Making peace with demonic possession by symbiotic parasites

I will comment on evolution and parasites below. My comments are not based on being a researcher or anything formal like that, but I think you will find them distinctive and logical and easy to substantiate.


English: Necator Americanus (hookworm) L3 infe...

English: Necator Americanus (hookworm) L3 infectious larva at 100x magnification without any stains or special optics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before I get in to that, I am relatively new to the “CD Autism” facebook group and the “MMS” protocol. I am not the parent of an autistic toddler, like so many on this group. I do however experience some symptoms that border in to Aspergers and my wife does even moreso.

I have been using CDS for several weeks (along with my wife). I am generally quite pleased with the results and in fact I just minutes ago did my biggest experiment so far, which was several drops of CDS in several drops of water, which I left in my mouth for quite a while before swallowing, like to let it soak in to my gums and under my tongue.


Under the acellular culture condition, the pro...

Under the acellular culture condition, the protozoa transforms into the form of promastigote, a flagellated and elongated morphology seen in the mid-gut of the vector. Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a benign, self-limiting infection caused by leishmanian parasites. Regarding the visceral leishmaniasis (kala azar), refer to case 50. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Evolutionary biology

For millions of years, humans have evolved along with a large quantity of gut organisms, including bacteria and parasites. Generally speaking, a healthy person will have small populations of a huge variety of gut organisms.

Absence of parasites does not equal health or fitness. However, when parasites leave the intestines for other tissues, that tends to be a very different situation. That is a sign of an already unhealthy organism, like with an inflamed “leaky” gut.


English: Over a billion people are at risk for...

English: Over a billion people are at risk for infection by filarial nematodes, parasites that cause elephantiasis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With HARSH vaccines (containing large amounts of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, and so on), gut parasites can retreat to other tissues, such as the brain. That is a VERY different situation than the symbiotic relationship between certain parasites and mammals that has been evolving for millions of years.


So, if protocols for removing parasites clearly produce favorable outcomes, then that is sufficient reason (at least for me) to continue protocols like CDS (or Castor oil & Neem oil, etc) to dramatically reduce populations of parasites. However, not only could it be unrealistic to think of eliminating all parasites ever, but it could also be unfavorable.


Neem Expeller Oil

Neem Expeller Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In my research oinline, I found yesterday the topic of Helminthic therapy. That therapy, which is also well-documented, (like the recoveries from autism on this group) is the intentional coloinzing of the gut with worms to promote better health, especially in regard to auto-immune conditions.


So, we could categorize bacteria and parasites in regard to what pH levels support that particular species. Generally speaking, as I understand it, the idea of “good bacteria” and “bad bacteria” are basically a distinction around the issue of pH. The proliferation of “bad bacteria” could be simply a RESULT of unfavorable pH levels (which can be balanced by CDS/MMS as well as internally-manufacured glutathione, dietary anti-oxidants, or simply grouding electromagnetically to the earth, which is the source of free-flowing electrons which humans evolved to physically touch constantly- with the new technology of rubber-soled insulating shoes only having been popular for a few decades).

So, what if adding vaccines can radically alter pH and other important things? What if the cultural promotion of ultra-sterility and anti-biotics means that a small variety of gut organisms can surge to huge populations, rather than a variety of organisms all in relatively low populations?


cat flea

cat flea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What if parasites are not so much the original problem, but a symptom? If we take a large population of humans and expose them all to the same organisms, a variety of outcomes is likely.

Swollen lymph nodes termed "buboes" ...

Swollen lymph nodes termed “buboes” caused by plague bacteria (bubonic plague). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In the case of something like the Black Plague, the presence of certain oils apparently allowed for some people to be unharmed by exposure to the exact same pathogens that devastated over 50% of the population of certain European nations. So, the vulnerability to the pathogen is a sign of PRE-EXISTING sub-optimal health.





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4 Responses to “Making peace with demonic possession by symbiotic parasites”

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    […] Again, I also have an “evolutionary medicine” perspective, so I respect that humans evolved with parasites. There could be symbiotic interactions. I respect the very clear VALUE of having SOME presence of parasites, like in Helminthic therapy, which I had never heard of until last week when I was researching online. I addressed that here:… […]

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    […] There is no single source that I recommend for learning about detoxification. Most of my learning came “organically,” like from experience, deduction, casual conversations, and Internet research. As an example, I used to think of parasites as “all bad” and never symbiotic, then I was told about “helminthic therapy:”… […]

  3. Guy Says:

    What is CDS and MMS?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      CDS stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution (and actually so does MMS). A few drops of chlorine dioxide can be placed in to pure water (such as distilled water), and the H2O with a little bit of C2O2 makes what chemists call a “solution.”

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