Exhibitionist Idealism: rescuing reality from reality

JR’s comments are below. First, here is MS’s comment and the image she posted on facebook:

I’m not impressed by directors/writers using sex, violence or graphic drug use in movies, tv, etc for making an impact and getting higher viewing. I think it’s a cheap cop-out.

A true director’s/writer’s (artist’s) message is strong enough to get across in a subtle, graceful manner. There is certain class to the subtle-ness that seems to be less and less available these days.

Presumptive idealism can produce much confusion. Perhaps that is why so much of the programming of churches, schools, and the mass media is to promote various forms of presumptive idealism.

From the daily weather report to 90-minute advertisements called movies, the true “message” is not what the viewer or reviewer remembers about the presentation. The true message is the influence on future action.

For instance, Miley Cyrus achieved significant publicity recently in the US through certain antics. Did she personally plan to cause controversy and bring attention to herself to boost her public notoriety? Or, was that not her own plan, but the plan of her choreographers, managers, and so on?

It does not matter really who planned it. If 92% of the people who have heard of her expressed condemnation of her recent “controversial” performance on TV, that is a lot of people who were talking about her. The fact that many were criticizing her is relatively trivial. Her fame increased.

The media adores celebrity scandals and exhibitionism. Why? Because the public responds to them. The public tunes in.

In a contrary case, a lady who hosted a cooking show (named Paula Deen) was in a different kind of scandal. She was fired. Why? It was not actually because a long time ago she used a particular word (“nigger”), but from the way she and others handled the public relations.

Maybe she was “targeted” or “set up.” Maybe the media or others sensationalized her story just for ratings.So, now let’s get back to the ideals of under-representation and misrepresentation. How many major movies feature autism? (I think of only 1: Rainman… or maybe we could count Forrest Gump as well). However, I recently read that the rate of autism has quickly gone from 1 in 10,000 to… 1 in 54 (in the US).

Is there ANY group that is proportionately represented in movies? Are movies for documenting reality? Are “the people” demanding more documentaries while avoiding fiction and fantasy and cartoons?

English: Image of Paula Deen taken as part of ...

English: Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why are only 42% of the main characters of cartoons animals (and what SEX are the animals?!?!?)? For every human on this planet, there are approximately 5,023,837 animals of other species. Therefore, my ideal could be that 1 in every 5 million movies should feature humans as the main characters. (However, vegetarian and vegans fiercely argue this point with cannibals, who say “let’s have LESS movies featuring plants as the main characters and MORE movies featuring humans!”)

The reality of idealism is that there is always going to be some representation to condemn as not the “right” representation. Idealism fixates on a particular presumptive model of what should be and then goes around looking for exceptions to that model, then condemns the gap between the model and reality as a problem with… the underlying reality (not simply noting an imprecision in the presumptive model).

Ideals are not idealism. Idealism is a way of relating to particular ideals as the best or even as the only right ones. Idealists ARGUE over ideals. They argue, generally, because of a panicked confusion about ideals.

Why would I condemn Miley Cyrus or Paula Deen or the mainstream media? Because I fear the experience they bring me. They may disturb my illusions. I may be so terrified of the realities that they present that I launch into a tantrum of condemnation.

I experience a panic that I glorify as “rescuing reality from reality.” I go from general paranoia that someone may challenge my presumptive idealism… to a full-blown panic of pre-emptive strikes against those who violate the holy idealism that I worship in naively arrogant idolatry.

I may fear criticism. I may fear that people may criticize me.

How do I cope with my self-rejection and shame? I project it on others. I seek to embarrass them and humiliate them. I focus on how reality should not be how it is.

How do I justify that? I fixate on some popular form of idealism.

Maybe I am a female. In that case, I can “defend my gender” heroically (by vilifying someone or some group and attacking them verbally).

Or, maybe I am a Protestant. In that case, I can look for some Catholics (or Muslims or Jews) to criticize and then liberate from their awful idealism by bombing them (with curse words of course- not like those horrible soldiers who dropped bombs on innocent civilians that one time).

Or, maybe I call myself a nigger. In that case, I can look for some people who also call me a nigger to condemn for calling me a nigger.

So, to all of my fellow Protestant female niggers out there, first I want to congratulate you all as the best Protestant female niggers. (You are the best because you are Protestant female niggers, which is the best thing to be).

Also, I have a confession. I am actually not a Protestant female nigger.

In reality, I am not even a cartoon character. I am just a series of shapes on your screen. I am little letters forming words that your eyes read and your brain interprets.

You filter all of these little shapes through your persona and through the idealisms that your persona pretends are the best ideals of all. However, there are no “best ideals of all.” No ideals are any better or worse than any other. They all are just models of what is better or worse (and all of them TEND to be “self-justifying” as in “self-celebrating”).

The ideals of “victimized underdogs” are always under-represented and misrepresented. For instance, in 83% of auto-biographies, the author focuses 2.83 times more than they should on their own personal history than on my own personal history.

Why aren’t there more movies (or at least books) about me personally? Why don’t people line up to pay $10 to watch a 90-minute interview of Miley Cyrus asking me to tell her about my wisdom and my intelligence and the sexually revealing sandals that I am wearing because it is warm wear I live?

Why isn’t Miley Cyrus sharing her fame with me? Why is she hogging the screen? What about her is the most wrong?

What about reality in general? What about reality is the most disappointing, frustrating, confusing, and infuriating? What part of reality should I sacrifice my life to worship with my attention?

What evil should I condemn as I heroically rescue the rest of reality from the part of reality that is the most unrealistic? Did you know that Paula Deen recently admitted to having sex a long time ago with the father of her children? She said “he was very impressive. You know what I mean by that, right?” Then she said “Yeah, he was actually a Polynesian with a very dark tan, but he sure was hung like a nigger!”

(By the way, that is not a reference to lynching / killing someone by hanging them from a tree. That was a verbal reference to the male sexual organ, like being “hung like a horse.” Female humans like Paula Deen apparently respond sexually to words and stories like in romance novels, rather than how male humans tend to have the most sexual response, which is to visuals, like charts and graphs that show dresses and bras- plus that filmstrip icon on the right is really HOT!)

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One Response to “Exhibitionist Idealism: rescuing reality from reality”

  1. honoria plum Says:

    Wow! What a piece. I need to digest it before I could comment intelligently on it, but I love the fact that you’ve written it.

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