Have you ever felt a “wave of energy” right after urinating? Here is why!

English: Illustration of the electric field su...

English: Illustration of the electric field surrounding a positive (red) and a negative (blue) charge in one dimension if the right charge is changing from positive to negative http://weelookang.blogspot.com/2010/07/ejs-open-source-electric-field.html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have you ever felt a “wave of energy” right after urinating? Here is why!



The electromagnetic radiation spectrum.

The electromagnetic radiation spectrum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



People who move to Arizona from somewhere humid may be surprised to find out how quickly the water in a car battery can evaporate in a dry state like Arizona, resulting in the battery being unable to hold a charge (meaning that the car will not start). Have you ever felt “drained” and like you had trouble “getting started?” Maybe you need more water so that your body can store electrical charge in the water.



When a car battery does not have enough water, water must be added so that the battery can hold a charge. Water is the actual reservior in which the electrical charge of the battery is stored.



In your body, water has the same function. Your body uses water not only to store energy, but to conduct energy throughout the body. When your body lacks water (as long as it has sufficient electromagnetic polarity or “charge”), then simply adding water can dramatically improve ANY aspect of your health.






Why do you sometimes experience a wave of energy AFTER urinating? It is because the water in the urine can be used to contain an electromagnetic charge. When that liquid is removed from the body, the electromagnetic balance instantly shifts. A huge flood of electromagnetic energy can flood through the torso producing pleasant sensations.



In fact, the same thing can happen after a bowel movement. The huge relief that people feel is NOT from the small change in the weight carried by the body. (Notice that you change weight of the body by cutting hair and that does not produce a huge electromagnetic rebalancing, does it?)



However, the body naturally rebalances itself by concentrating electromagnetic “excess” in waste matter and eliminating charge that through urine. That returns the body to a more healthy electromagnetic polarity, allowing for better flow of energy throughout the body.



By the way, if you have ever heard about issues with the alkaline/acid balance in the body, guess what? That is the same issue but referenced by a different label: electromagnetic charge is the issue. Further, an abundance of water is essential for maintaining the proper electromagnetic charge of the body.



In an organism that does not have a healthy charge, adding water can help restore the body’s ability to bring balance and polarity back. It does not even need to be alkaline water or structured water.


candle with electromagnetic wave rings

candle with electromagnetic wave rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Many of the side effects of consuming too much alcohol are related to dehydration as well, such as headaches and a parched mouth. What is the best solution? Water!

(Note that many people not only lack water, but they also lack a healthy electromagnetic charge. To see the an amazing video that shows the importance of magnetic polarity and electrical grounding in promoting the health of a plant, watch these videos:)






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4 Responses to “Have you ever felt a “wave of energy” right after urinating? Here is why!”

  1. Hell-raising love monster Says:

    I had an experience similar to that. I had bought a gardenia plant, and had placed it on the back porch. I watered it for about a month, and it was growing well until I planted it in a hanging basket. From the time of transferring it to the basket, it started to wither. I did not know why, but had a hunch that it wanted to be in the ground. I never honored it’s telepathic request to put it back on the earth, and it died, in spite of all the watering.

    So you are saying that the wave of energy I experience when peeing is due to dehydration? or an electrolyte imbalance? or to not being grounded. Maybe I should pee barefoot. LOL.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      No, I was saying that the wave of energy is due to a return toward a favorable electromagnetic balance. Sometimes I can even produce such a wave of tingly goosebumps simply by squeezing my anus.

      A lot of my remarks in that article are quite speculative. However, in the links at the bottom, there are some “scientific-looking” references to deriving electrical power from the ions in urine (and I believe the researchers were using human urine).

      J.R. Hunn 480 265 5522

      On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 5:58 AM, power of language blog: partnering with

  2. realityisquantum Says:

    Quality post! Thanks for sharing.

  3. lawandalha Says:

    Reblogged this on Think Tank and commented:
    This explains how closely related we humans are to our environment.

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