From mainstream medical myths to respect for what works

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




What principle is most appropriate as the primary focus of those concerned with health, fitness, vitality, and functionality? What governs the functions of the human body?


Of course, genetics form the foundation of the development of the organism, but what governs the actual function from moment to moment? Biochemically, the clear answer is hormones.


The structures of the different juvenile hormones.

The structures of the different juvenile hormones. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hormones guide obvious developments like puberty. Further, hormones also create the dramatic difference in physical capacity after a surge of adrenalin. Imagine a dramatic case of a sudden release of the hormone adrenalin, like a small elderly woman hearing the screaming of a child who is trapped under a car, then lifting the car to rescue the terrified child.


Genetics is important, but so are hormones. What drives hormones and what drives genetics? How do the two subjects overlap?

Those who are familiar with the field of epi-genetics are also clear that an organism’s genetic code is NOT a static program (or a single code), but a dynamic set of programs (independent codes) which each can be triggered (or left dormant). What factors determine how an organism’s genetic codes are used (“expressed”)? Diet is certainly a major factor, but how about hormones?


Here is a recent review of a study in which the author concluded that “chronic exposure to a stress hormone causes modifications to DNA in the brains of mice, prompting changes in gene expression.” ( See ) Many other studies explore how epi-genetic factors direct hormones (in contrast to stuides about a stress hormone controlling the DNA).

In terms of the field of medicine, it is obviously not practical to modify someone’s genetics. That may be relevant for agriculture or chemical warfare, but not for medicine.


However, we constantly influence our own hormones (including extreme cases like the use of birth control pills). Hormones are the controlling factors in the functioning of an organism and we can easily influence them (and we do already whether or not we are mindful of the hormonal consequences of our actions).


How do we influence hormones? Hormones respond to a variety of influences, including diet, temperature, and light exposure (like how an eye dilates).


Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:...

Overview of the thyroid system (See Wikipedia:Thyroid). To discuss image, please see Talk:Human body diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my opinion, it is a lack of respect for hormones that has led to the current system of complexity and confusion in modern medicine. Why are so many physicians surprised so often? Why are they so ineffective at treating the primary modern diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer (which were not produced by the lifestyles and diets of primitive people)? Physicians who do not operate from an understanding of the hierarchy of hormones cannot expect the results that are only available through clarity about hormones.


With a condition like Diabetes, it is the hormones Leptin and Insulin that have been identified as primary. Adding Insulin frequently can be beneficial, but why would Insulin be low? What causes the Insulin receptors to retreat in to the interior of a cell, trapping fat molecules inside of the cell in the preparation for what a mammal’s endocrine systems interprets as an upcoming need to hibernate?


To discontinue the symptom of obesity while promoting overall health, a hormonal approach can reverse the body’s program to prepare for hibernation by stingily conserving all fat. What if suddenly all of the primary symptoms of diabetes can disappear through correcting the hormonal chaos caused by an imprudent diet (as well as inattentiveness to sleep-related hormones)?



We can blame diabetes for “causing” numbness and blindness, but what if diabetes is just a label for sub-optimal activity in regard to the hormone Leptin? What if the standard language of mainstream medicine is derived directly from the conceptual model of demonic possession (such as possesion by diabetes)? What if, instead of “having” a demonic diagnostic label, I reject that terminology and say that I have certain hormone levels and the hormone levels are governing my organism to produce whatever symptoms that I might later label with a diagnostic marker such as “scurvy?”


Scurvy is not a demonic entity, in spite of the way that licensed physicians may talk about conditions like scurvy and rickets. Those are merely labels for the absence of something (certain vitamins).


Triiodothyronine, T 3

Triiodothyronine, T 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Speaking of the absence of something, can hormones trigger a reversal of the condition that is labeled baldness? In the case of hair growth and baldness, hormones trigger the growth of hair. We also know that hormones trigger the development of hair growth such a facial hair in men at puberty. Given that aging men are more likely to have natural baldness than women, aren’t hormones the obvious factor to research?


Beyond hormonal baldness, why aren’t hormones the FIRST thing that general practitioners measure when examining an unusual case? The answer is that in most cases, physicians may have very little awareness of hormones. For instance, Leptin was only discovered in 1994. As of today, it is still not a prominent subject of medical school training.

As a sidenote, I am aware that many people use terminology very unscientifically, like “baldness causes hair loss” or “hair loss causes baldness.” That is a sign of ignorance. Unfortunately, most physicians are totally ignorant of the role of Leptin in the effects or symptoms that we call obesity, diabetes, cancer, autism, and so on. Because of a lack of comprehension of physiology, they may even presume to call these conditions “incurable.” Given the mountains of case histories of “cures” of these conditions, the term incurable seems unscientific, naive, and irresponsible.


Also, many treatments that are popular today specifcically target an interference with the immune system. This suppresses symptoms and in extreme cases this approach can be very valuable. However, the regular use of anti-biotics, anti-histamines, and other interruptions to the healing process can lead to chronic health problems and to even more dramatic crisis as the body seeks more and more extreme methods to detoxify.



In summary, hormones govern your organism’s functionality. Ignorance of hormones corresponds to ineffectiveness. Awareness of hormones corresponds to methods that promote optimal functioning.


My exposure to the field of epi-genetics is through the fields of paleo-anthropology and evolutionary nutrition. Clearly a diet that corresponds with human evolution (paleolithic dietary practices) is generally favorable for human health. (However, exactly what is appropriate in a specific case depends on… the spepcific hormonal balance of that specific organism.)


The disappointing results of following mainstream dietary advice can be explored elsewhere. I will say that organizations that are strong on publicity and weak on science can scramble to either discredit the clearly favorable results of a long list of practitioners of evolutionary medicine or… attempt to salvage their plummeting credibility.


English: Source: FDA-OCI

English: Source: FDA-OCI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A short list featuring operations that are highly publicized in the US are the FDA, USDA, AMA, ADA, and AHA. So far, to the best of my knowledge, these organizations have not responded with confidence in their integrity and eagerness to improve their results, these organizations have launched smear campaigns (rather like many politicians prior to election day). The bureaucrats have chosen otherwise than to accept the extensive documentation establishing that their recommendations not only regularly reduce health, but produce results that are far less healthy than through the recent wave of protocols that respect hormones and epi-genetics.


For instance, while veterinarians have long known that following FDA guidelines is a great way to create a hormone shock which fattens up livestock prior to slaughter, the FDA itself still presents obesity-inducing dietary recommendations. When did the obesity “epidemic” start? Right after the demonization campaign against ALL fats by the FDA. Now that masses of people are realizing that the FDA’s primary recommendations may have always lacked scientific credibility and authority, many people are raising their standards.


Some even ask radical questions like “should the FDA’s current programming be banned from public schools?” The answer depends on the factors which govern the curriculum of public schools (as well as cafeteria policies). I will leave that type of issue for others to explore (such as through lawsuits).


English: idealized curves of human blood gluco...

English: idealized curves of human blood glucose and insulin concentrations during the course of a day containing three meals; in addition, effect of sugar-rich meal is highlighted; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not a lobbyist for government-imposed programming. I am also not an activist against government-imposed programming.


I am simply a person interested in health. I am delighted at the growing popularity of relatively inexpensive lab tests to measure a wide variety of biomarkers. More and more physicians are becoming competent in the field of functional medicine. As comprehension of physiology and of hormones advances and spreads, effectiveness rockets.


I will reward competence with my business. I will reward effectiveness. I will reward the methods that produce what I value.

I am more interested in science than politics. Governments govern. Governments hire scientists to do research in secret programs (like the atomic bomb). Government prorgams can discover science, but they cannot change biochemistry.

Reject confusing models and embrace the established dominance of epi-genetics and the endocrine system of hormones. Or, worship the sacred myths of the FDA and their allies, responding with terrified anger to even an indirect reference to the sub-optimal effectiveness of current FDA-approved methods.



My latest education on the endocrine system has come from reading a neurosurgeon’s comments and results (plus youtube vidoes of him). He shared at length about mainstream medicine’s failure to promote his own health.

He did extensive research and developed a method for reseting his Leptin cycle. He promptly went from around 350 pounds down to 200.


This intervention was not from taking hormones. It was cheap, and that means that no there is no exclusive profits and thus no massive marketing campaign or lobbying budget. His results were from incremental exposure to cold as well as dietary changes like eating a large amount of protein shortly after waking up. The costs of these methods tends to be insignificant (relative to the popular alternatives). That mix of remarakble efficiency and economy is why I am interested in them.

In conclusion, for those who say that they promote the economy of a particular region or nation, the two most obvious factors in promoting economic productivity could be these: (1) improving the health of the population and (2) reducing spending on health care so as to allow for spending on investments that produce value, innovation and even manufacturing. However, governments protect special interests. Governments are formed by special interests and their evolution is guided by special interests.


So, beware of thinking of governments as the controllers of economic prosperity. Governments cannot save humanity from fundamental economic realities, like the amount of natural gas deposits in a particular place. I respect governments. Considering the history of government violence in the 20th century alone, respecting governments seems prudent.


However, consider that respecting hormones and epi-genetics can be even more productive than respecting threats of violent governing. Everything has it’s proper priority. That is what hormones are all about.








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2 Responses to “From mainstream medical myths to respect for what works”

  1. Tara Says:

    I enjoyed this post very much! Very well written and I agree wholeheartedly with the content. I just recently started on a “research journey” regarding hormones and the affect on my own body and situations I’m dealing with. This, as well as Jack Kruse’s blog I’ve found highly interesting, thought and action provoking for myself personally. It’s even sparked an interest in me to possibly pursue education to further my knowledge and try to help others by maybe getting into a field involving this. Thanks for impacting me so positively-I hope you impact millions including the medical community with blinders!

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