FDA approves study proving “the FDA is infallible”

If you blindly presume that anything the FDA publishes is accurate, then you are NOT skeptical. You are putting faith in the FDA. 

English: Source: FDA-OCI

English: Source: FDA-OCI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Decades of evidence clearly indicate that putting religious faith in the FDA is unhealthy. However, for those more interested in preserving their religious faith in the FDA than in science, they will simply be terrified at any suggestion that the “infallible” FDA has ever reversed a position.

For example, the science is clear that the old FDA “low-fat” recommendations (started around 1980) correlated with a consequent ROCKETING of rates of obesity. What can I tell you in under a minute that will support the idea of the FDA causing the obesity epidemic? (You can research it yourself, by the way, if you care….)

couple on a diet: Discover a Lovelier You (Wom...

couple on a diet: Discover a Lovelier You (Woman Alive, 1972) (Photo credit: mod as hell)

Take Sweden as an example. Sweden recently gave official “sanction” to low-carb diets (with much higher portions of healthy fats- like not PUFAs, but lots of saturated fats– like what humans and other species have been eating for… ever!). What happened? When people’s bodies are not starving for fat, they stop storing it in hormonal crisis. Rates of obesity in Sweden have been declining for years now.

How about cholesterol “CAUSINGhealth problems like heart disease? Oops. It never caused health problems. It was an indicator (with some correlation), but not a cause.

English: FDA Inspector LCDR Teresa Fox (USPHS)...

English: FDA Inspector LCDR Teresa Fox (USPHS) gives an overview of the seafood inspection process to HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt and FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach at Phillips Foods and Seafood Restaurants’ processing facility in Baltimore, MD., from the Outreach Activities section of the website of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plus, there is the entire field of anthroplogy, which documents loads of evidence that lead to the obvious conclusion that the FDA may stand for “the fraud and deception administration.” What primitive cultures eating high-fat diets had high rates of heart disease? None. How many modern cultures eating low-fat diets had high rates of heart disease? All of them.

What scientific credibility did the FDA ever have? None (okay, fine… “not much”). How much of the FDA’s credibility comes from popularity, not scientific merit? Basically, all of it.

This next article alleges a controversy. Consider that there is no SCIENTIFIC controversy and never has been. Metabolism is still operating the same as ever. The controversy is a media controversy, a publicity controversy, a political controversy. The influence of business interests is what leads to the media to use the label “scientific controversy.”




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