Humility: If everyone else is perfect, except for me

What if all humility is false humility, but some insist arrogantly and naively and desperately that there is some other kind?

Susano, Amaterasu and the Stranger in the Mirror

Susano, Amaterasu and the Stranger in the Mirror (Photo credit: timtak)

  • Daniel Fritschler It isn’t as though I am not intelligent enough to pick up on how others use reverse psychology….it is that I am not intelligent enough to want to manipulate others for my own amusement or gain. So using reverse psychology absolutely takes a certain mindset…one that I don’t have….it seems.
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  • Lars-Birger Odenlid · Friends with Daniel Fritschler

    May I add a factor beyond all strategies, estimations on intelligence, grammar regulations and manipulative hidden agendas ~ an aware watcher who sees it all as it is without evaluations?
    This means to see with the eyes of an unconditional forgiving lover
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  • Daniel Fritschler To be an unconditional forgiving lover is it necessary or even pleasurable to recognize another’s pretense and/or psychology(which i can do just fine…thank you JR) and then put conditions or manipulate them using reverse psychology? Or maybe that is being loving when it is done without a condition of gain. Which might define a Sensei/guru relationship with a student as an example…otherwise to what benefit does reverse psychology have?…”oh look I can control another because they have a weak mind, might as well take advantage of the poor sap”…….just never really worked for me.
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    English: Human behavior and Intelligent behavi...

    English: Human behavior and Intelligent behavior diagram Русский: Диаграмма: поведение человека и разумное поведение (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn:To Daniel Fritschler, reverse psychology does not take a mindset. You are just set against it.

    I say “do things that fascinate you and are fun.” You say: “No, I do not want violate the holy commandments of idealism.”

    How to win friends and influence people

    How to win friends and influence people (Photo credit: A tea but no e)

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Daniel has an idea that love and manipulation must be mutually exclusive. His “mutually exclusive” presumptions causes immense amounts of suffering and confusion… which may be exactly what those presumptions are designed to do….So, I said to my 3 year old niece, “what are you going to pretend to be for Halloween?” She says, “Santa Claus.” I say: ‘My little Junior Sensei!”

    So, with or without evaluation, the witnessing can observe the coming and going of evaluation. My niece says “Santa Claus should be real or else people should not lie and say that he is.” I say: “Of course! You are very clever to have noticed that. In fact, people definitely should not be how they are, except for you. Very good.”

  • Daniel Fritschler . Exactly.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Only other people should be how they are. They are holy. They are pure. They are perfect just as God created them.I, on the other hand, probably should not be at all. I apologize.

    I’m sorry for criticizing anyone for failing to conform to the ideal of conformity that was drilled in to me by social conditioning. I should not have done that.

    However, I can empathize with everyone else who has criticized me hysterically and reactively and mindlessly. That was the right thing for them to have done. If they keep doing it, that is welcome as well.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn That’s peace for you. That’s the kingdom of The Heaven.
  • Daniel Fritschler Let’s not concern ourselves with how people ARE, let’s focus on how they are NOT. I mean… what is this… heaven? For God’s sake ….we are burning in an oven here JR…it is planet hell.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, sitting in the kingdom of the heaven, I played the game of hell and said to my neice when she put on the Santa Claus costume: “Hey, you are not the REAL Santa, are you? Aren’t you just trying to trick me for your own gain because I have a weak mind?” What did she do? The little Junior Sensei laughed this little adorable giggle and said: “YES!”
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn bwa ha ha ha
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  • Daniel Fritschler Child’s play
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Manipulative! Holy Cow: do you think she was just “loving me” as a trick in order to get to my Halloween candy? That little 3 year-old manipulation machine!

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