Diet & how governments manage human resources

  • Judith wrote:


    Folks who don’t do research about food— well, we’re plain f***ed as to know what to eat/avoid, factoring in all the contamination of “good food” which now must be strongly considered as well..

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn 

    J R Fibonacci Hunn

    We are in the midst of systems designed for the management of human resources. The management system is for influencing behavior. One of the most efficient ways to engineer human behavior is to influence perception, like through public indoctrination training programs (“schools”). There is the further influence of commercial media as well.

    English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying...

    English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying Santa Claus. Date approximate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    So, in order to direct behavior in human resources, it can be very effective to create presumptions, expectations, confusions, emotional reactivity (“morality”), and outright delusions. An example is the popular delusion indoctrinated on young children in some cultures regarding “Santa Claus.”


    The obvious purpose of the Santa Claus deception is to influence behavior, to promote conformity to whatever is defined as “good behavior.” The fictional, magical story is simply a diversion. It is of no great importance that the story happens to be false. It could be true, but the point would still be to bribe children with promises of future rewards. The character of Santa is a convenient way to justify postponing the delivery of the reward, so it does not work on 18-month olds who have no concept of “next month.” So, the Santa Claus myth is one of the may pretenses used in systems of social engineering and governing, such as churches and armies. The methods of behavioral influence used in boot camp are quite different, like with role-playing scenarios that everyone knows is pretend, as distinct from the Santa Claus pretense which is not explained to the targets (the young children).


    So, in order to keep “zombies” orderly, certain kinds of brain chemistry are ideal for promoting rates of conformity and compliance and loyalty. The masses are put in to a state of constant fear (with guilt and other forms of anxiety and paranoia).

    Fear Nothing (novel)

    Fear Nothing (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    While fear of correctly perceived danger is very important to functionality, cultures that terrorize their herds train the masses to suppress fear (to fear “fear itself”). So, suppressing the EXPRESSION of fear is essential to maintaining a state of constant fear/hysteria/panic. “Do not [show] fear” is a classic paradox of reverse psychology, triggering fear and yet also suppressing it’s expression.

    The Eaton's Santa Claus Parade on James Street...

    The Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade on James Street, 1918, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. At the end of the parade, Santa would climb from his float up a ladder into the Eaton’s department store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    In New Age subcultures, the hysterical suppression of all fear as “negative” reaches an extreme, though there can be some functionality to suppressing fear to the extreme like that.  Many people, “wake up” to the reality that systems for suppressing fear are ultimately promoting anxiety (mental illness), but, like with Santa Claus, the method is secondary to the outcome. Because of the general culture of mental illness, an extreme of hyperbole can eventually act as a “homeopathic” remedy by revealing the absurdity of the neurotic and perfectionist idealism, thus producing a massive relaxation on the part of the “spiritual neurotic.” A whole system of neurotic habit can be relieved through “the final stages” of spiritual development, leading to what is poetically referenced as a rebirth or “being reborn.”

    Back to promoting complacency in the masses, among the many methods that are effective for regulating brain function (keeping it within the desired range for the zombie herds), a hysterical fear of fat, especially saturated fat, is highly reliable. Low-grade seed oils (polyunssturated fats) are promoted and high quality fats are “demonized.” The low quality fats lead to a variety of impairments to health including inflammation due to high concentrations of omega 6 fatty acids, which can also be found in high concentrations in conventionally-raised (“grain-fed”) meat).


  •  In general, a grain-based diet is historically the diet promoted to slaves (in order to keep them in biochemical distress and submissive). “Rich” foods are called rich because they are what was eaten by rich people (the ruling class).
  • So, to research health can be a valuable “gateway” to freedom and power. Spirituality (which in its most pure forms is basically the study of language) is also a “gateway” to freedom and power, though many “diluted” forms of spirituality operate as diversions and traps to keep the zombies “spiritually broken,” or even to provide the original installing of guilt to break down the neurological functionality of the masses. If churches did not install guilt sufficiently, public schools are doing it very well with the promotion of groupthink and political correctness and even just “manners.” Obviously, manners are socially functional, but the basic training of boot camps and schools and churches is the same: to conform to the authority (and the models presented by the authority, like models of behavior, rationalization, and so on).

    Corn industry lobbyists want the masses eating corn (including corn syrup and corn oil). So, one convenient justification for eating corn oil was to demonize saturated fats. Those who lacked the commitment and cognitive capacity to insist on credible scientific substantiation (such as children), simply adopted the mythology taught by the agents of the FDA (which is the PR agency for the corn industry lobbyists).

    Why wasn’t this questioned by the bureaucrats themselves? Most of them were paid well enough to quietly and obediently conform, not to question.

    When I was a public school teacher, I was not a researcher. I was a human resource manager. The students were the resources.

    Of course, this was not generally stated so directly, but it was also implicit and obvious. Teachers who are inappropriately idealistic (guilty for just being human resource managers) are quickly filtered out of the system, because the system is not receptive to non-conformists. Teachers must either lack the intellectual capacity to directly recognize that they are fundamentally agents of a massive system of managing human resources… or have no emotional disturbance of a guilty conscience in regard to the simple facts of the purposes of the system.



    Corn! (Photo credit: smilygrl)




2 Responses to “Diet & how governments manage human resources”

  1. thenewsageblog Says:

    Thanks for the Pingback.

    Your post just highlights even more urgently the need we have as individuals to take back responsibility for ourselves by listening to our own bodies in terms of our diet and its impact on our overall health.
    While we need to function well within our societies and communities by being aware of and respectful of the expectations placed on us, we cannot afford to let that attitude replace our duty to ourselves to gain true self-knowledge. Without heeding our own intelligence, or listening to our unique and genuine inner wisdom and guidance, we become much more easily manipulated and are ironically, less likely to be “good” healthy people and citizens living together peacefully. We need to look inside ourselves for answers and solutions, instead of handing that power over to others whose motivations are not always compassionately humanitarian. As we cannot escape some form of authority or governance in our lives and if we are lucky enough to have a choice, we need to vote wisely and pray that our politicians are able and willing to govern in an honest way, with the well being of the nation their main priority.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Your speculation that there is such a thing as a humanitarian government is a common theme of government propaganda: “we are humanitarian, unlike all the rest!” Every campaigning politician can also say “I am the right kind of humanitarian, unlike my opponent.”

      Self-knowledge could mean knowledge that language is just a tool for influencing behavior and perception. Governments systematically use language as a tool for influencing behavior and perception, but not just language. Governments also use organized violence, such as tanks and bomber jets and of course terrorizing psychological warfare through propaganda and public schools and so on.

      By the way, yes, governments seek to influence their domestic population. A basic myth of governments is that the primary targets of a government’s violence are foreigners. That may occasionally be the case, but perhaps rather rarely.

      I have another blog titled something like “the myth of benevolent government.” I can send you the link if you like or you can find it by searching.

      Governments use organized violence (and intimidation of course) to systematically redistribute wealth disproportionately to favor certain recipients and also to organize their human resources to participate in the war-machine/military-industrial-complex. I know a lot of people who quote Pres. Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex. However, he was a military general. His warning was a few thousand years too late by my count.

      By issuing a warning, an agent of psychological warfare can set up the idea in the minds of the targets of the psychological warfare that the future being warned about is not already present. When Senator McCarthy accused people of being Communists, who was the one person that implicitly was not a communist agent? Joe McCarthy!

      If he was a Communist, but he used his power to destroy the careers of people who were deemed as threats to the status quo (whether called a fascist regime or a socialist regime or what), then what would be the natural public presumption? The public would presume that now all the communist agents had been removed, right?

      However, if McCarthy was a communist agent, then the entire “anti-communist” thing would have been a ruse, a distraction, a scam. That is how spies (intelligence agents) think. That is also how they operate.

      As for diet, one can research. Of course, the systematic bias of public schooling and global governments can make research challenging, but since internet access is now widespread, there is a lot of great info out there.

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