“Emotional pain,” New Age guilt, and psycho-somatic tensions

Louise Hay's psycho-somatic emotional correlation chart

This chart is from New Age author Louise Hay.

Louise Hay in London

Louise Hay in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • JV: Interesting…
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  •  MS: This is total nonsense
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  • SWW: This is ridiculous. I hate this new age type crap.
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  • JB:  Bunch of bull malarkey!
  • PSW: The mind body connection is powerful. Definitely not BS.
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  • PPW: If people were more aware and really in tune with their own body, they would KNOW that this is absolutely true! Definitely NOT B.S.!! Don’t call something nonsense or bull malarkey that you know NOTHING about!! As a healer….I can attest that this is TRUE information!!

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  • KM: I used to think it was all crap but now I am not quite so sure.
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  • SSB: Wow. Eye opener. I believe these aren’t the only reasons for pain in these areas but definitely contributing factors! Like
  • DR:  Interesting.

In regard to “contributing factors” like SSB mentioned, note that my presumption is that the emotional correlations are the RESULTS, not the causes. In other words, if a deer gets hit by a hail stone in the butt and in the neck, but not in the belly, I think it is hysterically irrational to presume that the hail stones coming down from above and not up from below is due to pre-existing emotional disturbances in the deer. 

English: Painful instep for 5 weeks. Pain redu...

English: Painful instep for 5 weeks. Pain reduced by 95% after 13 minutes of application of Psychosomatic arttherapy. Česky: Bolestivý nárt po dobu 5 týdnů. Snížení prahu bolesti o 95 % po 13 minutách aplikace Psychosomatické artterapie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most “new age” idealism is grounded in hysterical, idealistic emotional delusions based on the worship of guilt. Consider that perhaps it is not the deer’s fault that the hailstones were falling from above rather than rising from below.

However, it is also true that IF there is emotionally-caused physical tension, that can predispose certain tissues to injury in the event of a broad impact like a fall or collision. If there is a wave of energy flowing through my spine and two vertebrae are already “weak” (whether due to emotional tension or any other factor), then the weak areas are very likely to sustain “RE-injury.”

Control centers for the movement of facial muscles

Control centers for the movement of facial muscles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if I am so terrified that I pretend to trust someone who happens to have an MD degree just because they happen to have an MD, that could produce tension in my facial muscles. I biologically might reflexively stick my tongue out at them or scream for help. However, because of social terrorizing, I may clench my jaw and other muscles to suppress my facial gestures and tongue movements and so on.

I do not want people to see my fear because then I could be targeted for punishment (like parents might punish a child for sticking a tongue out at the MD high priest of their culture’s religion). I may even go to such extremes as to profess “anti-fear” paranoia and “anti-ego” new age neurosis.

Sensitive New-Age Guy

Sensitive New-Age Guy (Photo credit: sea turtle)


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One Response to ““Emotional pain,” New Age guilt, and psycho-somatic tensions”

  1. Hell raising love monster Says:

    I have found without exception that lack of coherence in the neck is related to father issues. T1 is dependence; T2 is limited, T3 is inadequate and so on.

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