Is the US empire in decline… or just re-organizing?

English: Officer of the Order of the British E...

English: Officer of the Order of the British Empire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A historical summary…. Something of a series of comments, but with a theme:

The US extracted huge amounts of oil since the late 19th century which was used for things like the steel industry (some of which was exported) as well as refining the oil for fuel for things like invading Europe twice (WW1 and WW2). First, the leadership of the UK had used diplomacy to obtain US support for the formation of the USSR. Then, “certain parties” lent large sums of money to the UK’s “new colonies” (the US and USSR) to create massive military-industrial complexes in the US and USSR (the two global superpowers which also were the #1 and #2 producers of oil in the 20th century).

Not only did the US and USSR fight the wars of the UK, but went in to debt to the UK in order to afford the economic costs of the various wars (and the cold war rivalry of the two UK client states of the US and USSR has been enormously profitable for the Crown, especially the huge amounts of foreign-sourced borrowing by the US). It was a series of huge diplomatic victories for the British Empire which is still very vital today.

As time went on, the US eventually (around 1970) began importing oil to consume even more than was produced here in the US. But that is relatively trivial. Further, the US continued to spread it’s wing of the “Anglo-American” empire with a web of military bases in places like Germany and Japan (and later Iraq and Afghanistan, etc).

The idea that the US empire is in decline is an odd idea. Try selling that one to the average Iraqi (or to a Hopi living on the reservation).

The US empire has varied in the speed of its expansion. It may even contract on occasion. However, like the British Empire, it is far from “weak.”

Larger global patterns sometimes involve sudden and radical changes to regional politics. However, the sudden changes can take decades to set up.

The KGB‘s enduring “demoralization” propaganda has reached new popularity with such programs as the Tea Party, “the Occupy movement,” and of course the classic “underdog heroes” of Ron Paul and Rand Paul, who propose such idealistic jokes as “abolish the Federal Reserve” and “gold is more important than fuel and nuclear missiles.”

English: A map of the British Empire in 1921 w...

English: A map of the British Empire in 1921 when it was at its height. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again, consider that the US is a “client state” of the British Empire, like Israel (see Balfour Declaration) and the USSR. When the perception of the US public is desperate enough, then “solutions” can be advanced like the New Deal and WW2. People are more receptive when they are panicked.

The Anglo-American Empire is thriving. The advancing FEAR of poverty of the masses in the UK or US is trivial in regard to the future thriving of US military imperialism.

By the way, most people in the US have no idea what “third world poverty” is like. Shame, not “abject” poverty, is the near future for much of the US middle class. The neurological havoc produced in the US through such chemicals as Aspartame is an immense success for those who wish to dull the masses.

The demoralization programs of the KGB have been hugely successful. The decline of the US middle class is about to accelerate. The arrogance and naivete of US idealists has been cultivated for decades by the KGB (and similar interests).

The paranoia of the US middle class keeps them from looking closely at simple economic realities. The complacency of the masses in the US is “epic.” They distract themselves with politics and pop culture rather than face the simple realities of their own economic alternatives. “While Rome is burning, the middle class gathers loyally to play their violins.”

Anyway, this fellow featured in the below video claimed to be a defector. I will simply say that I consider that a questionable claim. However, the general commentary that he made seems quite consistent with actual events.

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