On “holier than thou” perfectionism

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H.L. wrote: 


Sorta given up on ‘understanding‘ (or being understood) as a priority. Simple enjoyment of perception doesn’t require questioning. A sense of contentment was found in the giving up of the need or desire for clarity. All i got are thoughts, and the only way to measure whether they are more accurate than other thoughts are.. more thoughts. Tail chase ended, though i certainly enjoy the idea of ”effective perception” when it comes to practical stuff and these articles are entertaining and stimulating as mental entertainment.



Contentment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But then for the moment, a free 1.000 euros a month in welfare mostly results in an absence of motivation to really be interested, or the motivation to be motivated. What for, anyway? 0 hours of work for a thousand euros seems to fit better than 40 for 1600. Maybe some stock brokering in the future.. a guy knows a guy ( that made a few hundred thousands by just steadily spreading his investments over a range of companies as advised by his broker. So perhaps eventually, more ass-sitting, turning free money into more free money.


But, if ever the flow stops, i’ll probably ”have to” learn to navigate the economical system for practical purposes.


For now i’m far too comfortable and content to bother, and as a side note, a sense of clarity might be a way, but not the only way, to a sense of contentment. Simply dropping the chase altogether seems to do the Job.




Reply from J R Fibonacci Hunn:


Well, first, that is a lot of words for someone who has “dropped the chase.” Being a chase-dropper is a “position” and having a position is “being someone” and that position will focus conscious perception (“thought”) to a certain range. The position or persona emphasizes certain perceptions of thoughts and de-emphasizes or excludes others.

“Drop the chase” does not mean “adopt the persona of a chase-dropper and cling to it in a desperate panic of holier-than-thou perfectionism.” Drop the chase actually means… “drop THIS chase NOW.” It is about first clearly recognizing the momentum of “chasing” and then with that clarity, next relaxing in this instant, NOT as a permanent persona of REPRESSED obsession and paranoia and distress and panic.

Consider the idea “thoughts are a problem and they are useless.” What is the nature of that idea? Just another thought!

I am glad that you found the article entertaining and stimulating. That is important. However, it could be important BECAUSE of the practical value of the article. It is not JUST to amuse you, but also to relax you, and further to invite you to explore a new set of conversations and activities. We’ll come back to that….

So, you indicated that you value clarity and contentment, then imply that there is a difference, then reject “understanding” as perhaps an unrelated distraction. It all seems rather complex, yes?

You cannot escape the awareness of the potential for future competitive activity. You can welcome it or resist it, admit it or deny it. You openly admit the importance of money in your life today, right? Great! Could there be new actions that might go with that acknowledgement?

So, many people may quote Sri Nisargadatta saying “what good will it do you to worry about the future and your finances? Drop the chase!” Do they know that he was not rejecting a focus on financial matters, but challenging the manner of relating called “worrying?” (He might add “stop talking about whether you need clarity and just recognize that you are inherently clear!”) Would it surprise our new age zealots to learn that for at least the first decade that he gave Satsangs, he also continued his day job as an investment banker?

100% accuracy on first 12 trades

I happen to manage an investment fund that made 18% in August (on about a $2,000 investment). Click the BELOW image to go to that website. Managing a fund that made 18% in a month does not intrinsically interfere with contentment any more than having two legs or an internet connection. In fact, competitive commercial activities could even contribute to experiences that I value.

investment fund made 18% in August 2013

Should I be cynical? Is that really the apex of spiritual maturity?

How about arrogance? How about condemnation of all the naive idiots who I say are just chasing their tails?

I value freedom and power and prosperity. At times, simply relaxing may be the manifestation of that freedom. I have no paranoid guilt driving me to justify relaxing or to guilt-trip others for not congratulating me enough on my holy desire to relax.

I could respect my parents with gratitude and empathy… or I could condemn them for spending so much time working and supporting me instead of doing what I may allege that they should have done (abandoning me and going to a monastery or an ashram). Which is more spiritual: a simple gratitude or a complex of subtle guilt (about being how I allegedly should not be) that I project on others as condemnation for them being how I allege that they should not be?

“See how much better I am than those other people, God? You should love me more! Bless me disproportionately, okay, please?” – a Pharisee praying (See Luke 18:9-14)

“LMFAO” – God




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