Magnesium, Magi, Magic, Majesty, & Magistrates

I don’t think humans can influence the sun in a negative way because it is pure intelligence, although as you say it does respond to us…at least that’s my understanding of it. I’m not sure I understand the rest of your point. Yes, a lightning bolt could fry me up right along with Mr. Chip n’dip, however until it did, my health and life experience before I died would have been of higher quality because of my primal diet. Then again, maybe the lightning bolt would only give me one of those beautiful tatoos I’ve seen on lightning strike “victims”…or it might not strike in that place simply because I am present. I understand that magic is more real in this world then “solid” matter is, and I do believe in mind over matter…I’m just still trying to figure it out
This image was selected as a picture of the we...

This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 51st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Back to “conspiracy” theories, there are also reports of plans for sending nuclear “warheads” in to the sun. Would that have a trivial effect or a large effect? I do not know.
Well, your words “magic” and “mind” are in the same realm. In fact, magnesium (the energetic pattern!) is important in both magnetism and magic. Those words are related by the way, like magi, magistrate, majesty, majority and major.
magna cum laude” and “magna carta” have the word magna, meaning “great”


She: interesting!


JR: Power is energetic.


She: magenta, magdalene


JR: When lightning strikes in a forest, which tree does it “select?”
could the electromagnetic charge of the various trees influence where the fialment of plasma “strikes?”
English: Ash tree cleaved by a lightning bolt

English: Ash tree cleaved by a lightning bolt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I suppose it could but it was my understanding that a lightning strike is attracted by the earth beneath the trees, that it is actually the earth that decides


JR: Why grass-fed, wild, organic, primal food? Could it be that there is electromagnetic vitality in those food sources?
She: Certainly there is


JR: Great point about earth. Of course, if the tree is rooted to the earth, then the charge of the earth under the tree IS the charge of the tree.
Where do we “Draw the line?”
Is it the tree’s charge or the charge of the earth under the tree?
Both interpretations are valid.
We are in the realm of labels (interpretations in language). This is not the realm of “truth,” but of maps symbolizing reality.
However, quantum mechanics suggests that maps effect the terrain. How? A well-published map that ignores one established path and shows a barely worn path, if people or cattle or whatever follow the map, has an effect.



You might like Lujan Matus…he wrote an excellent book called the Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, and in it he discusses the manipulation of syntax to control.


JR: The ignored path grows grass and disappears as a path. The displayed path is trodden and becomes worn.
The map (labels, language) do not CONTAIN reality, but do CONCENTRATE the rest of reality.
That is, language is the concentrating of the rest of reality.



The human inventory needs to be tossed in the fire


JR: So, should we “control nature?” Or, are we nature concentrating nature?
“I hate humans” is not a refelction of self-respect.
“Nature needs to be thrown in to the fire of nature. Who will throw it in? Nature!”


She: I don’t hate humans


it’s simply the Toltec path, to lose the human form and free one’s mind.


the matrix is a structure composed of beliefs that is the human form


JR: Well, I may have misiniterpreted what you meant by “human inventory.”



what you believe about everything is your inventory


some inventories are broader and deeper than others but in the end they are all just inventories


the inventory is the assemblage point


of perception


JR: You believe that you exist. That is also part of your inventory. You beleive in “a structure composed of beliefs.” I assert that you do not understand what language is. If you did, you would be free of getting free of “structures composed of lniguisrtic concepts.” Language NEVER CONTAINED YOU.
Yes, neurolinguistic patterns (like the human brain) are involved in the organizing of perception. However, are you a perception or are you “before perception, during perception, and after perception?”
Consciousness encodes perception (which is a pattern of consciousness).
Langauge is one type of neurochemical coding.


She: “The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such or so and so. The passageway into the world of shamans opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue” Castaneda
We are percievers and we create what we perceive


JR: Consciousness make patterns which consciousness calls “patterns of consciousness.” This is “no big deal”… except for the fact that it “destroys” all of the “big deals” of a particular matrix or human inventory.
“I need to shut off my internal dialogue” is itself just dialogue. “I need to get in to the world of shamans” assumes that one is not already here. Be careful of worshiping the words of a favorite prophet.
She: True…I think the sun is actually upgrading humanity and raising our consciousness


JR: “I am the perceiving of my life. I perceive creativity ‘within me’ and also beyond me.”
Some creativity may be claimed as “mine” and some labeled as “not mine.” so what?
Ah, what I condemn, I must call “not mine!”
With pride, I say “I deserve congratulations for….__________!”


She: it’s a mirror when we condemn something with an emotional charge behind it.


JR: charge is right
who “chooses” to “create” the discharge or rebalancing?
Condemning something gives it energy. To draw condemnation from others is to “steal” their energy. However, without sufficient capacitance or conductivity, children are rightly taught to beware of drawing condemnation!
Condemnation CAN subdue that which is condemned, like when condemning a child. It all depends on the relative power or electromagnetism involved.



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