A Hell of ideals: avoid it, worship it, or respect it

The Mystery of Compassion

The Mystery of Compassion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JR: There may be great value in promoting certain public perceptions and then preserving or protecting those ideals or delusions.

DF: What is the value….social acceptance or building bridges?
JR: or bulding walls
…to trap the slaves/prisoners
DF: Yesattraction and repulsion got it
JR: protect the sheep from the wolves
DF: Ahh….I see
Interesting….never really viewed it that way..but I am sure you already knew that
JR: Individuals may want cops and judges and juries and angry mobs to perceive them in certain specific ways.
Same for companies- hiring public relation consultants and ad agencies and lawyers and so on.
The warlords (cops, judges) also care about public perception.
DF: Yes the game…the game of pretense and influencing others…I get it
JR: Yes
DF: Is that something a minister can help a slave or a sheep get out of hell with?
JR: As children, we learn to influence the perception of adults (the behavioral RESPONSES) of adults. We learn the right answers for the test. We sit in the right chair. We wear our shirt with the right side out, rather than inside out. MOST of that is not from actual private functionality, but because it works for us SOCIALLY.
Robert V. Taylor at Seeds of Compassion

Robert V. Taylor at Seeds of Compassion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So when in rome live as the romans…when alone beat your dick because what the fuck do I care……kind of thing?
JR: Well, okay…. LOL
As for “getting out of hell,” the point I raise is that hell is something that is either made ongoingly or it ceases. It is just another ideal or conceptual model. What the saint can do is show people the option to stop WORSHIPING hell.
Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yes…and you have done that…very well <bow> sensei
JR: Hell as such is not a problem.
Français : Stupa compassion, Orbey

Français : Stupa compassion, Orbey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: Now on to staying and playing in heaven.
JR: When hell is just a mode of operating WITHIN omnipresent heaven, that is quite a relief.
DF: Yes…when we peel back the mode of operation we can see the source of the misery. That is the “job” of an Osho or a Fibonacci….but why does one take this on….compassion?…but how to be compassionate to what appears to be a crazy person….been there before have you?
JR: Yes, the ideal of compassion! It can be a confusing one, right?
Compassion personified: a statue at the Epcot ...

Compassion personified: a statue at the Epcot center in Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: Yes

JR: So, which ideal is more relevant to you, Reverend, compassion or clarity? Perhaps the ideal of compassion is used as an attractive topic of conveersation. The students want to hear about compassion. They yearn to experience it.

First, if one experiences clarity, then is compassion possible? Before one experiences clarity, then desperate need for social approval can be labeled compassion, but it is just the hell of desperately sincere perfectionist paranoia.

DF: Well wait a minute… I would consider my master to have experienced clarity….so why help another become clear….something to do? And I hear what you are saying.

JR: To the student, the master is a master. To the master, the master is no one.

If someone experiences attraction to conversing about clarity, so be it. They may act on it.

Why would there be an attraction to conversing about clarity? Why would there be an attraction to conversing about anything? Why is there attraction?

The politicians may say “we are attracted to saving the masses from confusion.” Is that sincere? Is that a pretense?

Lucifer - torturing souls as well as being tor...

Lucifer – torturing souls as well as being tortured himself in hell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many suffer from sincere pretense and also pretentious sincerity. Some say that the interpersonal process of offering compassion to another is attractive, like it is enjoyable and feels good. So be it.

One who is a fountain of clarity and compassion has power and is attractive to others. Why would it be attractive to someone to be attractive to others?

Maybe the politicians are planning to compensate for a deep sense of shame and wish to earn an escape from hell. Satan probably does not have that pre-occupation, but of course it might be occassionally useful to display that pre-occupation anyway. Or maybe Satan is the ultimate fool and likes to practice self-sabotage and internally-directed tortures.

“Do not worry too much about what others think of you. Respect the different ways that you can think of them.”

La Faloise (Somme, France) - La chapelle Notre...

La Faloise (Somme, France) – La chapelle Notre-Dame de la Compassion. . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DF: I see what you mean the ones in hell or idealism seem to only see things or think of things from one perspective…whereas with clarity there is a choice in how we want to see at any particular moment.JR: Clarity brings freedom. The truth will set you free, and perhaps piss you off, but also give you access to being compassionate not out of idealism, but out of clarity.DF: Wow…yes
JR: What a relief! Anyway, welcome to heaven.
DF: So the idea is to find the ones with the itch that something is imprecise in the way they perceive or their perception…right. ..fish for them….cast something out and wait for the bites?JR: Yes. Spiritual development is not for the masses. They are just trained in obedience and self-suppression. Only rebels are fit for the study of perception itself.For the masses, it is disturbing. It is not from compassion that one disturbs a fool. It is from guilt and the desperate panic to earn a way in to heaven.

It is a sin to disturb the sheep. It is “missing the mark” or “missing the point.”

DF: Ok so no reason to disturb any fools…but thank god you did and yes I am learning that it is a sin…yes….let sleeping sheeps lie…got you

JR: You were not a fool. You were a rebel.

 Maybe a rebellious fool, but you found me, right? Or Harry directed you to me.

DF: Yes…a rebellious fool “without a cause” and yes he did.

JR: Right, you had already given up attachment to a particular cause. You were already beyond idealism. You just did not know what to call it.

DF: Yeah that’s true…thank you for untangling the mess. 

JR: You just did not know what to do instead of worship idealism. You still had the background of paranoia.

DF: Yes…rome wasn’t built in a day and paranoia doesn’t die in a day either….I know what you mean I could or would jump around in idealism but I wasn’t completely blinded by it…or fanaticism

DF: Yes….is this somewhat unusual? And how does this happen…what caused “me” or confusion to be open to humility?

JR: Look around you, Reverend. You tell me if it is unusual for someone to be open to humility.

I said before that everyone is attracted to clarity. I also said that many find it repulsive- but that is in proportion to how attractive it is to them.

You were not attacking clarity or humility. You were attacking foolishness, which is still a form of distress, but it is the final stage of distress.

You were like a snake who was ready to shed it’s skin. I am just a piece of rough vegetation that you are using to shed the old skin.


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