Is science institutional? Are politics honest?

A correspondent replied to a prior article with this comment:

From everything that I have read about artifical sweeteners, it has just blown me away. Why have this not been put out there in the news so people may be able to seek help if they drink diet sodas?




This information could save a lot of people from ingesting something that could kill them. That’s the bad thing when people don’t know. I’m also aware of how much fuss this could kick up also.To be honest and step up to the plate and let this very important knowledge be told would help more than it would hurt.




The Seat of Government

The Seat of Government (Photo credit: Ewan-M)


My reply:




Thank you for your comment. It can be very startling to discover the history of artificial sweeteners, the FDA, the media, and so on.




When we say “help more than it would hurt,” we mean relative to some point of reference, like helping the general public. Is it the goal of mainstream media to provide maximum help the general public… or to promote the interests of an exclusive, privileged club (owners, advertisers, etc)? Is it the goal of public schools to promote the self-interests of every single individual student… or to promote the interests of the system?


Why has this information been largely ignored by the mainstream media and public schools and so on? What interests are revealed in their patterns of activity? 

Millions of dollars have been spent to get the masses to do things that trigger addiction in the brain and eventually kill people. Are those who invest in these companies acting on behalf of the interests of the general public or out of personal interest in increasing the value of their stock holdings? Are they promoting mental haze, neurochemical chaos, emotional crippling, and intellectual chains to the ideals of propaganda of public relations lobbyists?





Next, consider all of the governments in human history. Have you ever heard of any government officer that took some action which preserved “the status quo” at the expense of one or more individuals? The action could have been a political maneuver that delayed a political opponent or an accusation about an enemy’s corruption or threatening to raise a particular tax as blackmail. Or the action could have been an act of outright deception, such as saying with no sincerity whatsoever that “if I am elected, then I promise to remove all of our military troops from Japan by 1984.”


English: December 1965 FDA Report on Enforceme...

English: December 1965 FDA Report on Enforcement and Compliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The masses may view politics as a holy sanctuary from all of the rest of life. They may presume that politics has none of the drama of the average sporting event, such as the use of deception and misdirection. The masses may worship an ideal of future political salvation. That ideal may have been promoted through the indoctrination programs of public schools: “think about the future!”




In a sporting event, imagine one side distracting the other side from the actual current events by instructing the opponent to “ignore what is actually happening during today’s game and instead speculate about how you will plan later to win the championship next season.” In order to demoralize the opponent, a competitor might say “Did you know that your coach does not really care about you personally? They just want to win the game. They are willing to send you out on the field to risk injury (while they stay over on the suidelines in safety). Do you remember your buddy who used to be on your team, but is not anymore, and what they said about how they no longer trust the coach?”




Some people could be trying to create public loyalty toward the FDA. Some people could be trying to censor certain information and also to distract the masses with trivial controversies and confusing scandals.





When certain interests hired lobbyists to promote the formation of the FDA, which interests guided the process? Who funded the campaign to promote support from the public for a centralized agency which would govern new realms of human behavior?



English: FDA poster warning against the use of...

English: FDA poster warning against the use of the Hoxsey method. Product of the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. government agency). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the FDA issues a publication that announces the existence of a demon called cancer which is possessing more and more people every year, but is incurable (except perhaps through FDA-approved methods), is that black magic? Would the FDA ever go out of their way to persuade the public to think about health in “disempowering” ways and to only use interventions approved by the licensed priests of the holy empire of the United States of America?


What if there are more beneficial or cheaper methods that compete with the interests of the FDA? How much money should be invested in targeting those methods for criminalization and prosecution?








Many people say “the FDA should reform their guidelines to conform with recent findings of science.” I say “when was science ever an important factor in FDA guidelines?”




The FDA is not a scientific institution, but a government institution. Their function is to direct the attention of the masses, the perception of the masses, and the behavior of the masses.




Further, the very idea of a scientific “institution” is a bit contrary to the basic idea of science. Science is not institutional. Science is heretical. Therefore, one of the primary interests of a governing institution may be to deceive the masses as to the basic realities of science.




English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color is #d69d36 from the image at (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Governments attempt to keep important science secret, like when there was a secret program to develop nuclear weapons in the US. The program was not publicized. There was no open debate in Congress about it. There were no candidates campaigning on the platform of “If elected, I will begin a secret program to assemble some brilliant scientists to create unprecedented weapons of mass destruction to further the interests of our operation of global intimidation and terrorism, which shall be called The United Nations.”




If you are committed to accuracy (and the well-being of your descendents) more than loyalty to a pre-conceived ideal, let me know. It seems to me that most people are deep in the trance of idealism, like a slave who insists that obedient slavery is the best path to a future paradise of heaven.



President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2751, the “F...

President Barack Obama signs H.R. 2751, the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act,” in the Oval Office, Jan. 4, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza) License on Flickr (2011-01-12): United States Government Work Flickr tags: WASHINGTON, DC, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









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