Grateful or Guilty: the reality of Imperialism

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber to be an example of a charismatic religious leader. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings the Complete 'Dr. Dolittle'

Sammy Davis, Jr. Sings the Complete ‘Dr. Dolittle’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently said that most people in “the developed world” (Europe, US, etc) are rather oblivious to imperialism. We are like nursing infants saying “Look, let’s not make breastmilk in to a big deal. Sure, I drink it occasionally, but I do not spend a bunch of time thinking about it (like all of you jealous critics). Really, it’s just not that important to me!”

We are like fish swimming in an ocean of imperialism who say “what is it? What does it look like? Where is it? I do not see any imperialism!”

So, here’s my brief history of imperialism. By the way, it might be slightly controversial. It may be quite distinct from what you have been programmed to presume or perceive. You may even have reactions of terror as you read. As you wish, discontinue or proceed at your own comfortable pace. Oddly enough, you already know all of the important details, but you may be too distracted to have organized them in to “the obvious conclusion.”

English: God's testament with Noah

English: God’s testament with Noah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s begin with the story of an ancient Hebrew prophet named Noah, who probably inspired the children’s story “Dr. Dolittle.” He is known as a rescuer of animals (and of humanity). You’ve probably heard of him in phrases like Noah’s flood or Noah’s ark.

The ancient Hebrew story says that Noah tried to warn the people around him about an approaching danger. Most people ignored him though.

That largely covers the part of the story that most people know. Here is the other part- which is relevant to imperialism.

At the time of Noah, the ancient Hebrews recognized 6 commandments (which, according to Hebrew tradition, were given to Adam by God). Many Christians (and probably Muslims) are not familiar with any commandments prior to the 10 commandments associated with Moses, but those 10 are actually variations of the original 6.

So a seventh commandment was given to Noah. These first 7 commandments are called the Noahide commandments, (see Here is a law of the US from 1991 honoring the Noahide “ancestry” of our legal system, society and civilization: So, what is this original “seventh commandment?”

It is not exactly what most people say it is. Simply stated, it is foundation of the Hebrew claim to impose court systems on all the rest of humanity (the “Gentiles“). I have already detailed that history here:

In plain language, the 7th Commandment to Noah is when God commanded the Hebrews to subdue the rest of humanity. It is the beginning of imperialism and global conquest.

“Establish courts of justice” meant to impose on the rest of humanity court systems and governments (“for their own good,” as in to prevent God from wiping out humanity with another natural disaster like “Noah’s Flood”). God dictated that Noah and his followers use organized coercion to produce “order from out of chaos.” (“Ordo ab Chao” is the Latin language motto of international freemasonic temples.)

Note that the beginning of the often-referenced “new world order” can be dated back to AT LEAST 1913 (when the Federal Reserve’s private currency system in the US was formed). On the back of a US $1 bill, the year 1776 is in Roman numerals above the Latin phrase for “new world order.”

We will return to the 7th Noahide commandment in a moment. First, recalling the classic shape symbolizing the Hebrew tradition, next consider what happens when we take that classic shape and use it in a Sheriff’s badge and then put that 6-pointed star in a circle? What if we then remove one “spoke?” That produces a pentagram, which is a shape famous in relation to witchcraft (as in mind control) as well as the shape symbolizing centers of government (capitol cities) and which has also been used in the logos of the US Air Force.

Photo of Rob Schenck hold a 10 commandments plaque

Photo of Rob Schenck hold a 10 commandments plaque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, prior to Noah, there were legal systems and tribal governments, but were they “expansionist?” Did prior governments go to far off places, occupy lands by force, then criminalize behaviors of the occupied populations so as to justify incarcerating or enslaving their “prisoners of war?” Did prior governments install military drafts on the conquered nations?

It was the 7th commandment that is the basis of the Hebrews creating two different sets of laws (laws to impose on the Gentiles as well as exclusive restrictions and privileges for their special minority class who rule over the Gentiles). In other words, they were the “agents of God” or “the ruling bureaucrats.” As their influence expanded, they needed policy guidelines- some guidelines that would be uniform throughout all of their jurisdictions and some specific to each jurisdiction.

They developed special rules and procedures for HOW TO IMPOSE the first 6 commandments on the masses of humanity. They set up certain officers (the Levites) to guide and monitor the official duties of “the middle managers.” They ongoingly revised their procedural code for ruling the Gentiles, perhaps even including the use of deception and propaganda. In fact, you may have noticed that some of the modern legal systems (which are all branches of the same ancient root) are rather complex, cryptic, and confusing (even “occult”).

Those who swear an oath during their induction in to one of the privileged priesthoods include lawyers, judges, police officers, soldiers, and Senators. They pledge their loyalty to the system as agent of the system and agree to abide by special restrictions in exchange for special privileges. If they fail to adhere to the special restrictions, they also recognize that there are special penalties reserved for “disloyal” agents.

Again, according to Talmudic tradition, God told Noah that the Hebrews MUST rule (enslave) the Gentiles- all of them. Otherwise, God threatened to kill of all humanity. (This reminds me of how “global warming” and “overpopulation” and “the latest public health epidemic” are presented as justifications for new totalitarian policies.)

So, the 6 laws given to Adam were to be imposed on all of humanity and, as of the time of Noah, the Hebrews were the ones commanded to begin governing not only their own tribes (the Levites, etc), but to govern all humans. Some would also say it was the beginning of organized crime syndicates, since the “protection” of court systems was paid for by involuntary contributions (taxes, fines, levies, seizures) from the masses/slaves.

Map of Europe drawn by Martin Waldseemueller d...

Map of Europe drawn by Martin Waldseemueller dedicated to godly Emperor, the devotional the beatifical great Charles V (Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1519–1556); Map has south direction on top edge of the sheet, scanned map got stamped and watermarked. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a sidenote, another oddity that may not be familiar to most Christians is that the modern Jewish tradition does not exclude anyone based on ancestry. People of any background can convert to Judaism, such as in the case of a famous 20th century American entertainer, Sammy Davis, Jr.

Since I began by talking about modern imperialism, let’s focus again on the US. Prior to the formation of the US, Europeans created businesses in the American colonies (displacing or killing the tribes that were already present). Many of those new European businesses were operated using the labor of Africans brought by force to work in very harsh conditions. (By the way, some scholars assert that the merchants who traded the African slaves were overwhelmingly of a particular cultural/ethnic/religious group.)

Of course, slavery was nothing new to European civilization. The ancient civilizations of Greek and Roman had slavery even before the development of Christianity.


Cartoon:Imperialism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, the modern economy of North America (at least in regard to trade with Europe) developed through a huge escalation of the already-present cultural pattern of slavery. The greatest beneficiaries of American slavery were not on this continent at all. Most were in Europe, where the inexpensive American goods were sold. (They were inexpensive because the slaves were such cheap labor.)

Among the main beneficiaries of slavery in the last thousand years or so, according to some historians, were the British Monarchy and the Vatican. In 1302, a Pope even issued a decree commanding new initiatives in advancing the global supremacy of the Holy Roman Empire, extending it to cover the entire planet, looting and “enslaving the heathens.” (Of course, that Pope was a few thousand years behind Noah.)

The Ten Commandments, In SVG

The Ten Commandments, In SVG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to modern times, in the 19th century, crude oil was discovered in the US. At that point, the already imperialist culture of the US began a new phase.

Oil allowed for tremendous advances in modern warfare (and industry). The US surged in to position as the biggest economy in the world: a superpower.

The nation with the second most production of oil in the 20th century was the USSR. That nation rose to be the main “competition against” the US.

However, the two imperialist groups were allies in WW1 and WW2. Later, the two nations expanded their empires through alternating displays of military force. Were they still operating in a secret or tacit partnership?

In many cases, the USSR would invade (or support a destabilizing of the prior system, like through supplying weapons and training and money). That would be followed by a “counter-invasion” by the US.

In the case of Afghanistan, the USSR and US “created a civil war” in that area. Now, the US has established Afghanistan as a colony of the US (though not officially a territory yet, but instead more like Germany or Japan, which still host the military bases of the occupying imperialist nation, the US, nearly 70 years after the US began it’s occupation).

Drunken noah

Drunken noah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How does the average US citizen benefit from US global dominance? When laborers in China make shoes that are sold in the US very cheaply, could the US military be a factor in supporting that dynamic? When oil is imported in to the US, could the US military be a factor in “encouraging” our trading partners to sell to the US and at a favorable price (and using US Dollars as the currency in which they price oil and sell it)?

When leaders of a leading oil-producer like Iraq were favoring the sale of oil internationally without pricing it in US Dollars, did that effect relations with the US? The US military promptly invaded (and they remain in Iraq nearly a decade later).

What nation directly controls the oil pumped out of Iraq? The US. Which currency is used to price Iraq’s oil? US Dollars.

Why do the little sacred objects of the Hebrew-originated court systems have purchasing power? It is not magic paper. It is not magic ink. It is the military power of the US military which gives US Dollars their value.

When a government collapses, that government’s currency loses value, right? Why? Because the root of public demand for currency is for the payment of taxes. A court system imposes a tax rate on the occupied population and then DICTATES which sacred object will be accepted to pay the debts invented by the court system.

English: This is the Nasrani hagbah where in t...

English: This is the Nasrani hagbah where in the nasrani peshitta (malabar nasrani bible) is raised in front of the entire congregation during Kurbana. The Nasrani hagbah consists of the unveiling of the curtain separating the holy of holies from the rest of the palli (house of gathering) and bringing down the peshitta and revealing God in the form of words as Moses did while lifting the tablets of the ten commandments to the Hebrews. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once access to gold mines were monopolized by government militaries, gold was the substance that courts were most likely to demand. The masses were forced to trade perfectly good food and livestock for useless chunks of metal. Why? Because the soldiers of the court system required payment in whatever particular type of metal. The armies amassed huge reserves of some rare metal and then issued threats to the masses, coercing the masses to “buy gold.”

The courts dictated exchange rates (how much otherwise useless gold that the occupied populations could buy with their very useful crops). The soldiers / court mercenaries used public displays of extreme violence (such as whipping, lynching, impalement, dismemberment, behaeading, and crucifiction). Used with enough frequency, these public tortures and executions produced high rates of compliance among the masses.

Incidentally, the Vatican remains (apparently, by FAR) the biggest owner of gold in the world. The Roman Catholic history of torture, espionage, and imperialism goes far beyond the Holy Inquisition(s) or the Crusades. For sake of brevity, I will simply note that one can reasonably categorize all of Christianity and Islam as branches of Hebrew imperialism.

English: This detail from a 16th century Mogul...

English: This detail from a 16th century Mogul miniature gives a Moslem interpretation of Noah and the Flood. Notice how the cat calmly sits aloof from the rest of the passengers on the ark and seems unconcerned about the activity around her. century, Noah and the Flood (detail), Mogul, miniature http://www.­­gallery/catsart2.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1991, when the US Congress and US President George H.W. Bush formally honored the Noahide foundations of the US legal system, I expect that he knew exactly who he was working for. Considering the long history of assassinations of political figureheads in the US and beyond, politicians must be aware that there are certain things that would just be too dangerous for people in their position to mention. Quietly, the US leaders made a respectful acknowledgement of their
subordinate position in an “alliance” with the modern leaders of the Hebrew tradition.

By the way, Levites are the name of the Hebrew tribe that rules the other Hebrew tribes. Levy is the word for forcing people to make payments to a government or forcing people in to military service (like a draft). Are the two words (levy and Levite) related?

Are the Levites the ruling group amongst the Hebrews, ruling over the middle management officers who in turn rule over the Gentiles? According to Hebrew tradition, there is a very obvious answer.

However, like fish swimming around in an ocean may not know what an ocean even is, the beneficiaries of imperialism (and agents of imperialism) may not know what it is. They may even go out of their way to distract themselves from the simple realities of imperialism so as to suppress their shame and guilt.

In the US, people can receive thousands of dollars a year without working- just based on having some disability such as the loss of an eye. Where does all of that wealth come from?

English: The ark of Noah and the cosmic covena...

English: The ark of Noah and the cosmic covenant / L’arche de Noé et l’alliance cosmique / 04 CATACOMBES NOE ET LA COLOMBE SAINTS PIERRE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A factor may be the intimidating power of the US Military. Contrast the easy life of a socialist-subsidized US citizen with the life of the masses of people on the planet, such as in China, who labor intensely for less money in earnings than is given in hand-outs to the privileged classes of imperialists in the socialist nations that rule over their communist allies / trading partners. 

In Dhubai, there are examples of modern slavery in which people are tricked in to coming to work in Dhubai, then forced to work in very harsh conditions (similar to prison camps) which produce high death rates. However, do the imperialists in the US ask about the politics behind the gasoline that they put in to their fuel tanks?

They complain when it is over $3 or $4 per gallon. They do not ask the cashier at the gas station about the politics of “why the gasoline is so cheap in the US while it is $7 or $9 for the same gallon in Europe.”

In Venezuela, which is a leading supplier of crude oil to the US, the same gallon of gasoline may sell for 20 cents worth of US currency. Why? The imperialist power of the US Military may be a factor.

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between...

Military flag of the Holy Roman Empire between 1200 and 1350. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In conclusion, the US is too imperialist because it should not be so imperialist. I know this is true because I would be ashamed to admit that I have recieved immense privileges and benefits from imperialism, so therefore I hysterically condemn the ocean in which I swim.

By the way, have you noticed that it is getting increasingly popular to condemn imperialism in the US? We have that luxury and privilege.

Are we guilty or grateful for the reality of Imperialism? Do we condemn Noah or respect Noah? Do we pretend that Noah is not a prophet honored by many groups of people: the ruling Levites, the other Jews and Hebrew tribes, the Christians, and the Muslims?

Do we pretend that Noahide court systems are not important in our lives (and finances)? Are we so ashamed of money (and the organized coercion which gives value to money) that we might sabotage our own finances in order to avoid the guilt of prosperity?

Do we condemn a specific set of behaviors or subjects, like competition and economics and introspection and militancy and political incorrectness? Were we programmed to do so? By whom?

English: Noah's sacrifice

English: Noah’s sacrifice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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