Guilt, jealousy, unfair competition, prostitution, & enthnocentrism

Guest contributor: Rev. Fritschler



Even when Neo or Mr. Anderson was unplugged from the matrix there was a period of transition. I think when anybody becomes unplugged there is a transition period as being conditioned and programmed all along doesn’t just disappear. Guilt, needing to accomplish, needing to desire, envy, constantly longing for more and self doubt…all are natural for humans but are made to be a lifestyle by the powers that be or the people in control.


Film Matrix: a choice in your life

Film Matrix: a choice in your life (Photo credit: surfstyle)


For good reason as controlling the masses becomes much easier if they are controlled by their minds, then what you have is a bunch of people who want to be controlled and told what to think and do. I don’t care what a Sensei says the system is set up to take the natural functions or processes of the mind and push all of the things that will keep most in competition, jealousy and guilt so that there can be order and control over all of the zombies. To gain clarity this is easy to see, to bitch and whine about all of it is still being stuck in the confusion of the conditioning and still in the transition phase. The end huh huh Now do what i say because I am the almighty brain….fuck Pedro…Napoleon for president! !!!


Daniel Babka

Daniel Babka (Photo credit: zigazou76)


Distraction is the easiest for sure and might even be the best form of control.


we rule


Note that Rev. Fritschler was referencing this image of mine in his above commentary. My reply:


My only “correction” would be this: do ruling institutions keep people in competition, or… do they promote a certain specific limited range of competition? 

For instance, they certainly promote idealisms of anti-competition. Further, they criminalize certain forms of competition. Therefore, they promote “the right kind” of competition… as in public conformity to their economic and industrial interests.

Unlicensed extortion is “unfair competition to government tax agencies.” Unlicensed killing is also “unfair competition to governments.” Unlicensed lobbying is bribery, etc….


Costumes such as this were considered "ag...

Costumes such as this were considered “against cultural norms” and caused controversy when “Setia” was released as a music video (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In fact, unlicensed prostitution is once again “illegal and immoral competition.” Note that in societies in which lifelong monogamy is faltering, serial monogamy arises (multiple wives, but only one at a time). Prostitution is less popular in those. Finally, in societies allowing for multiple wives at once (such as Islamic or ancient Hebrew), the public demand for prostitution is basically non-existent. If a well-off man can add a new young wife (whether 12 or 21 years of age) every 5 or 10 years, that “pro-family” legal setting can rocket birth rates.


World map (based on File:BlankMap-World-USA-Ca...

World map (based on File:BlankMap-World-USA-Can-UK-Aus-Mex.PNG) showing the legal status of prostitution by country: Prostitution legal and regulated Prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal, but organized activities such as brothels and pimping are illegal; prostitution is not regulated Prostitution illegal No data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In contrast, a place like China has very low birth rates overall. So, there is not only intense social pressure and guilt around having more than one child within your lifetime, but criminal penalties. Further, practices like homosexuality and adopting infants from other countries may be routinely promoted by the government-operated “liberal” media in certain parts of the planet. “Liberal” medias (and liberal schools) universally teach “cultural superiority” (ethnocentrism) which generally means militant contempt for other cultural norms as “politically incorrect.”


English: Two Uighur Mullahs in Xinjiang in the...

English: Two Uighur Mullahs in Xinjiang in the 1920’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I saw a documentary on marriage in Iran (I think- or maybe Arabia) and basically an adult male can legally marry a woman for as little as a single day with the time period determined in advance (with the implicit option of a renewing of the contract). Such marriage is formally regulated by the Mullahs (the theocracy). Typically, a price is negotiated relative to the duration of the marriage (a payment to the bride, whether in the form of cash or other economic benefit).

That kind of clarity allows for certainty and honesty. In contrast, extensive webs of pretense and guilt are common in other societies, where unspoken jealousy may be “chronic” (and thus suspicion and resentment).


English: Prostitution Throughout Europe

English: Prostitution Throughout Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Many societies are not so accepting of certain typical patterns of male sexuality. They promote tolerance with their words and yet practice hysterical panics of contempt and rage and insecurity: “men should not be like that! I do not like testesterone! We should bomb those muslim cultures for their immoral practices which reduce demand for prostitution- including killing all the innocent women and children because they are not how they should be and thus we should kill them all… or wait maybe we could just liberate and enslave them?!?!?”



















English: Legal status of prostitution in Austr...

English: Legal status of prostitution in Australia. Prostitution legal and regulated Prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) legal, but brothels are illegal; prostitution is not regulated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Prostitution in Africa

English: Prostitution in Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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