthropologist would agree that these social rituals are used for organizing society, including influencing perception and behavior (governing!).

The accuracy of the Santa story is irrelevant. The precision of the threatened tortures of eternal hell is irrelevant. Talmudic scholars are clear on these points. Cultivating terror and compliance is the function of all terrorist threats and psychological warfare.

These rituals are used to promote a particular social order, with the systematic flow of wealth from the taxpaying/tithing masses to the rulers. Communism is similar except that no public property rights are allowed, while the top bureaucrats routinely get better accomodations, better health care, better food, and so on.

A fascinating way to hide the simplicity of the fact of court-promoted inequality is to publicize propaganda that “governments should not systematically redistribute wealth through coercion.” That is a decent DEFINITION of the word government. (A slight variation is to condemn some specific far-off government as evil because of their corruption and violence, then drop atom bombs on innocent civilians there to prove that the use of violence by that other government is morally wrong.)

So, how do you hide something in the plain sight of someone naive? One possible method is to terrify them in to repeating that it SHOULD NOT BE. This can be called training in denial. It can be very effective.

A child who believes in Santa will rationalize away obvious information in order to preserve the ideology of displaying obedience to Santa. Obviously, if Santa is not real, then that means that all of the foolishness of trying to earn Santa’s approval was idiotic. People do not want to admit to having been fooled, especially in regard to issues that nearly everyone else still believes with violent passions of holy fury, so there is a natural tendency or momentum for people to maintain their addiction to denial. Those who are not addicted to denial and relax from the trauma of public school indoctrination and so on are typically silent.

It is not polite (politically correct, socially-approved) to directly address the core ironies worshiped by mainstream “intellectuals.” Therefore, the US government must be preserved in its holiness. It was completely in accord with sacred principles until August 15, 1971 when an abrupt shift happened and suddenly business interests like those of certain evil pharmaceutical companies began to corrupt the previously holy mechanisms of the sacred court system of organized violence.


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