Former vegetarian comments on cancer, zombies & the ruling elite

“Hey JR… if you have any writings, comments or insights on the need for vegetarianism, if it affects your spiritual path and any Wisdom writing on that subject, I am open.”

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Former vegetarian?

I am a former vegetarian. I can say a few positive things about it.

First, vegetarianism brings a level of attention to the importance of diet and physical health. Next, many people have allergies to dairy or eggs (which vegans tend to avoid), so, until the allergy is reversed, extreme vegetarianism may be beneficial. Also, many forms of overcooked modern muscle meat are not especially healthy and contain lots of pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats.

Next, many people are so emotionally tender (crippled really) that even imagining that a creature experienced physical pain (even a fish) is disturbing to them. They may call their vegetarianism “moral”, which is just a frightened “shadow projection” of arrogant contempt for anyone who confronts them with the reality of the existence of physician pain.

Anyway, vegetarianism “done well” can be favorable for a monastic lifestyle because it reduces production of things like testosterone. However, many modern vegetarians end up eating an extremely inflammatory diet which promotes irritability and neurological impairment, paranoia, panic, rage and so forth that make them very easily herded by socialist propaganda, by the way.

Many vegetarians present the idea of vegetarianism being a dietary practice that corresponds to “evolutionary biology.” However, consider that evolutionary biologists reject that “rationalization” and instead have consulted with anthropologists to identify various sets of dietary practices called primal, paleo, and Epi-paleo ( with Epi referencing the science of epigenetics).

English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian ...

English: Chinese Buddhist Cuisine. Vegetarian restaurant buffet, Taipei. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vegetarians on cancer

Vegetarians will say things like “diet can cure cancer.” They will show rates of remission proudly and that is understandable, right?

Scientists on cancer

Evolutionary biologists and linguistic anthropologists may say things like “cancer is just a rudimentary diagnostic label and is not itself a tangible physical reality, though physical tumors can signal health issues which can be labeled as cancerous.” The diagnostic label “cancer” is used in some social groups and religions to refer to a form of demonic possession promoted by their priesthoods of witchcraft and of curses. The priesthood is called mainstream science and mainstream medicine, with the exception of the more effective models within those broad traditions, such as the specialty of “functional medicine.”

Lung cancer

Lung cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of the mainstream personnel working in the disease management industry will say things like “Room 318 has cancer.” They mean that the chattel organism warehoused in Room 318 (let’s call “it” Bob) has been possessed by a demon called cancer.

They then generally ignore Bob and instead focus on the demon (and exorcising the demon). It is a very lucrative system and also very useful for enslaving human resources, which is why mainstream institutions promote that system of mythology and religion and call it science. Note that mass media, government and of course the health care industry are all businesses for promoting the interests of certain groups relative to all other groups.

The solution for cancer?

So, what is “the solution to cancer?” Study the diets and lifestyles of a long list of primitive tribes who live in ways that promote the functioning of the immune system (rather than systematically suppress it and attack it with medications) and thereby produce zero incidence of cancer (along with impeccable physical health in general).

The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ruling elite or zombie herds?

It is also worth noting that linguistic anthropologist and evolutionary biologists may be among the ruling classes of modern societies. They may directly benefit from having huge populations of biochemically-compromised human resources who serve them, such as farm workers and factory workers and soldiers. They may widely promote that others adopt vegetarianism, such as Richard Dawkins, who calls himself an evolutionary biologist.

So, primitives are primitive because of their lack of complex social organization. The ruling elites are privileged because of herds of zombies who follow their command/social propaganda. The complex social engineering (governing) by the ruling elites is what allows them to organize the herds of zombies in ways that lead to the slaughter of primitives.

Peter Paul Rubens - Pythagoras advocating vege...

By the way, what I just laid out for you reminds me of an elitist interpretation of the “two paths” prophecy of the Hopi. In this version, the two paths do not refer to two alternative paths for humanity, but two alternative life paths for humans: zombie or ruling elite.


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  1. chefrachel Says:

    Interesting! Thank your for sharing this! And the lead photo—wow! They’re still using sex and sexy women to sell things, now it’s ideologies rather than just cars, booze, cigarettes, and other edibles.

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