Why loyalists are better than complacent conformists

First, Reverend Fritschler’s comment on the prior post “To need a savior, get a problem:”

English: A flag allegedly used by the Loyalist...

English: A flag allegedly used by the Loyalist Volunteer Force. Category:Loyalist Volunteer Force Category:Flags (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    Daniel Fritschler


    I like this one because finally you have written something for the sincere believers. As soon as the sincere beliefs in allegories or parables wears off, it is clear that, just like every other label in a holy book, heaven and hell are concepts… but that isn’t how the ones with naive sincerity would see it.

    So this is geared for someone just starting out. Phew!!! What a relief because for once you aren’t picking my sincerity apart.

    Illustration of the Statue of Liberty in New Y...

    Illustration of the Statue of Liberty in New York City. It was created using the open source software tools Autotrace, Paint.NET, and Inkscape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn


    Daniel, you (and every one else- yes, you personally reading this) have been operating as a “loyalist.” I referenced your sincerities as examples, not as important in themselves (which I know can seem mildly insulting).

    You have changed your loyalties from one thing to another- the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the spirituality of Zen and Advaita, the holiness of family, the glory of your sincere rebellion, the Democratic Party, the Libertarian Party, the Flag-Waving/ Bible-thumping Americans, etc- but always as a loyalist. What distinguishes loyalists? Their sincerity.

    I have presented you with a distinct alternative. You can stop being a loyalist and simply be… a conformist.

    Conformists may behave largely the same as a loyalist. A conformist can even display all the patterns of a loyalist, including displays of sincerity. “I love the local hockey team because I just love hockey so much and it is very important to my future.”

    Conformists have usually mastered being a loyalist. To a loyalist, conformists may appear at least at first to be a loyalist as well.

    Of course, loyalists all struggle with other loyalist over which loyalties are the right ones and best ones. Since conformists are not so inclined to loyally rebel against “those fanatical loyalist heretics over there that are so much unlike our crusaders for justice over here,” conformists may be accused of a lack of… fervor, patriotism, rage, intelligence, hysteria, sincerity, and loyalty- as in… being a complacent conformist, which may be the most shameful of all accusations in the mind of a sincere loyalist.

    en:United Empire Loyalist statue and plaque in...

    en:United Empire Loyalist statue and plaque in front of 50 Main Street East, en:Hamilton, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Conformists merely conform for their own convenience and expedience, including even to manipulate others. They conform as a general rule, not from a panicked paranoia of fundamentalist neurosis.

    They are, in a single word, relaxed. This is a tremendous affront to all loyalists (as in all idealists), so conformists tend to prefer privacy to big social herds of competing loyalists.

    However, conformists may occasionally enjoy playing or pretending to be a loyalist. Conformists are not the only other category (developmental stage) besides loyalist, but it is a required stage and so is being a loyalist. I could tell you more about the third and final stage later.

    English: Flags that fly in Newbuildings village

    English: Flags that fly in Newbuildings village (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • Daniel Fritschler Ah…conformists equals living…being one with spirit…loyalist is what dying is all about…satan lives…jesus dies…yada yada yadabore me to death why don’t you…do you mother fuck anybody else but me?

      I am too scared to say the wrong thing because the world would stop! Right for me is… saying all the wrong things???

      So fucking what…the world still moves in the same direction, right? Should I have precision and say all the right things? Jedi sensei master I bow to you yoda

      Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker, unmasked i...

      Sebastian Shaw as Anakin Skywalker, unmasked in Return of the Jedi (1983) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      J R Fibonacci Hunn The agonizing concern for “right or wrong” is another primary filter or program of any loyalist. When a conformist says “right is the opposite of left,” they are just conforming to how they have been programmed. A true “complacent conformist” would not argue about the write way to spell rite. They would notice that, most of the time, conforming is convenient and useful.

      When speaking to third-graders, they talk about how riding bikes is cool and how nursery rhymes are stupid songs for little kids, write? When speaking to bikers in a bikers bar, however, they ask about which Harleys are the best and do not even bring up Kawasaki, which I think is a division of Scwhinn, rite?

      They conform, at least in public. They display complacency, at least if they feel like it at the time. They have even been accused of claiming insincerely to invest huge amounts of time arguing with bikers about how Kawasaki is wrong and left is right.

      But it is all just one huge pretense to these conformist realists. They are having too much fun and are not agonizing the right weigh. They do not even know how to shame properly.

      They are not genuine loyalists, which is why they suck and can go to hell as far as I concerned. I condemn them and their little relaxation thing. I do not need to fucking relax!

      Anakin Skywalker as portrayed by Jake Lloyd in...

      Anakin Skywalker as portrayed by Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace (1999), Hayden Christensen in Attack of the Clones (2002), and Sebastian Shaw in Return of the Jedi (1983). Shaw was digitally replaced with footage of Christensen for Return of the Jedi s 2004 DVD release. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      I swear that the next time I see a conformist, I am going to punch them in their damn mouth because of that one thing that they did not do that one time that they should have have done. Are you with me or are you against me?!?!

      Do not be a conformist. They may do the right things, but not for the right fucking reasons, Daniel.

      I get the sense that you do not properly respect the importance of doing things for the right reasons. So anyway you can take all of your fucking nonsense questions about “what is so good about being a loyalist” and fuck off.

      You’re just being dramatic and theatrical and pretentious again, aren’t you? STOP! That is so annoying. I absolute HATE pretense- ooo, and hypocrisy and irony and ESPECIALLY sarcastic, satirical parody- which is just the WORST kind of parody, right?

      English: Thaddeus Stevens portrait.

      English: Thaddeus Stevens portrait. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      In conclusion, to a loyalist, any other form of linguistic activity except the familiar “right” one is dismissed as (threatening) nonsense. “If I do not agree already with whatever statement you present, then show me a publication in a peer-reviewed journal before you talk to me, you idiot playing word games!”

      Of course, the loyalist has no actual sincere interest in the peer-reviewed journal. That is just part of their terrified hysteria of paranoid pretense. That is just their passive aggression of “loyalty.”

      And so, that is why I hate conformists and you should, too. Loyalists are the right way to be. PERIOD.

      Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Reve...

      Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith (2005) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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