From the tension of chronic paranoia to a permanent placebo effect

There is a vast system in our midst. The system programs the masses to (1) value the approval of the system and (2) to perceive that the system rejects them personally.
Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease (Photo credit: tamahaji)

These two concepts together produce chronic tension. Either one alone would be not produce the tension that they produce together.
Consider that if a person travels to another culture and the people in that culture all respond unfavorably to “reaching out to shake hands with the right hand,” the visitor may be surprised, but does not take it personally. They just use their left hand (or whatever) and there is no forming of a structure of chronic tension. The visitor also may not have any special concern for learning “what is approved in this foreign system.”
In contrast, consider the person who is so thoroughly rejected by “their own system” that they stop valuing the approval of the system. They may say “The mainstream people have been programmed, sheltered, and spoiled. They have been made naive, distracted, deluded, paranoid, and confused. The system does NOT have any personal interest in me (or any particular individual) or in what is good for an individual.”

Medicine (Photo credit: miragechopin)

Various systems target the masses in various ways. Sexual repression of the adults is a priority in many systems. In some systems, programs for the indoctrinating of all youth are mandatory and regulated by the government, or even funded directly by government, or, in the extreme, even operated directly by government.
For those who previously attended public schools, we may notice that the system (and the agents of the system) seemed to be much more interested in us in our youth. We may think “the system does not even care about me at all anymore,” and then display disappointment as we complain about how the system is, allegedly, how it should not be.
We may grieve for the loss of the structured life that was familiar as a student. We may even chase for the attention of the court system. “Do you people even care about me at all anymore?”
Our grief may form in to protests and grievances and grudges and contempt. “The President should be more interested in my opinion! The only time I even get a letter from the President is before elections! Also, the Governor and the Judges and the cops should form a team to mentor me personally. They should assign me two social workers and five medical specialists to help me with my very interesting situation. (Obviously, someone else will be paying for all of this, right?)”
Chronic myelogenous leukemia

Chronic myelogenous leukemia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, instead of perceiving the inattention of the system as freedom, some perceive it as rejection. “I need the approval of the system!”
What if, instead of focusing on reforming the system (or condemning it), I focus on saving everyone else from the system? Well, that is still about obtaining their approval and agreement so that I can appease my own insecurities.
What if I notice the chronic tensions which the system has programmed in to me and begin to experiment with them in the direction of relaxing the muscles and the paranoid monologue that has been sustaining the chronic tensions? What if I experienced a permanent placebo effect… as energy stopped being used for crippling me with chronic tensions and instead I started to respect my immune systems rather than suppress it with medication whenever it starts to be active?
Chronic ulcerative panniculitis in a cat with ...

Chronic ulcerative panniculitis in a cat with Actinomycosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How much additional energy would I experience? How much additional physical health would I experience? How many times would I notice some mainstream people in a panic of passionate arguing and think to myself: “oh my, what a huge waste of time it has been since I stopped throwing tantrums to convince everyone of my loyalty to the system? Instead of responding with terror to other people’s perspectives, what if I generally lost interest in other people’s attention? What if I was only interested in other people’s attention in very specific ways? Or, what if I became very interested in my relations with specific people (rather than desperately chasing the approval of almost everyone)?”
That might be more relaxing than what I have done most of my life, right? That might be much simpler. That might be more healthy and more productive and more fulfilling.
Then again, would I be able to adjust to a lack of paranoia about whether I will go to heaven or hell when I die? Before being¬†programmed to hysterically fear disapproval, how do all of these infants even live? How can they breathe without chronic tensions? How can they sleep so soundly? Finally, will Santa Claus still love me personally and bring me presents if I move out of my parent’s home in to my own place?



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