Is life fundamentally energetic (“spiritual”) or material


Illustration of a standing wave in a cavity re...

Illustration of a standing wave in a cavity resonator. Mathematically, this also represents a vibration mode of a rectangular drum or membrane. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We may fundamentally be electromagnetic patterns. The sun is just a pattern of electromagnetism, like a “standing wave” in a bubbling stream.

When a fan blade rotates fast enough, we can say that the entire circle in the range of the blade is “solid.” However, there is really just energy (in the form of matter) moving very quickly through that circular space.

“Solidity” is a form or an effect. If we “melt” of a solid thing, then we alter the form of the thing.

In this linguistic model, all matter is a form of “frozen” energy. Solid matter can be “melted” or even “burned” and made in to fuel (light, heat, sound, etc). Liquid matter may also be flamable or cheimcally reactive (like a liquid acid combined with an alkaline liquid can “react”) and liquids also can be elevated energetically (boiled) to a gaseous state or even to plasma (like the physical state of lightning is a plasma filament as in a current or brief “standing wave” of electromagnetic energy). The dragons of ancient chinese mythology strongly resemble currents of lightning (electromagnetic plasma) as they “fly” from thundercloud to earth (or across interplanetary “space”).

Focusing on physical matter (like primal nutritional biochemistry) can be beneficial. However, what if the voltage of a single lightning strike can reduce many organisms to a smoldering pile of ashes (regardless of their diet)? Further, there have been many humans who have such an imbalanced pH (electromagnetic charge) that they actually spontaneously combust.


Lightning simulator questacon03

Lightning simulator questacon03 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Earth's plasma fountain, showing ...

English: The Earth’s plasma fountain, showing oxygen, helium, and hydrogen ions that gush into space from regions near the Earth’s poles. The faint yellow gas shown above the north pole represents gas lost from Earth into space; the green gas is the aurora borealis-or plasma energy pouring back into the atmosphere. Source. More Image credit: NASA sr:Слика:Plasma fountain.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lightning over Pentagon City in Arlington, Vir...

Lightning over Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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