How to be annoying in 1 easy step

First, find people that are already frustrated. Why? Because 

English: annoying dog

English: annoying dog constantly sitting there staring at me – like I can’t FEEL their attention from across the room! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the more frustrated that a person already is, the more likely they are to experience someone else as “annoying.”

A correspondent replies:
Haha. This is great. Am I frustrated? About what? Not saying I am not. Just curious as to what you have deciphered. I hope you understand that I don’t find you annoying at all. It’s just my way of being funny/silly.
JR replies back:
Other people have labeled you annoying, right? So what if that labeling is more about your innocence and their frustrated attempts to hide their own pretenses? Innocent questions are annoying to the guilty, right?
FYI, I would be surprised if you did not EVER find me annoying. I am much too perceptive for it not to be at least occasionally annoying. By the way, so are you.
Elmer Fudd, resembling Egghead early in his ca...

Elmer Fudd, resembling Egghead early in his career, is annoyed by the prototype Bugs in Elmer’s Candid Camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 She replies:
Who, me ? Annoying??? Never. I’m exactly what everybody wants me to be at exactly the moment they want me to be it And yes. It is those perceptive times when you school me on my own self where the urge to call you “annoying ” becomes uncontrollable
I reply back:
Yes, I know, Sensei. That is why you were a model and inspiration for the “complacent conformist” stage in my recent article (okay: 1 part you and 19 parts me).
(and, as noted in the article, there is yet another stage beyond both the naive sincerity of the Loyalist and the practicality of the Complacent Conformist.)
Annoying Orange_5

Annoying Orange_5 (Photo credit: nokia_fan)

 She replies:
Oh, I’ve finally encountered an article that I SHOULD take personally???
I replied:
She retorts:
Baha. But that still isn’t your level of annoying…. I will consider myself a true sensei when I’ve achieved your level of annoying, which is really very extremely annoying
I replied:
“really, very, extremely?” wow, that is like a new degree of black belt in being annoying?
She proclaims:
Yes. See how impressive you are?
Adult Ralph in Bart to the Future, annoyed at ...

Adult Ralph in Bart to the Future, annoyed at Bart’s lackadaisical behavior. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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